Should You Bring Your Laptop or Tablet on A Camping Trip?

You have so much to think about as you plan your next camping trip, from planning your route, researching the best camping spots, and booking the perfect hotels.

However, with the current technology, one question that remains is which device is best for your camping trip between a laptop or tablet. Let’s take a closer look.

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So, Should You Bring Your Laptop or Tablet on A Camping Trip?

A tablet is the better option for your camping trip in most cases. A tablet is more portable, convenient, easier to use, and provides plenty of computing control in a compact and remarkable package. All you require is to turn the tablet into an on-the-road computer is to get a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. You can do almost do anything on your tablet that you can do on a laptop, including filming, blogging, audio, and video editing, web and graphics design, writing, and anything you plan to do.

With only a minor exception for individuals who develop intricate designs, code, or work on program software that can’t run on a tablet, you can have an entire computer while saving on space and weight limit by using a tablet during your camping trip.

Correspondingly, if your camping trip will take numerous weeks or months, it might be worth it to carry a laptop as you will have sufficient time to use it.

In this case, you should get a slim and lightweight laptop with a good battery capacity. But if you are only camping for a few days, weeks, or months, you will most likely get by with just a tablet.

Generally, if your camping trip is a weekend break or something like that, a tablet will more than be sufficient.

It is a perfect device for leisure travelers as it provides you with the convenience of a laptop without the bulk; when it comes to equipping your tablet like a computer, you should consider what you plan to do with it when camping and the type of tablet you have.

Pros And Cons of Bringing Your Tablet or Laptop on A Camping Trip

To determine the best choice for you, read on the pros and cons of carrying a tablet or laptop with you on your camping trip.


After the release of the iPad, tablets have since burst in popularity.

They provide a bigger screen than a smartphone and longer battery life.

Tablets are ideal for travelers looking for a larger screen for games, movies, or books or required to perform more computer-related tasks and want a bigger keyboard but don’t want to carry the bulkier laptop.

They are also a perfect choice for someone traveling with children as they can fill them up with games, engaging apps, and offline television shows.


  • A tablet tends to have a longer battery life than a smartphone, particularly when kept offline.
  • The device supports many applications that work just as well as on the laptop.
  • Tablets are more portable than a laptop. You can easily carry a tablet with a smartphone without getting weighed down, which is not the case with a laptop.
  • You can potentially use the same power cord on your tablet as other devices, which will save more space.
  • Convenient for keeping the kids entertained with games, movies, and books.
  • It can serve as a voice-enabled navigation device to offer you turn-by-turn directions.


  • A tablet is easier to be stolen. While the smaller size makes it more portable, it also makes it more susceptible to theft in the course of traveling and during camping. Although tablets are more portable, even the smaller versions cant easily fit in your pocket unless you have an oversized jacket.
  • Tablets do not have all the programs you might require on your camping trip compared to a more powerful laptop.
  • Also, tablets have no great keyboard, mainly in writing or typing tasks. However, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard for faster typing. But this will also be an extra device to purchase and carry.


If you are looking for a device more powerful than your smartphone and one that you can do more with, particularly watching movies and playing games, a tablet will be easier on your eyes.

More so, unless you are running an online business on the go that requires powerful computing, massive hard drive space, and apps, a tablet will be good to go.

The enhanced battery life and bigger tablet screen make up for its shortcomings.


A few years back, if you sought to go online during travel, your sole choice was to bring a laptop or find an internet café along your encampment adventure.

However, we are now long past those days. Therefore, are there still reasons for packing a laptop with you at all?


  • Laptops are more powerful in terms of running programs than tablets. This, combined with a proper keyboard and bigger screen, getting tasks done will be easier and faster. This means lesser time in front of the screen and more time enjoying your camping adventures.
  • A laptop is more versatile. It can run any software you require as a traveler, and websites always work best on a laptop than a tablet.
  • You won’t have any issue with storage space, and it’s easier to backup your photos from a separate smartphone or camera.


  • Laptops are heavier and less portable than tablets. While manufacturers continue to make lighter laptops all the time, you still can’t slip it in your pocket as you go out. When you add the weight of other external laptop components such as a charger, you will start to look for excuses to leave it in the hotel room anytime you can.
  • Cost. When it comes to price comparison, the cost of a laptop can be substantial. Depending on the type and quality of the laptop, you should expect to pay about $500 to $2000 or more.
  • High chances of getting banged up during the trip. Carrying a device that is costs that much will give you more worry about the potential damage or theft, and the travel insurance will either not cover the entire cost or will need an additional premium to do so.
  • It’s not convenient to take out during travel.


A laptop is vital if you are handling an online business that requires powerful software.

However, for regular travelers, a decent tablet is all you require.

Also, if you will be on the go for more than six months, a laptop may be worth bringing because you will have plenty of time to use it.

However, if you are only traveling for some weeks, you will get along with a tablet quite well. If you want to carry a laptop, there are plenty of lightweight and powerful options for you.

Also, consider investing in a durable laptop case to keep it safe and prevent it from getting beat up sitting in your bag for weeks or months.

Bottom Line

That’s it! This is a tricky question, but we will take a tablet.

Because you are on a camping trip, you probably don’t need to do a ton of work on your laptop.

Plus, a tablet can perform most of the tasks you need your laptop for; it’s more lightweight and has longer battery life.

Whether a tablet or a laptop, as long as it’s satisfying your needs and not limiting your fun, this is all that matters.

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