Should You Wear Makeup While Hiking Or Camping?

Hiking and camping are fun and adventurous outdoor activities that can make you feel better.

However, sometimes women face difficulties in making perfect hiking or camping beauty checklists.

Most women are usually stuck on deciding whether to wear makeup or not when outdoors.

However, it’s still possible to look good even when hiking so long as you know the best steps to take and the best products to include in your camping checklist.

So, Should You Wear Makeup While Hiking Or Camping?

Generally, there’s no direct answer to this question. The choice of whether to wear makeup or not is a personal decision. It’s influenced mainly by your camping reasons. Therefore, if you feel that it’ll calm your nerves, you should go ahead and wear it. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like you’ll get any rejuvenation, you can still go hiking without it.

Five Considerations To Take Into Account When Applying Makeup Outdoors

Typically, women wear makeup to feel better, calm their nerves and look a bit professional.

However, if you’ve decided to go hiking or camping, it’s unnecessary to look professional.

You can still decide to look good and recharge your soul. Below are top factors to consider when making a choice for wearing makeup when living outdoors:

1. The Kind Of Activity You’ll Take Part In

Your daily activities will largely determine whether to wear makeup or not.

For instance, if you want to go swimming, it’s obvious that your makeup won’t last long. In this case, you simply don’t need to wear makeup unless you’ve been wearing it all through.

The same case applies to razor ride enthusiasts.

At the end of the ride, you won’t be able to differentiate between those who had makeup and those who didn’t have.

This is usually a result of dust accumulation on the skin that needs to be wiped from time to time.

However, if you’re taking part in less intensive activities like fishing, you can apply your makeup.

2. The Environment

The kind of environment you go hiking or camping will definitely determine your choice of wearing makeup.

If you camp in an area with dusty roads, then it’ll be difficult to maintain your makeup for a long time. You’ll keep on removing your makeup and applying it afresh.

If you decide to apply makeup in these situations, you should be ready to keep your pores clean to prevent your skin from breaking out. You’ll do this by cleaning your face regularly throughout the day.

You also need to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and dust that can accumulate and block your pores.

3. Ease Of Removal

Some makeup products are difficult to clean or remove. The ease of removal will therefore determine if to wear makeup or not.

When packing for camping, you should keep in mind that you also need a face wash regime for the hard to remove makeup. You also need a small mirror and some makeup wipe removers.

The only downside of these wipe removers is that they’re not ideal for people with sensitive facial skin. They can easily cause some allergic reactions on the skin.

4. Your Skin Type

Different types of skin react differently to makeup. Therefore, your skin type will determine your choice.

If you’re hiking when it’s sunny, you need some skin protection to prevent premature aging.

In this case, you need to wear a sunscreen-based foundation to prevent your face from breaking out.

You can also use a face cleaning regime. Before you apply any makeup, you need to wash your face thoroughly.

5. Space Available

Nobody wants to carry numerous heavy bags when going for hikes.

Most women try to limit the number of bags they’ll carry to avoid the hassles involved and getting tired.

Therefore, if you’re carrying many items with you, you might not be able to carry everything you need for makeup. In this case, you’ll have to stay without makeup.

Six Makeup Products That You Should Bring On Your Excursion

Keeping your backpack lightweight should always be your number one priority.

However, you shouldn’t sacrifice carrying your makeup products if you like looking good always.

Whether you’re just starting camping or you’re a regular camper, you can pack different makeup products as explained below:

1. Moisturizer

This is one product that you shouldn’t miss carrying when hiking or camping.

Tinted moisturizers act as a foundation, concealer, sunscreen, and primer at the same time.

Carrying a tinted moisturizer means that you’ll still look beautiful while keeping your backpack lightweight since it serves numerous purposes.

These moisturizers come in various brands. Therefore, compare the brands and choose the best one that suits your skin and budget.

2. Kajal

You shouldn’t pack any eyeliner you come across.

Kajal is the best eyeliner that offers maximum protection of eyes from ultraviolet rays. It also works as an eye purifier by keeping the eyes clean always.

3. Powder

Hiking on a sunny day will make your skin uneven.

Therefore, carrying a powder can help you eliminate this problem. It’s advisable to look for a powder that contains SPF protection to keep your skin healthy.

4. Makeup Removal Wipes

If you go out, the only way to get rid of your makeup in the evening is by using makeup removal wipes.

Your sink or shower won’t be available at your campsite.

Carrying some makeup removal wipes will help you bring a nice and refreshing feel to your face every evening. This will also make your face at ease and ready for the next day’s adventure.

5. Lip Balm

Don’t forget to carry a lip balm. It helps to protect your lips from dangerous ultraviolet rays. Lip balms also give you a nice look that feels more radiant.

6. Waterproof Mascara

This is a great addition to your camping makeup products.

Waterproof mascara will give you a great overall look.

It’s usually ideal if you’re taking part in activities that involve water or you’re going to areas prone of rains.

Waterproof mascara will help you keep your fresh look regardless of whether you dive into the ocean or any other water body.


In conclusion, these are some of the makeup products you can carry along when outdoors. As earlier stated, beauty is a choice when camping.

Therefore, you don’t have to strain to look for beauty products since, after all, you’re going to enjoy yourself.

However, if you still believe in looking good always regardless of the activity you’ll be taking part in, look for the best makeup products and pack them well in your backpack together with other items while keeping it lightweight.