Should Ladies Use Junior Or Petite Golf Clubs???

When the “one set fits all” phrase was the default sales language for golf clubs, ladies had difficulty fitting in golf.

Thankfully, today there are different golf clubs like women, petite and junior clubs to suit individual body complexity and size.

So, Should Ladies Use Junior Or Petite Golf Clubs?

Petite golf clubs are better any time over junior clubs. In all regards, it would be suited and a sign of appreciation for ladies to use their body-appropriate club size over, using the male or junior size. Not to sound gender-biased, but it is only reasonable to assume that most ladies’ body complexity does not precisely match the men’s. The thing is to find the right golf club size for the comfort of your shot. Therefore, if your body size and complexity allow it, you can use the junior club size.

Clubs have different build categories ranging from men’s, women’s, and petite and junior. These categories have a one-inch difference, with the men club being the longest and the junior class is the shortest.

With that difference in sizes, if your body size allows you to use the women’s size, then well and good.

Understandably, some ladies can have the standard women’s body size, which is very okay.

But if that is not the case, then, by all means, be comfortable with your petite size and make that shot count.

If you are a beginner golfer and wonder what size of the club to use to impact your performance as a lady positively, this article will help you unveil your golf club category. Please read through and take notes.

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Petite Vs. Junior Golf Clubs

Between the junior and the women set in golf clubs, there is the petite set.

Petite size is for the ladies who are too small for the women’s collection and slightly more significant for the junior group.

Junior sets are for kids, which makes it rare for ladies to use them. In addition, the complexity of most short ladies matches better with the petite size than the junior set.

Usually, the women’s set is the default size set for all women.

But then there are these rare ladies, the particular kind, so to say.

They are short, sometimes petite. But in all ways, their body complexity and size does not measure up their might.

Nevertheless, they somehow feel virile even though they look small, perhaps because of their confidence and skills.

Even then, most mini ladies have had time deciding whether to use the ladies’ set or junior set because of how it could make them look.

Perhaps they don’t want to feel inferior using a junior club but want to look professional and brutal in the field.

But, on the other hand, the petite set sometimes has its benefits, even when your body size is precise and questioning.

The junior set does not make you look small just because of the size but the build too.

The junior clubs have moderate customization for easy swing and play for junior golfers.

While there is nothing wrong with a beginner lady using the junior set of clubs, it could mean otherwise to a pro.

Using the petite set clubs as a professional golfer shows a little more quality oversize.

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Four Golf Club Selection Factors

1. Experience

Your experience determines how better you can handle a club.

For example, if a woman is good at handling clubs to make long shorts, using petite drivers might feel interesting for getting a few yards close to the hole with one short.

The weight of clubs differs with categories in that the bigger the club, the heavier.

That would mean using a junior club for an experienced lady will inhibit her from making that long short.

It is, therefore, reasonable for a shorter woman who can not use the standard women club to choose the petite size over the junior size because it is a little heavier and can give a better range.

2. Body complexity

You might be shorter in size but a little masculine, which is a huge factor in choosing the club set to use.

Like we said earlier, clubs are built in different sizes depending on the category.

That applies to complexity too, the materials used in the smaller clubs are less in weight and composition than the men set.

Your body complexity, for example, the size of your arms, allows you to use a bigger club. As a result, grip sizes differ with the size of the clubs.

For the same reason, women and junior clubs have smaller grips because of their small components.

Even when it comes to the club’s weight, if you are masculine enough, you are better off using a higher category club because you can handle it comfortably.

3. Your Body Size

With every category, clubs have different sizes. That size difference is not only the weight and driver’s size but length too.

For example, men drivers have 45 inches, women drivers at 44 inches, and junior drivers at 41 inches.

To get the perfect size for your club option, it has to resonate with your body size.

If you are less than five feet tall, consider using the junior club.

That will work comfortably with your height, disregarding all other factors. It will have a different design, lighter than usual but will work perfectly for your swing and body length.

For anyone above five feet but below 63 inches, you should try the petite set. The junior might be too small at this height, while the women will be slightly bigger and most likely inconvenient.

4. Club quality and value

When getting a new club as a beginner, it is essential to know the implication of quality to the value of a set.

The quality of your group can affect your quality and performance, that is for sure, but at the beginner level, it matters less to have quality than value.

High-quality clubs are more expensive to buy than regular clubs, which is an excellent factor.

With high quality, the performance is different and the durability too as you might expect.

However, assuming that you are starting and might not notice the difference, starting with regular, less expensive clubs is recommended.

One thing you need to understand as a beginner is that you are not so sure about the set you will end up settling for at your advanced level.

Consider this a practice level and therefore buy a collection within your physical structure without hurting your wallet.


Ladies can use either junior, petite, or women golf clubs, depending on several factors.

Junior clubs are for kids but can work with ladies, too, especially if they are short.

Petite clubs are considerably better for ladies who are small-bodied over junior clubs.

Women’s sets are for women over 63 inches of height.

For ladies, petite clubs are suitable for their body complexity and skill levels.

However, it is understandable to use junior sets for practice purposes as a beginner until you are ready to use the petite set.

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