If Watching Movies is Your Hobby, Should You Get a Home Theater System?

Nearly everyone loves to watch movies; however, the difference lies in where we watch them from.

Some people prefer to watch them in movie theaters while others from home.

If you fall in the latter group, you probably want to enhance your watching experience by buying a home theater system.

So, If Watching Movies is Your Hobby, Should You Get a Home Theater System?

There are a number of reasons that you invest in one. By getting one you can closely replicate the move theater atmosphere. However, this article shouldn’t be mistaken for an attack on movie theaters. After all, movie theaters are advantageous since they allow you to socialize, and they are an ideal location for birthdays or dates. After talking a bit about where people watch films, we can now focus on why you should get a home theater system if you intend to watch movies at home. 

Five Reasons Why Investing In A Home Theater Is Good For Movie Lovers (And TV And Sports)

1. It is Less Costly

An average price of a home theater system lies between $100 and $200.

You are probably marveling at how expensive it is.

As a result, you may stick to visiting cinemas.

After all, according to USA Today, the average cost of a movie ticket is $9.

However, you need to remember that you have not factored in things like snacks or transport, so you may end up spending almost $50.

Since the home theater system can give you the same experience as visiting cinemas, you will save the money you would have spent on snacks and transport.

If you need to eat anything, all you will have to do is walk up to your fridge and pick what you want to eat.

2. It is Less Noisy

Part of the reason some people no longer go to movie theaters is the noise.

There is a reason why movie theaters are loud.

According to KCRA, there is no law regarding the standard volume for a movie in cinemas, hence the reason for the loud noise in cinemas.

When you have your home theater system, you have control over it.

3. You Can Pause the Movie

At some point in a movie theater, you may need to visit the bathroom.

However, visiting the bathroom means that you will miss certain sections of the movie since it cannot be paused.

It cannot be paused since the management has a schedule for when certain movies should be played.

Even if the movie could be paused, it would take long for the movie to end since people are constantly moving in and out of the hall.

If you do not want to miss a scene in a film due to your bathroom break, you can pause it.

Pausing is not just for your bathroom breaks. You could also quickly rush to the mall for snacks, for instance.

4. You Can Watch a Movie As Many Times As You Want

Repeated viewings of your favorite movie in a theatre can quickly become increasingly expensive.

On the other hand, home theater systems allow you to watch a movie as many times as possible.

So, you will not have to wait for a particular day to watch it or pay again to watch it.

5. You Can Get More Powerful Bass Compared to the Systems in Cinemas

Naturally, you will assume that all movie theater systems deliver more bass than home theater systems.

That is not always true, and you can get home theater systems with powerful bass. Sometimes, you get more bass based on how you have positioned the woofers of your home theater system.

According to Victrola, you need to place your subwoofer in the corner of your room within 8-12 inches of a wall to get more bass.

Besides positioning your subwoofers correctly, make sure to get ones with enclosures for more bass.

When getting one, ensure it fits properly so that it does not leak any sound out.


If you are a frequent moviegoer, you may find owning a home theater system pointless.

Just because you primarily watch movies in cinemas, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own one.

Remember, you may not afford money to go to the cinema.

You could borrow from friends, but that is demeaning.

However, with a movie theater, you won’t need to worry about giving out some cash since you will have a platform to watch your movies.