Is Lockpicking an Expensive Hobby to Get Into? (THREE OPTIONS!)

The lockpicking craft is no longer a prominent skill used by criminals.

It is now an amazing hobby that turns you into a security and locks bypassing beast.

However, if you are looking to get into lockpicking as a hobby, you probably wonder whether it’s costly to start.

So, Is Lockpicking an Expensive Hobby to Get Into?

Not really! For a beginner, lockpicking is not a costly hobby to get into. Good quality locks and lock picks should cost less than $100. So, if you stay content with picking the commonplace locks available daily, it is relatively affordable.

However, as you advance your skills or decide to purchase specialized tools, lockpicking becomes more expensive. Each lock is unique and should be picked in its own specific way. However, after learning the sequence of picking that particular lock, it stops being a challenge. Once you lick it several times, it is time to move to a more complex lock.

Once you start getting into more high-security and exotic locks, this is where lock picking becomes expensive. So, like most hobbies, lockpicking is relatively cheap to get into but can get as expensive as you make it. 

Three Ways To Make Lockpicking More Affordable

There are some ways of making lockpicking cheaper. These include;

1. Purchase A Lock With The Re-keyable Core

This enables you to re-pin the lock and have a brand-new challenge.

However, the best part about the locks is that you can add or remove pins to match your skills.

2. Go To A Local Locksmith

Locksmiths are likely to have lots of old and neglected locks that they can willingly give you at a cheaper price.

3. Purchasing Wholesale Online

You can often find online auctions on sites like eBay, selling off several lock cores for a cheaper price.

Is Lockpicking Illegal?

Lockpicking is not illegal as long as you’re working on your own equipment.

However, some places, including the US, have restricted owning lockpickng equipment such as bump keys and lock picks.

Some states in the US that have regulations on owning lockpicking tools include;

  • Ohio
  • Nevada
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee
  • and Virginia.

Of all these states, Tennessee is the only state that prohibits owning lockpicks.

The rest have a regulation known as prima facie evidence, which means the intent of committing a crime.

The bottom line is that lockpicking is not illegal or unethical, and while there are some little regulations to consider, you will be clear as long as you know them.

Is It Difficult to Learn Lock Picking?

This question gets conflicting answers depending on how each one understands the question.

Generally, it is easy to acquire the lockpicking basics and learn how to pick locks.

On the other hand, the continual process of learning and mastering lockpicking beyond the basics.

1. The Easy: Learning the Basics

Picking up the lockpicking basics is a straightforward task.

After understanding the principle behind locks, you can expect to pick your first basic lock quickly with basic guidance and proper tools.

However, remember that, like any other skill, you will perfect your lockpicking skills through regular practice.

Although basic locks, which are the majority, will quickly get into your picks, any lock with extra security features will need some proficiency and a more complex understanding that you only get with persistent practice.

2. The Difficult: Lockpicking Mastery and Beyond

While learning the lockpicking basics is easy, mastering the skill is a wondrous and long road that needs a particular degree of persistence, dedication, and passion.

However, these difficulties are not because of the lockpicking craft. It’s because of the discipline, consistency, and failure that will occur.

The mastery of lockpicking demands higher investment and hours of failure without giving up.

Being stuck on one lock for hours is the failure that you experience and the price of mastery.

On each attempt and failure you experience, you will add something new to the toolbox and gain more knowledge.

Therefore, if you want to master the skill, don’t give up on your inability to open a lock.

Every failure is a lesson that takes you closer to picking the lock.

Why You Should Consider Lock Picking as A Hobby

There are several reasons for engaging in lock picking as a hobby. These include;

1. It is a Useful Skill

There is a high probability that you will find yourself locked out of your home or car at some point in your life.

It is frustrating and annoying to find yourself in such a helpless position.

Instead of paying out for a costly professional locksmith, gaining entry on your own will be very useful and cool.

This will save you time and cash even for those around you. in about all states.

You can use your lockpicking skills as long the owner gives the OK.

Your family member or neighbor is locked out of their house?

Go with your lock picks and neighbor; get them back in time. You can also advise your friend on better locks for enhanced security.

2. It is Fun

While it might sound subjective, most people find lockpicking the ultimate fun.

The hobby often starts as frustrating, but the fun starts as soon as you open up your first lock.

The sensation of successfully opening a lock is thrilling and addicting.

After all the claims about how difficult lockpicking is, you have finally done it. There are lots of different lock types.

3. It is Impressive

Lockpicking seems like magic to the public. Most people don’t comprehend it, with a section not even interested in understanding.

Therefore, you will be a magician with a padlock and some metal pieces.

People get entertained by the element of experiencing something out of the norm. Therefore, this is impressive.

4. It is A Marketable Hobby

Many hobbies taken by people can’t be transferred to a job.

However, with lockpicking as a hobby, you can use it to do some jobs and get paid.

There are several jobs in the security industry that need some lock knowledge and manipulation.

Companies and businesses often hire private contractors to test out possible physical attacks on their security.

Ultimately, the path of such jobs is set by learning the basics of lockpicking and regularly practicing what you learn.

You can move from here to accessing code systems to even hacking.

This way, you will be more qualified to use your lockpicking abilities for profitable and legal employment.

Bottom Line

Except for some governing regulations in some places, lockpicking is completely ethical and easy to get into.

The subtle click made when you pick a lock successfully brings you a thrill like no other.

Each success comes with a burst of excitement.

Although lockpicking can get relatively expensive as you advance your skill, it will be worth it.


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