What Hobbies Can You Pick Up During Maternity Leave? (Eleven Ideas!)

Maternity leave is a chance to bond with your child and allow yourself to heal after your delivery.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to explore several other things.

So, What Hobbies Can You Pick Up During Maternity Leave?

Maternity leave is reserved for caring for your child during their first few months. However, let’s face it. Sometimes, it can be a bit boring, especially when your child sleeps. What then do you do during these times? Well, there are various hobbies you can pick to make these times enjoyable. For example, you can cook, teach yourself an instrument, learn to sew, etc. 

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Eleven Hobbies for Moms During Maternity Leave

1. Gardening

A newborn demands your time and attention. So, it might feel like you have no time for watering and weeding.

However, when your child sleeps, you can entertain yourself with gardening.

Several research pieces have proven that this hobby is a form of therapy.

This hobby is worth trying if you love planting and watching things grow, but it requires patience.

Growing your own vegetables can result in financial benefits. Plus, the satisfaction you get from attempting a new thing is one of the reasons you should explore gardening.

2. Journaling

Most of us believe journaling only involves recording the events that happened during the day.

But there are different journaling types you can explore.

If you don’t want to write about your day, make up a fiction story but make sure some parts are true, as you’ll reference later.

You can also write about your newborn or other children, your feelings, spouse, etc.

3. Reading

Reading doesn’t sound fun to most of us. But you’d be surprised how enjoyable this hobby can be.

Pick up a new book.

But, please don’t just read for the sake of it. Understand the message and aim to learn something.

This way, this activity will be helpful to you.

4. Online Writing

You should try writing as long as you can compose words clearly and understandably.

But what will you write about? We are surrounded by many topics to write about every day.

Kids themselves are a source of inspiration, and you can write about yours.

You can also write poetry, a devotional, or a fiction story. It can be challenging when starting out.

5. Yoga and Exercising

Do you love fitness?

These activities are not only relaxing but also help heal your body quickly.

There are many demonstration videos online that will help you get started.

However, remember not to exceed the limits. Since your body isn’t 100% okay, exercise in moderation.

6. Sewing and Quilting

Sewing is an exciting hobby for you now that you stay at home.

However, once you become a professional, you can start earning from it.

At first, getting the pattern right is going to be challenging. However, with some attempts, you’ll get it right. You can check sewing videos online or opt for a private tutor if you have money.

Quilting is also a worthwhile hobby to try during your maternity leave.

You can make clothes for yourself or your newborn, scarves, and other items from quilting and sewing. I

n the long run, you’ll find this cost-saving as it’ll be cheaper than buying clothes.

7. Podcasts

Although it is a simple hobby, it can be life-changing.

Reading, exercising, gardening, and the other hobbies mentioned above can be demanding.

But as a new mom, most times, you may find yourself too tired to explore these activities. In that case, consider something as simple as podcasts.

You can listen to other people’s podcasts and learn much from them.

You only need to find podcasts that interest you and then start listening to their discussions.

8. Baking and Cake Decoration

There are endless things you can bake, from cakes to pies to pizza and cookies, to name a few.

When first starting, you can bake several things and offer them to your neighbors and friends for free, or it can eventually become a side hustle.

Cake decoration is also a fun hobby to explore during maternity leave.

You can bake cakes for different occasions and decorate them as needed.

For instance, if you have other kids, you can make their birthday cakes and save the cost of buying them.

If you have no idea how to bake or decorate a cake, YouTube has many videos that can teach you. Alternatively, you can also hire a private teacher.

9. Photography

Mums love to take pictures of their kids.

However, many do not know they can turn this into a hobby.

During maternity leave, you can learn to take great photos and even edit and manipulate those you’ve already taken.

By the time you return to work, you’ll be an expert photographer and charge people for capturing and editing their photos.

10. Playing an Instrument

If you were in a band before, you probably miss playing music.

However, it’s not too late to learn, even if you’ve never played an instrument.

You may feel like you don’t have time to learn a new instrument. But, you don’t need the whole day to do that.

Spare a couple of minutes daily to watch YouTube videos and practice. Playing an instrument is relaxing as it gives you a break from your endless chores.

There are many instruments you can explore, including guitar and piano.

11. Making Cards

Now, this sounds like a hobby for older people. But it’s so fun and rewarding. We all love handmade and handwritten cards.

It makes us feel appreciated and special. So why not appreciate your loved ones by sending one to them?

Card making is so easy as long as you have the right materials. Check some videos online for what you’ll need and how to do it. Other things you can also make are candles and soap.

Final Thoughts

The list of hobbies you could try during your maternity leave is endless. However, most moms will still complain about being bored.

And some have many excuses for why they can’t pick up a hobby.

However, if you really want to explore an activity, you need to eliminate the excuses and create time for it.

Additional Hobby Ideas For Consideration

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