How Many Computers Is Too Many for One Person to Own?

Nowadays, many individuals own more than a single PC, in most cases having a desktop together with a laptop or a mobile device such as a tablet.

While owning several computers can be of remarkable benefit for people who often multitask when computing, you probably wonder how many computers are too many to own.

So, How Many Computers Is Too Many for One Person to Own?

This differs from one individual to another. If you have a PC that you are not exploiting for anything, not even for spare parts, then you would consider that as too many for you to own. There are many uses for different computers, including; an HTTP web server, a file server for gaming and working on, a net storage device, home entertainment, parties, spare parts, etc.

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However, it is up to you what you do with the computer, and if it is still functional and you are not going to use it, you can give it to a family member, friend, or stranger in need.

Normally, you have too many computers if you own one more than you essentially use for something other than acting as a steady base for blank hardware boxes.

What Are the Pros of Owning Numerous Computers?

There are several benefits of owning several computers, particularly those who regularly multicast when computing or running several programs. These include;

1. Better Use Of Older machines

In most instances, older computers are properly functional but might not run the recent program versions required for your work.

This does not mean that you can’t use the older model to complete the more ordinary tasks and use the newer computers with the work related to the new software.

Although the old PC will still require regular maintenance of its drivers, it’s a minor problem that can automate.

So, if you are having difficulties running applications on an older computer, you should consider utilizing it for less-complicated work to make the most of the potential of your new computer.

2. Improved Efficiency

There are many ways of increasing your efficiency via numerous CPUs.

Additionally, if you use your primary PC to complete a major job, you can use the extra machine to do other work.

Owning many computers will make it easier to get from one area to another at home and still finish the task.

This is incredibly appropriate in the current environments where people work from home while still taking care of kids.

3. Concentrate On Your Needs

There are countless ways of making use of several PCs.

Currently, people use computers to finish tasks and for entertainment and keep up to date with recent events.

A desktop with several monitors might be perfect for effecting work tasks, but a laptop might work better for keeping up with the day-to-day incidence after your daily workdays.

The trick is evaluating how you use the devices and then determining the device that works best for your particular needs.

With most people involved with remote learning, many families are learning the use of numerous computers in the home.

More so, gamers don’t like utilizing their work machine to play their favorite games.

They prefer a PC that is precisely intended for gaming.

On the contrary, a gaming machine will not certainly be the best option for running graphic software. Owning several computers lets you use the correct tool for the right chore.

Things You Can Do with An Additional Computer

Here are some of the most prevalent uses for an extra computer that might just be sitting collecting dust and some nontraditional uses that you might not have considered.

1. File server/ media server

If you already have a multi-user household with numerous computers, you might consider setting up the extra device as a medical or file server.

As a server, you can share folders, files, documents, etc., with all the computers across the internet or at home. This makes it highly suitable for simple file sharing.

It also makes it easy to transmit data or files from one device to the other on your home web or remotely without having to use USB drives or burn discs.

As a media server, the extra PC will allow you to store all the media files, including; photos, music, videos, and share them with other PCs at home, and even stream the media documents to your TV.

It will be the central location to store your music, video, and photo library.

2. Kid’s Computer

If you have children, you can make the machine a kid’s PC providing your kids an opportunity of learning more about machines and technology.

You can instruct them on installing games and programs and encourage them to learn the technology now because it is necessary for the future.

However, ensure to take essential measures such as childproofing and blocking websites through parental controls.


Referred to as Home Theater PC, HTPC is another popular way of utilizing your additional PCs.

Setting up an extra device as an HTPC together with your TV, you can be able to do things such as play Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. more so, if you have a net tuner, USB tuner, or TV tuner, you can effectively set up the HTPC in combination with Windows Media Center allowing for TIVO functionality as well as a live guide.

4. Webserver

For individuals with high-speed internet connections such as DSL or cable, you can use an extra machine to set it up as a web server.

You can use the webserver to host your website, email, or blog without having to pay for hosting services.

So, don’t allow your extra machine to lie around without any use.

5. Storage PC

If your extra machine has a significant hard drive capacity, you can basically use it as a generic storage location for programs, files, installer, and other data.

You only need to install the operating system, link it to your home web or router and use CPU to store all the bulk programs and documents you want to have but occupy too much space or don’t want to have on your primary computer.

6. Backup computer

If you don’t have a storage drive for your vital information and records on your computers, you should consider having an extra processor.

You can basically do it via free programs such as FreeNAS to set up a backup for other CPUs.

More so, you can buy an additional internal hard drive to strengthen the backup plan.

This way, you will be assured that all your documents are safely stored in case one copy is lost.

7. Surveillance System

A camera drives surveillance systems, but its core, like most technological things today, is normally from a computer.

Therefore, you could buy various compatible surveillance cameras for your home and use the extra machine as a monitoring station for the surveillance system.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the number of computers that are too many for you will depend on your computation needs and the number of your household members.

Today, we will continue having many specialized devices with our need for each extra computing machine driven by the insatiable demand for more.

The many computers you have means; more work, more fun, more computation, and more access.


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