Do You Need a Laptop for College If You Already Have a Desktop?

As college students, we can all agree that owning a computer, be it a laptop or desktop, is as essential as your textbooks.

Long gone are days when having a computer was a luxury or option. However, if you already have a desktop, you might wonder if you still need a laptop.

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So, Do You Need a Laptop for College If You Already Have a Desktop?

The response to this query is that there is no need, even though it will depend on several factors. While it is convenient to have a laptop, it’s unnecessary, although you still have a desktop. Having a laptop is excellent as it will help you in your college work, but if you already have a PC or desktop at home, you don’t require it. If your desktop is already decent in terms of properties and specs, you should not have any issue using it.

The key benefit of a laptop is simply in movability. With a laptop, you can still work while away from the desktop.

More so, whether you require a laptop will depend on whether you will be living in a camped college dormitory or location.

A desktop might be sufficiently fine if you are staying at home. But this will also depend on whether what you are majoring in college needs you to have a computer in class.

While it may be physically impossible for you to carry the desktop around it with you, you can do everything at home with a decent desktop PC.

Why Do You Require a Desktop or Laptop for College?

As earlier stated, as a college student, having a desktop or laptop is more of a basic necessity than a luxury. Some of the reasons you need one of the devices to include;

The tremendously growing trend of online courses requires a solid pc to allow you to interact with classmates and professors.

College courses require you to complete several research and coursework, which necessitates using a desktop computer or laptop.

Furthermore, as a college student going away from home, having a computer, either a laptop or desktop is a convenient way of being in touch with your friends and family.

By using built-in webcams and microphones, you can efficiently communicate with your loved ones through the web.

Desktop Vs. Laptop: What Do You Require as A College Student?

As a college student, you will require to consider a handful of factors in deciding what fits your needs best.

Even though most college students pick laptops, current desktop computers offer numerous amazing incentives that leave the discussion significantly open.

So, here are some factors to consider when deciding between desktop vs. laptop;

1. Portability

The most common distinction between desktops and laptops is portability.

Desktops are larger and not easily portable. While you can still carry your desktop from one place to another, it is a cumbersome choice that is not ideal when it comes to portability.

This is because desktops are planned to be used at a single place without being moved from time to time.

On the contrary, laptops are highly portable because of their compact size.

Laptops have been designed to be easily moved from one place to another in a laptop carrying case or backpack, making them great for use on the go.

Laptops offer students with freedom and flexibility they require to work on their assignments anywhere and anytime.

For most students, the freedom provided by a computer is a significantly convenient luxury.

2. Size

Another advantage of laptops over desktops is their significantly smaller size.

Laptops are incorporated with smaller laptops, unlike desktops, making them substantially more compact.

Essentially, compared to a desktop, a laptop is a self-contained computer that occupies lesser space in the sense of built-in keyboards, displays, and trackpads.

3. Cost

The price of a desktop is relatively cheap compared to laptops.

A wide variety of desktop components, including keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc., allow for a broad range of prices, but the starting points are significantly cheap.

Therefore, a desktop can cost as cheap as $400 for a complete package and still be a nice-looking and robust system.

On the other hand, getting a powerful and high-speed laptop with more storage space and high graphics will cost significantly higher, around $1500 or more, based on the brand.

4. Screen Size

Usually, desktop monitors are more significant than laptops.

You can also connect a desktop to a tv screen for greater flexibility on what you use your desktop computer to do.

On the other hand, laptops have a smaller screen for their portability factor.

Fortunately, you can still connect to the external display and support any size of the screen, monitor or projector.

5. Internal Storage

Desktops feature several installed internal drives.

However, laptop computers typically have room for only a single internal drive.

If you need more internal storage, you will be forced to replace the drive completely.

6. External Storage

Laptops and desktops can link to several external data ports, including Thunderbolt, USB, etc.

However, the number of ports on the laptop is lesser than on desktops.

7. Power Usage

Generally, desktops use more power than laptops because they require to power the different mechanisms of the computer and monitor.

More so, in case the power fluctuates, any unsaved work or document might be lost.

On the contrary, laptops use lesser power than desktops which is evident for their smaller area.

Additionally, laptops have a battery, so you won’t lose any unsaved work even when the power goes out or fluctuates.

8. Gaming

Desktops perform better in terms of gaming performance.

This is due to their ability to use high-powered video cards with higher power requirements and better heat dissipation.

The physical space limits the graphics capabilities for laptops, although high-end laptops can offer better gaming graphics.

Moreover, laptops have limited power which does not allow video cards with high power requirements to run.

9. Upgrading

Many desktop components are easily detachable, making it easier for upgrading them.

Additionally, because desktop cases usually are more extensive, they are easier to work with when upgrading. In contrast, most laptop components are integral.

The only upgradable component is the laptop’s hard drive and memory.

Therefore, if you require to upgrade any other component in a laptop, you will be forced to get another laptop.

10. Repair

Similar to upgrading, repairing a desktop is easier because you can easily buy most of the hardware components from the local computer store.

However, opening the laptop for repair can be more challenging, as well as finding a laptop replacement part.

Therefore, it is much easier to repair a desktop than a laptop.

From this debate, most college students opt for laptops over desktops for their smaller size and portability.

Attaching the laptop to an external monitor is a convenient option for those seeking the desktop feel.

Bottom Line

That’s it! You don’t necessarily require a laptop for college if you have a desktop.

However, the sole benefit of a laptop is its easy portability.

Else, there is no other reason to buy a laptop if you already have a decent desktop.

But the reality is that portability is a great benefit for particular types of users such as college students and laptops are necessary for them.

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