What Are Some Good Hobbies for Workaholics? (Seven Ideas!)

Being a workaholic means you meet deadlines and are too available to take sick days.

Taking a leave doesn’t also stop you from checking and responding to your emails.

However, overworking yourself isn’t healthy for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are some good hobbies to help you prevent burnout and become more productive.

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What Are The Two Types Of Workaholics?

1. Type A

They feel gratified when they complete their tasks on time and as required.

If their productivity doesn’t meet their standards, they can extend work home.

2. Type B

They dedicate their time to completing a specific project before asking for a leave or sabbatical

So, What Are Some Good Hobbies for Workaholics?

Whether you’re a Type A workaholic or Type B, finding a hobby is crucial for your body and mind.

Since everyone is wired differently, a hobby someone else finds fulfilling might not work for you.

Here are examples of hobbies for workaholics you can choose, depending on your abilities and passion.

1. Blogging

Blogging in a freelance environment is an excellent mind stimulation hobby you can try.

There are many things you can talk about through your blog post.

For example, I find blogging about cats fulfilling because I’m crazy about cats and their weird personalities that differentiate them from dogs.

There are various niches you can blog about.

Find a niche you’re well-versed at and write about it, as you never know how many people you can inspire.

Blogging is also an excellent side-hustle if Google and other authoritative sites rank it on their first pages.

Here are some great examples of blogs that can attract traffic to your blog website:

  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses
  • the benefits of solar energy
  • why Ethereum might beat Bitcoin in the blockchain industry
  • and the activities to do in Hawaii.

2. Outdoor Sports

A treadmill at home is one of the best investments you can have if you want to keep fit.

However, exercising at home doesn’t provide a fulfilling experience like outdoor activities.

You’ve spent your time in closed office spaces, so it’s fair that you go out to enjoy nature and make new friends once in a while.

There are plenty of outdoor sports for every stereotypical workaholic.

They include

  • kayaking
  • surfing
  • skateboarding
  • bicycling
  • and even golf.

Find something less strenuous like table tennis or jogging for thirty minutes if you find these sports extreme.

These activities are suitable for your body and mind, preventing your risk for lifestyle diseases.

3. Online Gaming

One of the best ways to avoid burnout is to occupy your mind with games.

Online casinos have various games, including poker, video slots, blackjack, baccarat, etc.

Many casinos partner with reputable gaming providers to create games, making video slots a popular choice for workaholics who need a break.

Besides the action-packed entertainment, video slots have unique stories behind them.

Some draw inspiration from films or tv shows you’ve watched before.

Fairytales and stories from novels inspire others. Either way, the catch is to stimulate your mind with something offering entertainment and bonuses.

4. Apprenticeship

Not everyone has hands-on skills and experience to conduct carpentry, blacksmith, or mechanics projects.

These tasks need years of training and apprenticeship programs to help you become a master of your game.

However, just because you’ve tried and failed many times doesn’t make you an amateur.

There are always plenty of activities regardless of your hands-on capabilities.

For example, if you have a broken pipe that needs fixing, the first thing you might do as a workaholic is calling a plumber.

However, such plumbing emergencies might occur when you least expect them.

How about checking how the plumber fixes the problem and copying them?

You can invest in plumbing tools to help you conduct a few plumbing repairs.

Such projects are suitable for spending extra energy, enabling you to learn a new skill.

Plus, you can save a lot of money by calling the plumber for a minor repair in the future.

5. Be An Avid Collector

Do you love collecting baseball cards, antiques, jerseys, or bones?

Being an avid collector is an excellent initiative to take your mind off work and appreciate things you value the most.

Keep collecting, but don’t let them clutter your space.

Another way to spice up your collection of fantasies is by researching about them.

You can also join societies with like-minded people interested in the said item. Creating catalogs is also beneficial if you want others to join your passion.

6. Gardening

If you love plants, gardening can be a fulfilling experience.

Start by seeding a flowerbed and mixing them with cascading plants.

Remember to pick plants that thrive better in your climate.

This will save you the heartache of buying new plants every time. Before shopping for a plant or grass, research their growing conditions.

If a plant needs re-potting every year, budget for it and ensure you follow the guidelines.

Also, follow the watering, fertilization, and pruning guidelines to ensure your plant remains healthy.

7. Adopt A Pet

A pet can be your source of entertainment and refuge if you want to take your mind off work.

Taking them for walks every evening or playing with them in your yard can be therapeutic for dog and cat lovers.

Like plants, pets are people pleasers as long as they get their owners’ basic needs and love reciprocation.

Before adopting a pet, find out if your work schedule will permit pet ownership.

Remember, pets crave attention, which can be stressful for a workaholic staying alone.

However, leaving work early to bond with your pet doesn’t hurt.

Doing so is the easiest way to stimulate your mind and appreciate yourself for being an animal lover.

Also, it’s wise to get a pet from a breeder who knows their parents’ medical history and socialization principles.

Five Extra Tips For Juggling Work And Your Passion

  1. Explore different hobbies till you find one that resonates with your passion
  2. Find a role model to explain how they juggle work and non-work-related passion
  3. Focus on urgent tasks and delegate ones that might take much of your time
  4. Know where your capability lies and let go of anything that may lead to a burnout
  5. Make time for “playtime” that is fun and isn’t goal-focused


Being a workaholic might make you seem productive at work, but it predisposes you to various health risks.

No matter how busy you are, don’t overwhelm your mind with tasks that can wait till the following day or week.

Start by informing your boss about giving you some time off or lighter tasks so you have time to enjoy your hobby.

Pick one or two hobbies and schedule playtime at least once a week. You’ll be surprised at how productive and fulfilled you will feel.