Can Watching K Dramas Be Considered a Hobby?

K dramas refers to Korean language television shows commonly made in South Korea and mostly come in a miniseries format and have distinct features that differentiate them from the common Western series.

They can be set in ancient times or even contemporary times with different genres such as romance, comedy, action, or fusion with science fiction.

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So, Can Watching K Dramas Be Considered a Hobby?

Yes, you can pass your free time enjoying Korean dramas.  So, by definition, watching K dramas is definitely a hobby. And if you can derive pleasure in watching Korean dramas, why not do it for your hobby. Nowadays watching tv is a common activity most people do. 

Just like reading a book, watching K dramas will help you develop your world of imagination and help you give more educated opinions about different topics you will come across in life.

It is a powerful learning tool besides wiling down your free time.

Therefore, you should consider watching K dramas in your free time.

Five Reasons Why Watching K Dramas Is a Potential Hobby For You

Watching K drama is really special if you are a tv series fan.

K dramas have a special way of touching our lives.

And to develop a hobby, you need an activity that not only engages you but also adds value to your life.

Now, consider the following reasons we have highlighted for you as to why you should watch K dramas as a hobby:

1. They’re Interesting And Fun

Well, hobbies have a special ability to bring fun to the one engaging in them.

And watching Korean tv drama is not different.

You will get thoroughly entertained watching special martial moves in an action drama or be brought to tears as you see love blossoming among young teens in a romance drama.

2. Watching Them Can Lead To Other Hobbies

Usually, when you become a fan of a tv drama, you connect with the characters.

Whoever it is, they can connect you to other hobbies as you follow their lifestyle.

For instance, you can develop an interest in karate as a hobby after watching Vagabond drama to imitate the character of Lee Seung-gi.

You may even plan on starting scriptwriting, voice acting, or acting as someone to learn more about.

3. Opportunity To Study A New Character

Watching K dramas can be mentally stimulating. In every drama, there are many characters to analyze.

Besides the characters, there is a great storyline to follow.

As an ardent K drama follower, you can’t help but compare and scrutinize each character and how they perform in their roles.

Apart from their talent and acting skills, K drama actors are beautiful, and they keep you glued to the screen.

For instance, you can’t stop admiring Ji Chang Wook from watching Healer drama.

And to satisfy your craving for admiration, why not watch a whole drama episode after episode in your free time?

4. Opportunity To Be Part Of Fan Community

Watching K drama can connect you to a community of the tv show lovers you are following.

Watching your favorite K drama can be so engaging.

You can easily connect with an online community to discuss the drama you are following.

Fans from across the world watching the same drama can easily be found online on the comments sections in medial social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook fan pages.

With these discussions, you can see that there is more to watching K dramas.

It is, therefore, a hobby worth engaging in.

5. Opportunity To Enjoy Different Genres

There are unlimited genres to enjoy, right from action and adventure, teen drama, science fiction, animation, reality television, and much more.

Therefore, you have an unlimited variety of genres to look out for during your leisure time.

There are different storylines, characters, and differences in acting hence building your anticipation.

For example, if you are an active follower of action, you can expect action pack moves.

Six Reasons Why K Dramas Are So Special

Now that you have known that you can watch K dramas as a hobby, what makes them so special and likable?

K dramas can be both equally a hobby and a relaxation time.

It is relaxing and relieving to rest your feet on the sofa after a long day and settle down for a new episode of your favorite K drama.

Now you can immerse yourself into the world of fiction and relieve the day’s pressure.

Also, during your leisure time, you can spare a few hours to catch up with the latest K drama.

So, let’s find out why Korean dramas are so special.

1. They Tell A Relatable Story

Korean dramas script familiar stories that are relatable to most people.

For instance, if you struggle to find love in your teen years, you can find a storyline that relates to your life experience and help you relive your teenage life. Most boys clumsily fall in love.

And like Deok Sun in ‘One of the Boys’, you can reminisce your boyhood love struggles.

2. They Paint A Beautiful Picture

Korean dramas have impressive cinematography.

Without saying too much, you can simply sit back and let your fertile imaginations take you to the world beyond.

Scenes of beautiful beaches the calm seawater will go far and beyond what the screen is supposed to tell.

3. Melodious Soundtracks

The songs in the drama are originally composed for the drama.

They, therefore, convey the true emotions of the scenes in the drama. You can replay these songs in a loop to relive the drama.

4. They’re Abundant And Accessible

You can never miss what to watch. Unlike Western tv shows,

Korean dramas usually run for sixteen to twenty episodes, and every time you are done watching, there is always one on the line to be released.

So, you can easily embark on a new experience of drama.

5. They Allow You To Learn Korean

K dramas are originally released in the Korean language with English subtitles.

However, you won’t learn much Korean by just watching.

A supplemental study will greatly help. You can follow the subtitles while following the screen action to decipher some words.

6. They Allow You To Learn Korean Culture

Korean dramas will not only offer you great cinematography, but you also get the chance to experience Korean culture through the drama.

You may not understand the language, but through the drama, you can connect with the Korean culture.

Final Thoughts

Anything you enjoy doing in your leisure time can be termed as a hobby.

However, if you are spinning too many drama plates most of your time, then you must generate a set of rules on how you watch k dramas.

For instance, you can commit to watching tv shows on weekends alone and do productive work during the day.

You need to know that with many K dramas comes much responsibility.

If you feel like you are addicted to K dramas, it is always okay to take a break.

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