What Are Some Hobbies That Require a License to Do? (Eleven Options!)

In the US, a hobby is a leisure activity or pastime that you engage in regularly for enjoyment or recreation.

There are many different hobbies to try out.

And while some of these hobbies are easy and free, some hobbies need you to acquire specific licenses.

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So, What Are Some Hobbies That Require a License to Do?

Several hobbies require a license to engage in. Some include; flying, motorcycling, skydiving, arms collection, tattooing, artifacts collection, fossils collection, watersports, mountain, and rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, and others. However, most of these hobbies vary depending on the laws and regulations of different states. Sometimes though, some people don’t simply know that they require a license to participate in it. Read on for more details on some hobbies that require a license.

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Eleven Hobbies That Require A License

1. Fossils And Artifacts Collection

A license is not needed for those who wish to inspect, explore, study, measure, photograph, etc., or enjoy the archeological property as long as it does not involve disturbance or excavation of its environment.

A hobby license is needed for someone who wishes to conduct intermittent, temporary, or recreational recovery of submerged property.

Most states also require that the recovery of submerged property must be by hand and should not involve excavation or mechanical devices.

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When issuing the license, the law differentiates between non-commercial and commercial applicants and might be delayed until particular conditions are met.

2. Flying Planes

Flying is among the costly hobbies but worth it if you can afford it.

However, before getting into flying as a hobby, you must meet all the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.

You are required to have a great understanding of spoken and written English and have a private pilot certificate or an eligible certificate that is AAA accredited.

You will get the certificate by completing several exams and several solo flights and passing by more than 70%.

To be able to participate in shows, such as Aero India, you will need to get a Flying Acrobatic License for the type of plane you are qualified for.

3. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most relaxing hobbies for those who love it.

It allows you to unwind in the natural environment as you try to get your catch. For more fun, you can try fly fishing to try and get the bigger catches.

You might even try sailing and fishing in the more dangerous waters.

However, most states require you to have the proper fishing licenses to go fishing freely based on the type of fish you are certified for.

4. Historic Arms Collection

If you are into collecting historical arms, it’s important to note that this hobby requires acquiring a license. Getting a federal firearms license (FFL) will allow you to collect historic arms the easy way.

With it, you can simply call a warehouse, give them your credit card number and have it shipped to your house.

Depending on your type of license, you will be able to collect various firearms, including TOW missiles, machine guns, etc. for instance, a type 3 FFL only allows you to buy 50-year-old rifles.

5. Crafts

From modeling, coloring, and drawing to weaving, there are lots of crafts you can engage in during leisure.

Even better, most crafts can serve as a side hassle to make extra income by selling your crafts.

However, if you want to start earning from your craft hobby, you might need a business license.

The government has some rules to help define the grey area between business and hobby.

If you are making advertisements or have any signs of expanding your operations and profit, such as opening a business checking account, they will consider you a business.

6. Water Sports

Watersports involve the use of specified waters for various fun activities.

The common watersports include; kayaking, canoeing, wave skiing, dragon boating, improvised rafting, white-water rafting, windsurfing, and sailboarding.

To engage in any of these hobbies, most states require you to have specific licenses and all watercraft to be licensed.

For any of these hobbies to be licensable, they require to be done on specified water, i.e., sea, tidal waters, or inland waters fifty meters from the nearest land, including any turbulent inland waters or island inland waters.

Failure to comply with the state’s law might result in a significant fine.

7. Tattooing

Today, the tattooing industry has developed tremendously.

This is an exciting hobby because you can engage in it for fun and even professionally, especially if you love drawing or hand-lettering.

While you can practice tattooing freely for fun, you will need to get a license if you are looking to practice it professionally.

Depending on your state, it’s easy to get a license by providing an official Identity Card, undertaking a police check, and filling out an application fee and forms.

8. Climbing

A range of hobbies involves climbing, abseiling, traveling, or scrambling over outdoor artificial structures or natural terrains.

These hobbies include; mountain climbing, rock-climbing, sea-level traversing, ghyll scrambling, ice climbing, and gorge walking.

These are activities that involve endangering one’s life and need the use of safety equipment and unique techniques and skills.

It’s no surprise that you require a license to engage in these hobbies.

So, before you go for a mountain or mountain climbing hike, be sure that you have all the needed licenses for that particular state.

9. Skydiving

For those who love a rush of adrenaline, skydiving is an exhilarating course where you jump from a plane for a free fall and then open a parachute when you get near the land.

However, you will still be seen as a skydiving student until you acquire a license, and you won’t be able to skydive by yourself until you get certified.

The AFF Skydive course is the standard course for accreditation, but the costs vary in different locations.

10. Motorcycling And Driving

If you love adventure, motorcycling and driving give a fascinating experience as you enjoy nature.

But while you can learn motorcycling with minimal guidance, taking an approved driving and riding course is recommendable and necessary in most states.

Hence, you will need to undertake a course and get licensed in most cases. Also, you will ultimately need to get car or motorcycle insurance.

11. Caving

Also known as pot-holing, caving as a hobby involves exploring underground passages except for those regularly used as show-places open for the public.

This can be conducted in mines no longer being worked on or in natural caves.

To keep safe, the exploration of some cave passages requires rock climbing equipment and skills, diving, or special techniques and skills.

But important to note is that caving activities requires one to obtain a license under the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations.

Bottom Line

There it is. These are some of the hobbies that require a license.

But as long as you are passionate about it and can afford it, the need for a license should not prevent you from engaging in your favorite hobby.

Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to a single hobby.

Instead, you should try out different options to find out the best for yourself. Any other hobby that requires a license? Comment below!

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