How Hot Is TOO HOT To Drive Your Convertible with The Top Down? (ELEVEN TIPS)

Driving your convertible with the top down is a refreshing experience, providing a scenic 360 degrees view.

And while hot summers are best for driving your convertible top down, the temperatures can sometimes get very high.

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So, How Hot Is TOO HOT To Drive Your Convertible with The Top Down?

The answer on how hot is too hot to drive your convertible with the top down is not straightforward as everyone will have their own opinion on the question depending on your heat tolerance. But generally, most people drive top down between 40 and 90 degrees, slightly varying depending on the specific situation. While some people can tolerate temperatures of 102º with the top down, others would prefer having the top up.

For most people, once the temperature goes above 90, it is not enjoyable to have the top down even though they dress lightly. Also, it won’t be fun to be stuck in traffic with temps above 90 degrees and top down, but it won’t be a problem on the highway except for potential sunburn. The temperature limit will be slightly lower in places with both heat and humidity.

Eleven Tips For Driving Your Convertible with The Top Down in Hot Weather

If you have ever driven a convertible before, you understand that driving with the top down is a fantastic experience.

However, the fun comes with additional responsibilities and risks.

If you are planning to drive with the top down in hot weather, here are some helpful tips to consider to keep you safe while you enjoy the fun.

1. Understand How to Work the Top

Before cruising with the top down when the weather is pretty hot, you need to know how to roll down the top and back. Spend some minutes practicing opening and closing the top.

It’s also recommendable to read up on when it is, and not safe to roll the top up and down.

For example, rolling the top up while on the move is never recommendable.

2. Protect Your Eyes

Even though there is no hot sun, you are still required to protect your eyes when the top is down.

Sunglasses are primarily used to block out ultraviolet rays.

Sunglasses provide reduced sun glare and less wind whipping your eyes.

Both can be a huge distraction when driving. They also protect your eyes against debris that might come flying in your convertible.

If you don’t have any sunglasses on you, consider leaving the roof up for the trip.

Otherwise, you will have to deal with dirt and insects from possibly flying into your eyes.

3. Wind Diffuser

Most of the new convertible cars feature a netting screen fitted behind the front seats.

It’s referred to as a wind diffuser, and although it does not seem like it brings any difference, you will be surprised at how effectively it inhibits the neck level draughts.

If your convertible does not come with a standard wind diffuser, you can generally purchase and fit it from your car dealership.

4. Use Sunscreen

In a top-up convertible, you will be more exposed to environmental elements.

Even a slow drive produces a breeze that might fool you into thinking it’s not hot, which leaves you dangerously exposed to sunburns and harmful ultraviolet rays.

If you know you will be driving through the hot sun for a while, you should ensure to wear sunscreen before setting out for your adventure.

Otherwise, you might damage your skin before arriving at your destination.

Keep sunscreen, a windbreaker, caps, and hair ties in the center console or glove box to counter any environmental elements.

5. Secure Any Loose Items

Driving with the top down means dealing with high wind force.

This could make items fly out of your car if not secured tightly.

The second you drive off with the top down will blow around anything that is not well secured.

It is also a great practice to do a fast check for loose items before you set out with the top down.

Essential items like your wallet and phone should be enclosed in a console to ensure they are well contained.

6. Wear A Hat

A hat is a good idea when driving in the hot sun. a cap will shield you from the sun during summer.

However, your hat might be blown away if you are tall, and a wooly hat will keep your head warm and pleasant even in the cold season.

The best way to protect your hair and skin is to wear a headscarf and big sunglasses.

7. Roll Up the Windows

One of the cons of driving with the top down is wind noise, which can be very distracting.

Fortunately, you can reduce the distraction by rolling up the side windows when the lid is down.

This way, you will hear the radio and other passengers better.

8. Don’t Put Up with Bad Weather

If the weather suddenly changes and you feel some rain drops, roll up the top as fast as possible.

Even drops of water can damage your car’s interior by compromising its components and messing up the seats.

Generally, you should close the top at any sign of bad weather.

When you notice the slightest signs of a storm, pull over and ensure the top is up and securely in place.

9. Don’t Leave the Up Down When Packing

When packing your convertible, leaving the top down exposes your items to theft.

Therefore, you should always roll the top back up when you park, even when rushing for a quick errand.

Otherwise, you will be providing anyone who walks by the chance to take your valuables.

A convertible with the top down is an easy target for potential thieves.

Don’t offer potential thieves an easy score.

Always lock up your car and store your valuables out of sight, particularly if you have a rag-top convertible that can easily be cut open.

10. Always Buckle Up Properly

It’s always advisable to buckle up regardless of your car. However, wearing a seat belt is even more vital when traveling with a convertible with the top down.

Because it has no roof to hold you inside, you will have a higher probability of being thrown from the vehicle in case of a collision.

When driving in a convertible, T top or drop-top is a must to counter the increased risk in case you get involved in a crash.

11. Keep Your Pets Well Restrained

Pets are great companions, particularly during road trips.

However, if you’re driving with your pet with the top down, it’s essential to ensure they are appropriately restrained.

Preferably, you should always place the pets in a portable cage.

Otherwise, your pet might get scared and jump out of the car in case of sudden movement or noise.

Bottom Line

That’s it. We hope you now know when it’s too hot to drive your convertible with the top down.

Generally, most people find temperatures above 90 degrees too hot to drive with the top down.

You also have helpful tips to ensure you enjoy safely driving your convertible with the top down.

Always ensure your top is in excellent shape so you can conveniently lower and raise it when necessary.

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