What Are Some Hobbies That Can Be Done With One Hand???

Free time is a precious commodity in our lives.

It is a time when we need hobby ideas that will make our respite moments more meaningful.

Well, while there are tons of hobbies, only a handful of hobbies can be done with one hand.

If you were born one-handed or an accident (or anything else) handicapped you, you are more likely to contemplate one-handed hobbies.

So, What Are Some Hobbies That Can Be Done With One Hand?

Honestly, there are lots of hobbies that only require your one hand; the only limitation is in your mind where you develop fears. That said, some one-handed hobbies that may turn out to be your favorite include reading, drawing, painting, fencing, collecting stamps, practicing writing, playing trumpet, fishing, playing chess and checkers, playing mouth organ, even driving, and … The list is endless.

Whether you are battling tendon grafts or recently broke your hand and are on a disability, first off, sorry for the malady. Secondly, everyone needs a hobby, and there is a lot you can do to keep yourself from getting incredibly bored. Read on to discover hobbies you might never have known existed or a doable with one hand.

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Nine Hobbies That Can Be Done With One Hand

Hobbies make us happier, provoke our critical thinking, and make us more proficient and productive.

Whether you’re looking for one-handed hobbies for fun, to beat boredom, or to make yourself a well-rounded individual, here are some interesting pastime activities.

1. Reading

If you can turn pages, you can read!

Reading is one of the excellent and incredibly inexpensive hobbies that doesn’t require much use of your only hand.

It is a pastime activity that helps improve your imagination transporting you into different times and eras.

As you get deeper into the story and depending on what you’re reading, you are likely to learn more skills or better ways to enjoy life.

After all, the unfolding of every story teaches us a life lesson.

Another exciting thing about reading is that it helps you escape your daily routine and forget whatever you’re going through as you experience a whole new world.

No matter your situation, you may want to read How to Conquer Hobbies with One Hand.”

It is a great book written by a stroke survivor from which you draw inspiration.

2. Painting and blow painting

Painting is a creative hobby perfect for self-care and to do alone. It is also one of the hobbies you can make money with if you really get into it.

If painting is your thing and you find solace in the peaceful places you set up alone, you should never run out of ideas.

There are loads of tips available online. You can also check your local recreation center for classes and tips.

There are plenty of clubs that support painting, so you can join one to learn or perfect your skills.

Because painting requires attention to detail, it will improve your concentration and develop your critical thinking skills.

Painting is a pleasurable way to foster creative growth, build confidence, and promote a positive attitude while nurturing emotional growth.

With your one hand, you can also practice blow painting. It is super fun.

3. Play PC games and do other computer-related hobbies

If you can still use your hand optimally, then you can do anything on your computer.

Thankfully, there are a host of things you do with one hand without overtaxing it.

One of the most obvious choices is point-and-click games. They are easy to play and help you stay focused and determined as you try again and again.

If you are an addict to video games, you already have something great to do.

There are hundreds of adventure games that put your mind to an ultimate test, and, interestingly, you can play them all using one hand.

Depending on your interests, you can spend your time writing programs, blogs, watching favorite films, photoshopping, creating models, or surfing the web.

Honestly, there is a lot to do, and most of these skills are easy to learn.

4. Checker, chess, and other board games

Classic board games have been around for ages, and for a good reason – they are super fun.

The most exciting thing about board games is that most require only two players.

Once you find someone to play with, you can try games like checkers, chess, Qwirkle cubes, dead hand poker, and Carcassonne.

If none of these games is to your liking, you can check online to find some other classic board games that you will find enjoyable.

5. Work through puzzles

A list of hobbies is never complete without a section of puzzles.

After all, puzzling is one of the breathtaking hobbies that doubles as a stress-relieving tool.

Interestingly, they can be modified accordingly, depending on whether you want to practice self-care or make friends.

Jigsaw and word puzzles are common.

However, if you want more activity, there is a lot to try, including sudoku, picross, assembly and disassembly puzzles, word search, boggle solitaire, and brain teasers.

They are great for pastimes and keep your mind active for more meaningful respite moments.

6. Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is another great hobby that you can do with only one hand.

Although it’s one of the activities far from technology, it can help you connect to the older generation, particularly those who collected stamps when you were still young.

It is also a fun and addictive way to explore history, arts, geography, and politics.

You can also join dedicated clubs and societies to meet like-minded individuals and create networks.

7. Walking and Jogging

First off, walking and jogging are forms of exercise that allow you to connect with nature and take a break from the frantic pace of modern technology.

Depending on where you live, you are likely to find several new-to-you trails and walking paths where you can exercise as you see places.

While walking and jogging require minimal use of your hand, you will need to learn how to tie your shoelaces with one hand, unless you want to replace them with an elastic cord.

Although this might not be the simplest thing you can learn to do with one hand, you will ultimately know how to do it.

8. Play Trumpet, Piano, And Other Mouth Organs

Playing mouth organs needs determination and commitment.

This is truer if you are trying to learn to play any instruments with one hand.

Well, while we know that playing the piano or a trumpet requires you to use your two hands most of the time, you can still learn to play them with one hand.

It may require more of your time to learn to play piano, but you will have found a great hobby at long last.

For an enthralling experience, consider investing in a single-handed piano.

To play trumpet with one hand, you need to hold it with your pinky finger and thumb, then play the instrument with the ring, middle, and pointer figures.

9. Sketching, Drawing, And Coloring

Do you like art?

Sketching and drawing are great hobbies that you can do with one hand.

They encourage open-minded thinking and creativity, showing you that there are multiple ways to solve any problem.

The good part of drawing and sketching is that you can sketch a picture of anything at your own pace and have fun as your non-dominant hand.

You can also buy adult coloring books and have a great time coloring.


While some hobbies lend themselves to enjoyment more than others, it doesn’t mean you can’t find something fun and enjoyable simply because you have one usable hand.

There are many hobbies you can do with one hand and more meaningful time with yourself or friends.

Whatever you are doing with your only usable hand, remember not to overtax it – it can cause tendonitis, limiting what you can do.

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