Are There Hobbies That Can Replace Your Expensive Golf Habit? (SEVEN OPTIONS)

Golfing is a fun hobby.

However, the hobby is expensive, particularly when it becomes a habit that you might end up stressing about instead of enjoying it.

If you are in this mess, you are probably wondering whether there are other cheaper hobbies to replace your expensive golf habit.

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So, Are There Hobbies That Can Replace Your Expensive Golf Habit?

Yes. Some hobbies can replace your expensive golf habit. These include; weightlifting, guitar playing, tennis, painting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, racquetball, biking, bowling, woodworking, video gaming, paintball, watching sports, pool, etc. For instance, tennis as a hobby is much cheaper than golfing, and you don’t lose many balls.

However, the ideal hobby replacement depends on what you are passionate about, ensuring it is much more affordable compared to your expensive golf habit.

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In most cases, you can enjoy these alternative hobbies in less expensive and creative ways.

Read on for more details on some of these starter hobbies to replace your expensive golf habit.

Seven Replacement Golf Hobbies

1. Golf Video Games

Nowadays, many video games revolve around golfing with realistic graphics and gameplay.

This makes it a perfect alternative to golf as a fun activity for leisure.

Therefore, they might make a good alternative for the actual expensive golf habit.

You can access these games via your computer or gaming console, and their mechanics integrate various elements from real golfing.

Whether you create yourself or play as a golf legend, you will get a similar feeling as when on the golf course.

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2. Pool

Another fun hobby that can replace your expensive golf habit is playing pool.

Pool is a game that is all about angles, creativity, and technique, so it is a bit parallel with golf.

It is no surprise that most golfers enjoy playing pool. It is also a fun social game to play with your friends or practice solo.

3. Hiking

Hiking along beautiful trails can be free, other than the transport cost depending on your hiking location.

This is a great hobby that keeps you fit and allows you to appreciate a different side of the countryside while also being a great cheaper alternative to golfing.

However, based on how long you go hiking, you will require food and water, ideal footwear, and a hiking pack.

But the cost of hiking is lower than the expensive golfing habit.

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4. Working Out

Working out is great for your body and mind, making you feel better.

Unlike playing golf, you don’t need expensive membership or gym gear for an excellent workout.

You don’t have to get expensive branded exercise clothes.

Cheap tops and shorts from a local store will be good to go.

5. Yoga

Golfing mostly involves flexibility, balance, and core strength.

Similar to golf, yoga also involves these elements and could have a major impact on your mental health.

The best thing about engaging in yoga as a hobby is that it’s cheap and doesn’t need any start-up equipment compared to golf.

6. Woodworking

Woodworking is an excellent way of spending time creatively without depleting your pockets.

If anything, this is a productive hobby that will see you fill your home with new furniture at a lower cost.

Making picture frames or coffee tables will be a breeze with the ideal tools. Setting up a woodworking area also doesn’t have to be costly.

You can begin with the basic tools and add more complex tools as you progress.

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A thickness planer, table saw, and router are the basic tools you require, and these can be purchased cheaply.

7. Watching Sports

Although expensive, golfing is an exciting sport to engage in.

Watching sports on television is a thrilling hobby to replace your costly habit and will offer you the same excitement, particularly watching golf.

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Why Is Golf an Expensive Hobby?

There are several reasons why golf is an expensive habit.

This includes the high cost of equipment such as the club, cart, and ball.

A set of the golf club can go for more than $500, and each dozen balls costs about $20.

You will also require GPS feedback gadgets.

Another reason why golf is expensive is the cost of the golf course, which goes from $40 to $50 every time.

Other costs include golf attire, memberships, and green fees, as well as mentoring and coaching.

With the price of golfing clothes, accessories, and hoes going up, golfing is a significantly expensive hobby.

Five Ways You Can Make Playing Golf More Affordable

The hobbies reviewed above are cheaper alternatives to replace your expensive golf habit.

However, if you are still passionate about golfing, there are several ways to engage in the hobby on a budget. These include;

1. Golfing At Low-Traffic Times

Golf courses often offer discounted green fees in late afternoon tee times for their low demand.

You can also contact the local golf course to inquire about twilight golf membership, which allows you to play during late evening hours for a cheaper cost.

Even better, off-peak times are often quieter making your playtime more efficient.

2. Purchase Used Gear

One thing that makes golfing an expensive hobby is the costly gear.

However, you can operate on a budget by opting for used or second-hand gear.

For example, most golfers will sell their relatively new golf clubs after getting the latest club models, which allow you to get a great set of clubs at a lower price.

You can also look into purchasing recycled or refurbished golf balls from various reputable online websites.

New golf balls can be relatively expensive, but you can find used balls for a significantly lower price.

3. Buy Snacks Beforehand

Water and healthy snacks are essential in maintaining your energy levels, particularly if you are playing a whole eighteen holes.

In a week, these little purchases can add up to your bill, which is what you are looking to cut.

Instead of grabbing a sports drink and snack from the golf club, carry your favorite snack from the cheaper local grocery store.

Golf clubs often have high prices, hence having your drinks and snacks beforehand instead of purchasing from the golf club will save you money.

4. Learn Golfing Smartly

Taking golf lessons from a certified golfing instructor has many pros, but it can be very expensive.

Fortunately, several cheaper alternatives may help you save some cash and enhance your game.

Many online golf bloggers give free tricks and tips to help you improve your golfing.

You can also watch lots of instructional golf videos on YouTube.

You may also consider taking group golf lessons to learn the basics of the game at a lower price, while also meeting other enthusiastic golfers.

By combining instruction videos, golfing apps, group lessons, and regular practice, you will be good to go without spending excessively.

5. Play At Public Golf Course

There are lots of public courses around the country that cost much less than private clubs.

And, although they might not be perfectly maintained as private courses, they are still fun to play on.

So, if you were playing at a private golf club, check out the nearest public golf course to lower your overall golfing expenditure.

Bottom Line

Golf is an expensive hobby, particularly when it becomes a habit.

The cost of quality golf clubs, course, accessories, and membership fees can add up fast.

Fortunately, there are hobbies than can replace your expensive golf habit and help you enjoy your free time without spending so much.

We have also reviewed ways of counteracting some of the golfing costs and making it more affordable.

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