What Should You Do When Your Hobby Isn’t Fun Anymore?

Sometimes life happens, and you no longer love the things that used to amuse you.

You don’t go out that much, have many friends, and cannot imagine doing the hobbies you like.

When this happens, life can feel utterly bland. So what do you do then?

So, What Should You Do When Your Hobby Isn’t Fun Anymore?

After a while, many people find that they don’t want to participate in the activities they used to love.

Thankfully, all isn’t lost. You can rekindle the love you once had for your hobbies in various ways. These include finding a partner or joining a club, trying new outlets, etc.

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What’s A Hobby?

First, before we discuss what to do when you don’t love your hobbies anymore, we need to define what hobbies are so that we are at par.

What’s the one thing you love doing in your free time?

When you’re riding a bus or bored at home, you may take your phone to play games or scroll through social media pages.

Sure these are excellent ways of killing time.

But they are not hobbies since you only use these activities to pass the time.

Hobbies are things that interest you. You love doing them and look forward to doing them.

They let you learn different techniques and skills while practicing them.

Hobbies include reading, cooking, playing instruments, gardening, etc.

Four Reasons Why You’ve Lost Interest in Your Hobbies

Some common reasons why you don’t find your hobby fun anymore include:

1. Seeing It as a Toxic Sport

We have unknowingly turned our hobbies into a competitive sport.

So, we killed the joy that came with it and were left mentally frustrated.

The feeling is so intense among some people that they get burnout and may never recover from it.

Many people have shifted their focus and only want to win in their hobbies.

So, they compare themselves with other people sharing the same interest.

If you reach a point where you don’t have emotions for your hobbies and only do it because you want to win, it’s easy to get bored with them.

Why would you want to make your hobby a tedious activity by trying to compete with someone else?

2. Striving to be Perfect

Social media is to blame for many things, the good and the bad. Unfortunately, for some, it made them lose interest in their hobbies.

Picture this. You see a cake from a professional baker on social media.

And since you love baking, you attempt recreating the cake.

But, you end up hating the results.

So, you’re left discouraged and don’t try any longer.

But with this attitude, you cannot try and be good at something.

You will always be restricted from committing yourself to things that could have probably worked for you in the future.

Now, we get it. Humans are slaves of perfectionism.

So we start reducing our worth since we think we aren’t good at something as it didn’t turn out as expected.

But the world itself isn’t perfect. So why would you want to torture yourself with perfectionism?

3. We’re Easily Bored

Some people lose interest in their hobbies simply because they find them boring.

If you are among them, you need to take a step back and look into new activities that you might do.

All it takes is a little research.

4. We Don’t Make Time For Them

The world is a busy place, and what most people seem to do is work, sleep, and the cycle continues.

Creating time for your hobbies can be difficult when your schedule is busy. But remember that balance is important.

So, even if you have plenty of tasks to accomplish, always set aside time to do other things; otherwise, you may lose interest in them.

Additionally, don’t be a person who makes excuses.

We are fond of saying we have no money, our friends aren’t supporting us, or we have no training nearby.

All these aren’t excuses for not exploring our hobbies.

Four Things You Can Do If Your Hobbies Are No Longer Fun

Loss of interest in things that you used to love is unfortunately common. But there are various ways you can reconnect with your hobbies and find the meaning of life again. These include;

1. Learning the Difference Between Loss of Interest and Avoidance

These two things are different and can often be confused with each other.

Therefore, distinguishing them is very important.

If you don’t feel like doing something, determine whether you lost interest or you only have negative feelings towards it.

If it is the latter, it can mean that you are avoiding it, and it means that you’ve formed new negative perceptions about the activity and thus can benefit from trying something new or working with a therapist.

2. Find a Friend/Mentor or Join a Club

When you couple up with a friend who has a similar interest as yours, you can easily rekindle your love for your hobby.

You can also consider taking classes or joining a club to reconnect with your passion and gain the interest you need.

Classes or clubs allow you to learn and enhance your skills while connecting with other people of the same interest.

3. Find out Why You Loved the Hobby in the First Place

When you remember why you enjoyed a particular hobby, it can help you get back to it and gain interest.

If you aren’t interested in an activity, try a less demanding version.

Although you may not be psyched to bake as you once loved, you can take small steps to engage in this activity.

For instance, instead of making a chocolate cake from scratch, you can pop a premixed mixture in the oven to cook pancakes.

Doing that revives the joy you had in your hobby and can arouse your interest.

4. Try a New Hobby

When you’ve tried the above things, and they are still not working, it may be time to find a new interest. Write a list of new hobbies and decide which one suits you most.

Then, start exploring it to see if it interests you. Remember that you cannot truly know whether a hobby suits you if you don’t explore it.

Final Thoughts

It’s okay not to feel interested in the hobbies that you once loved.

But you can take several steps to reconnect with your passions.

Although it will take time, you will certainly get there. And if you don’t, it’s never too late to try a new hobby.

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