Is It Appropriate to Wear Makeup To A Funeral? (Follow These Eight Tips)

Respect and modesty are the critical aspects I consider when dressing for a funeral.

In my view, the clothes I wear reveal a lot regarding my condolence and respect for the deceased and family members.

Understandably, our culture focuses on loudness and extravagance in how we dress, but there are some moments in life when simplicity is critical.

Although how to dress and apply makeup during a trying period in my life might be the last issue on my mind, these tips can make the process of determining what to wear and funeral makeup easier.

Therefore, Is It Appropriate to Wear Makeup To A Funeral?

Yes. No one says that I should attempt to look grotesque. However, if I must apply makeup, then I should ensure that I KEEP IT SIMPLE. In reality, being natural without wearing any makeup is one of the best things I can do before attending a funeral since it demonstrates my humility.

Eight Funeral Makeup Tips

In my case, I am a makeup addict, and I cannot do without it; that is why I normally consider the following basics:

1. Long Lasting Foundation.

I normally use a long-lasting makeup foundation to prevent streaking from tears.

That is because I do not want to worry about using tissue papers and accidentally removing the foundation.

However, I go easy with it to ensure I offer my foundation a limited touch of bronzer by concentrating on the cheeks.

Apart from that, I can add bronzer if I feel I need it to offer me a little more color.

Adding blush over the thin light layer helps to soften the bronzing for a more natural look.

Finally, I complete the look with a little highlighter that goes over my cheekbones.

2. Waterproof Eyeliner And Mascara

Even if I do not think that I will cry, I know emotions might be high.

Therefore, I need to use a natural-looking and thin eyeliner when attending a funeral.

A waterproof mascara thickens my lashes without posing any worries of tear reaction.

3. Neutral Brow Bone Highlighter

I do prefer using a matte neutral color as my brow highlighter.

I certainly use come dark shades than my hair color since that is my normal look.

However, I prefer going for a lighter shade for a more natural or neutral look in some cases.

4. Careful Eyebrow Makeup

I do not wish to draw attention to myself due to my makeup choice. Therefore, I ensure that I am cautious when filling in my eyebrows. I certainly fill in my eyebrow pen or pencil. I also use a waterproof microblading eyebrow pencil.

5. Adding A Concealer When Required

It is appropriate for me to use a concealer in my makeup for a funeral. In particular, it becomes helpful when I have dark circles underneath my eyes.

6. Neutral Eye Makeup

I need to limit the colors in my eye shadow selection.

That is why I prefer selecting a neutral matte color, such as light brown, which blends easily with my attire.

However, other eyeshadows have a faint touch of color that offers me the appropriate tint. In such a case, I use light brown or neutral over the eyeshadow to lighten it up.

7. Lip coloring

I go soft on color in coloring my lips.

In particular, I use a lip liner that is darker or lighter than my lipstick for easier blending.

In this case, I avoid bright red or other unusual colors.

Admittedly, I love a soft and subtle color since it enables me to avoid unnecessary attention.

8. Face powder

I need to avoid setting my makeup with face powder.

That is because tears can make it disintegrate and streak. Fortunately, by using a long-lasting foundation, I easily avoid face powder.

How To Dress For A Funeral Service

Apart from wearing appropriate makeup, I also consider wearing the right funeral attire.


Since a funeral service is a gloomy occasion, I prefer to dress in conservative styles and colors.

In reality, I do not want to wear all black, although it is acceptable for me to do so.

I also avoid wearing a neon necktie or wild print or a bright floral dress unless when the family of the deceased requests me to do that.

Further, I believe it is not appropriate for me to reveal a lot of skin.

Therefore, I do not wear a blouse with a short hemline or a plunging neckline. I try to avoid yellow, orange, bright pink, red, and other bright colors in summation.

What Should Men Wear?

Men should not wear baseball caps, sneakers, jeans, shorts, or other clothing with writing on it.

Therefore, they should leave their printed or graphic T-shirts in the drawer and select something conservative and subtle.

In other words, one might not want to add a vibrantly printed tie unless they have a reason to do that. In summation, tailored pants or a conservative suit and a blazer are ideal for most funerals.

Although a full suit has been a traditional attire, most people are now shifting to business attire or Sunday best for modern funeral services.

For instance, it is acceptable to wear polo shirt and slacks.

What Should Women Wear?

In my view, women should avoid wearing spandex, low-cut dresses or blouses, and mini-skirts.

That is because they might not want to draw unnecessary attention to themselves.

However, women might wear pantsuits, dresses, blouses, and skirts which do not emphasize their cleavage, curves, and too much leg.

I always keep my accessories simple. Since I might find myself walking on uneven ground or grass, I leave my stilettoes for other functions. I also ensure that I wear low-heeled shoes or more sensible flats.

Jewelry should be understated.

If I wear a hat, I ensure that it does not attract any attention or block other people’s views. Therefore, I leave my sparkling necklaces and noisy baffle bracelets at home.


There are some exceptions to the tips above.

For instance, if I work as a military officer, it is acceptable for me to address in a military uniform when attending a veteran’s funeral.

Also, if my religion or the deceased’s religion demands a specific dressing cord, I am expected to follow the rules.

Further, most people consider funerals as a celebration of life instead of a simple end-of-life event. In such a case, I should heed the request of the family.

However, if I am not sure about what to wear, I should confidently ask.

That can be better instead of me showing up at the event with inappropriate attire and overdone makeup.


Knowing few tips for funeral makeup and attire can assist me in achieving the right look.

Understandably, by considering that, I am sure I will have the appropriate balance ideal for a funeral.

Apart from that, I need to remember that I am attending a funeral to celebrate the life of my loved one.

Therefore, I should wear makeup and proper attire that can enable me to cry when I feel moved without making me appear disturbed.



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