Should You Wear Makeup While Skiing? Should You Wear Fake Eyelashes?

A ski trip is probably one of the perfect winter getaways for many outdoor enthusiasts.

Well, while skiing is glamorous, it exposes your face and hair to some extremely harsh conditions.

That’s why you want to make sure that you are well-prepared for the alpine condition before you start schussing.

(In this regard,) Should You Wear Makeup While Skiing?

Absolutely, YES. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or are hitting up the slopes for the first time, it is important that you wear makeup to keep your skin from suffering in the harsh conditions.

When skiing, your face and hair are exposed to high winds, biting temperatures, and extreme UV levels. Wearing makeup before hitting the slopes keeps your skin hydrated, transforming you into the ultimate ski babe. All you need is to wear natural makeup that will last all day.

If you are contemplating the idea of wearing makeup while skiing, this article is for you. Read on to find tips for wearing makeup to keep your skin hydrated and stay radiant during days of long skiing.

Why Should You Apply Make Up For A Snowy Day?

It is perfectly normal that ladies hate looking spent and smudgy.

In fact, every lady loves to feel pretty and look downright gorgeous on a daily basis, even after sports or skiing. That’s why you need to wear makeup while skiing.

Winter comes with snow, considerably stronger winds (due to uneven heating of the earth’s surface), and dropping temperatures that can take a toll on your skin, putting you at risk of various skin problems. Wearing makeup creates a barrier between your skin and elements, which helps you maintain a soft, smooth, and glowing complexion when skiing.

Considering that there is no opportunity to shower and gloom between the time when the sport ends and the medal ceremony, any female skier would want to look good right from the beginning until the time they move to the lounge.

Thankfully, there are plenty of products that will give you a stunning natural look that lasts all day.

It is also a common misconception that you can’t get sunburn in the winter, but you will definitely do it.

This is truer, considering that your skin is exposed to harmful UV lights from above and unpleasant blows from below due to reflection.

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How To Do Your Makeup Before Skiing

Winter makeup is meant to keep your face soft and protected from white snow, cold temperatures, sunburn, and windburn.

That said, the right makeup products will help keep the unsightly winter skin dryness and redness at bay.

Here is what expert skiers have to say about putting on makeup while skiing.

1. Create A Flawless Base

First things first: Before wearing makeup, the first thing you should do is cleaning your face or exfoliating, as Lindsey Vonn calls it.

To keep your skin looking good all day, clean it with a granular substance or exfoliating tool to remove all dead cells, and apply the moisturizer you normally use.

2. Put On A High Protection Sunscreen

Snow has sun-reflecting properties, meaning you can get a double whammy when skiing.

Even if you have applied a cream with sun protection properties, wearing sunscreen will significantly lower the chances of getting sunburns.

3. Apply A Makeup Base

In this step, you need to choose a makeup base that adapts your skin tone. It will be better if you can find a base with sun protection properties. To ensure you pick the best color, ask the store staff for help because they are versed with different products and have a direct view of your skin.

4. Apply A Concealer

As the name suggests, concealer helps you hide things you want to correct, like pimples, redness, and dark circles.

That said, it should be the same color as your skin tone, which means using the same trick that you used to pick your makeup base.

5. Add A Touch Of Color To Your Cheeks

After giving your face a natural look, you can go on to accentuate the makeup. Depending on your skin color, you can opt for coral or peach tone.

6. Make Up Your Eyes

When skiing, you want to wear makeup to protect your skin from harsh conditions but still retain your natural appearance.

For this reason, you don’t want to put lots of makeup on your eyes.

Instead, a high-quality mascara will define your eyelashes, and eyebrow gel should do a great job preventing your eyebrows from getting messy with the wind and snow.

7. Finish With Bold Lips

A powerful pout will surely turn heads as you wind your way down a steep slope.

That’s why you need to use lipstick or lip balm that will last you all day.

Whatever you choose to apply on your lips, it should continue the line of naturalness and keep your lips from getting dry due to the cold.

Applying makeup before you go to ski doesn’t need to be complicated.

No matter what makeup products you are applying, the best course for beauty remains the same: plan ahead and pack high-performance essentials going on your skiing holiday.

Importantly, remember to use waterproof makeup products. This will help ensure that your makeup stays where you want it to be, even with the harshest conditions.

You may also want to polish your nails.

Should You Wear Fake Eyelashes?

We all know that fake eyelashes reduce the impact on natural eyelashes while elevating the wearer’s look. But are they any good for skiers?

All Olympians agree that there is one no-no makeup: Fake eyelashes. Although you will want to look good and turn heads when skiing, you don’t want anything to distract you or obstruct your vision at any given time.

That is a simple answer to tell you that, no matter your love for makeup, you should never attempt wearing fake eyelashes when going on your skiing holiday.

Two Makeup Tips For Skiers

Unpleasant winter conditions – wind, snow, and sleet – can cause your makeup to smudge on its own.

Here are tips to ensure that will help you to get and preserve your natural look all day.

1. Waterproof Everything

Winter comes with inclement weather conditions, including snow, heavy fog, hail, sleet, and rain.

When skiing, you are also likely to sweat, which along with the inclement conditions, can wreak havoc on your makeup.

Waterproofing your entire face makeup or simply using makeup products (base, concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and lipstick/lip balm) prevents unwanted smudges.

2. Use Creams, Not Powders

The cold winter can leave you with dry, itchy skin or patches.

To address the problem of dryness, it is advisable that you apply cream products that will give your face the most desired glow and radiance.

Although applying powders during winter is strongly recommended, skipping them when skiing is a good idea because sweat can make powders clump and settle strangely.


Winter comes with inclement weather conditions, which can leave you with itching and dry patches.

Whether you are competing or skiing for fun, you want to make sure that you look gorgeous from the beginning to the time you will be back for dinner.

Applying makeup will give you a stunning look and also keep your skin hydrated all day.


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