Should You Wear Makeup On The Golf Course? (Solved!)

Golf is both a professional and a recreational sport that is known for its dress code.

Well, while there isn’t a specific uniform for golfers, there are basic rules to follow when choosing what to wear on a golf course.

Apart from women’s golf dress codes, any enthusiastic golf lady would want to know if they can wear makeup while golfing.

So, Should You Wear Makeup On The Golf Course?

Absolutely, YES. While a lot goes into the proper golf attire, no professional dress code has come out against wearing makeup on the golf course. This means that women golfers have the freedom to wear their makeup before they start teeing up. What is more, nowadays, makeup can look very natural and even better, meaning golfers addicted to their makeup can apply at least some moisturizer to keep their face hydrated during an 80-degree day on the golf course. Even if it means a light touch of lipstick or some mascara, there are tons of ways for golfers to wear makeup.

If you have to wear your makeup while golfing, it is crucial to ensure that your makeup won’t feel overwhelming when getting to the 18th hole.

Thankfully, there’s a new crop of beauty products designed to outlive sweat sessions when you are playing the game of golf.

These beauty products such as L’Oreal Paris and SWEET LEILANI are good to keep your natural look all day.

If you are on the fence trying to decide whether or not to wear your makeup or are wondering which makeup you can wear on the golf course, this article is for you.

Read on to know more about the idea of wearing makeup when playing golf.

Makeup And The Dress Code

Golf is a high-end game played by classy people.

Besides, like any other game, golf has the players’ dress code that all golfers must wear to maintain standards.

However, some country clubs tend to be stricter than others when it comes to golf dress codes.

When it comes to women, makeup is a significant part of their dressing. Therefore despite it being a personal choice, makeup in women golfers is almost inevitable.

This is because golf appearance in both attire and personal grooming is of great significance in the game.

That’s why even international regulations have no severe concerns or rules restricting women golfers from wearing their makeup.

What do the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) say?

In the past few years, the LPGA has instilled strict regulations regarding ladies golfers dressing codes.

Following these strict rules, most women golfers have come out to criticize the extent to which their wardrobe choice has been affected.

Looking at these new regulations, it appears that the regulatory body is against too much skin exposure for women.

All the same, nothing much has been talked about regarding wearing makeup on the golf course.

The closest LPGA came to relating to makeup was disallowing plunging necklines.

Below are all the regulations put across by the LPGA:

  • Shorts, mini-skirts, or skorts should be long enough to cover the bottom
  • Leggings are allowed only undershorts and skorts and not under skirts
  • Workout clothes and joggers are not allowed
  • Plunging necklines are not allowed, and racerbacks are only allowed if they have a collar.
  • Pro-am parties will have their dress code too.

What Is The Take Of Women Golfers?

A lot of golfing skills are built by a golfer’s confidence in the course. So in this regard, if a woman feels confident in her dangly earrings and shiny lip gloss, just let her be.

Whether a woman can wear makeup on a golf course or not is a personal choice.

With or without makeup, many women still take their face towels with them when golfing because they can’t stand looking sweaty.

On the flip side, some wear beauty products that are savvy to keep their face looking natural even in the harshest conditions. Whatever your case, the game of golf requires confidence from within.

If this topic were for men, it would feel time-consuming and destructing to check and retouch your makeup now and then.

But then again, men don’t wear makeup, do they?

So how would they understand what it means to wear one?

Testimonies from professional and amateur women golfers show that they don’t see any problem wearing makeup on the golf course.

Others even prefer, or should I say, they can’t go golfing without their makeup on.

As long as it pleases them, they will wear their makeup to feel confident and feel woman enough. LizzyVal, a professional golfer, while replying to Thegolfgirl blog, said that in her experience, a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and mascara is a must for blonds.

That is a piece of pretty convincing advice from a professional golfer who has experience in the game.

Deb, also an upcoming golfer, showed her concern with no makeup on the golf course.

She implied that she does not feel put together without makeup while playing golf on the same blog.

Considering that golfing is mostly a constantly physically engaging game, women golfers who can’t go golfing without their makeup need to be picky with the products they use.

Thankfully, there are plenty of sweat-proof makeup products that enthusiastic golfers can apply and still look very natural.

Urban Decay is an excellent sweat-proof foundation for this kind of activity.

That said, most women will only wear a light coat of mascara, lip gloss, and earrings to feel comfortable and confident enough to concentrate while teeing.

Considering that makeup partly gives ladies confidence, it should be no surprise that many golf enthusiasts show no sign of leaving their makeup on when parking for a golf tournament.

That said, wearing earrings while on the golf is not a good idea.

Why Do Most LPGA Golfers Wear Makeup?

There are tons of reasons why any lady would wear makeup when on the golf course. Primarily, LPGA golfers and other sports women wear makeup to boost their confidence.

They also want to turn heads and feel appreciated, which is always a massive boost for women’s ego.

Any cheers instill confidence.

Considering that LPGA or pro-am are filled with competent golfers, one of the ways through which golfers can boost their trust is by looking attractive.

Ooh, and women golfers also want to look pretty for their Instagram selfies, too.

Besides the aspect of confidence, looking attractive has a significant effect on a golfer.

Every golfer has a price tag to brands and especially in big tournaments.

Today, influence is a great marketing niche that brands are willing to spend on.

So keeping other factors constant, looking attractive on the golf course is a considerable advantage for scooping the eye price of the day.

This other reason goes to all golfers and everyone with a genuine reason to wear their makeup on the golf course.

Assuming makeup means skincare in lips, eyes, and foundation, wearing makeup delivers some health benefits to the wearer.

Wearing that layer of your foundation protects the skin just like zinc oxide would.

Considering that golfers’ skin and hair are exposed to relatively harsh conditions, wearing waterproof makeup can help keep the skin hydrated when playing.


The question of whether a woman can wear makeup on a golf course is entirely personal.

Honesty, considering the singularity of women and beauty, a yes for that question is enough for an answer.

What matters is the level to which your extent to the makeup goes, which can only be defined on a personal level.

After reading this post, I hope you have understood why you may want to wear your makeup when golfing.

Most importantly, use products that can withstand sweat and harsh weather on the golf courses.


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