Is It (REALLY) OK To Mix And Match Golf Clubs? (It Depends)

There are so many different golf club brands each providing something different to the players like size, length-weight, and type of handle or grip.

Some people prefer maintaining the same brand of clubs, while others prefer mixing up different brands and we are going to see the impact of each.

So, Is It OK To Mix And Match Golf Clubs?

Before answering this question, there are some things that you will need to understand.

First of all, as a golfer, you will be using the same hands to play all through as you can never change the size and length of your hands.

For that reason, you will probably want to find a golf club that perfectly suit your hands for the perfect swing.

However, some players are comfortable using different brands for playing different holes.

For example, a golfer can decide to have a driver from brand ‘A’, a 3 wood from brand ‘B’, and maybe PW irons from brand ‘C’.

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While it works for them, it may not work for all golfers, especially those who cannot adjust to the different variations.

Therefore, the direct answer to the question at hand is both yes and no. It is however not guaranteed that your performance will be perfect when playing different holes with the same brand golf club. In addition to that, you can decide to mix golf clubs after conduction of a lot of tests.

What Should One Expect With Different Golf Club Brands?

As stated in the introduction, golf brands offer different features with their clubs.

If you decide to mix up the brands, then it should be done according to how they impact your performance.

You may have better swings with a hybrid from brand ‘A’ but not with one from brand ‘B’.

On the same note, a driver from brand ‘A’ may not work for you while one from ‘B’ may work just perfect.

If that is your case then you have all the right reasons to mix up the club brands. Some golfers have unsuccessfully tried mixing brands for reasons that we are going to look at next.

Is It Better To Maintain One Brand For Your Golf Clubs?

It all depends on what works for you.

However, most professionals prefer having the same brand of golf clubs for all their 14 clubs.

That is because of factors like weight, length, and comfort when handling.

A golf club brand will always want to maintain a certain feature across all its products and that that is what can make a golfer prefer a particular brand for all their clubs.

Some so many golfers have spent money in the name of trying out new golf club brands only to end up back to their initial brands.

It can be said that such golfers are loyal to a particular brand because it offers exactly what they need for a perfect swing.

Some golf club brands have different versions of their products.

For example, a brand may decide to produce more than one kind of PW irons where one is lighter and the other one a little weighty.

Typically, someone who is loyal to the brand will want to test both clubs but at the end of the day, only one will be their favorite and it does not have to be the new version.

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When Is It The Right Time To Change Your Golf Clubs?

Before diving deep into answering this question, you should know that there are two main reasons why you can change your golf clubs.

  • The first one can be because you have had your current clubs for too long
  • or, you have decided to try out a new brand after doing your research.

The best way to research golf clubs is by conducting a playtest so that you can get the real feeling and results rather than read about it online.

However, unless you are switching up the brands to improve your performance then there is no reason to make the switch at all.

Some people decide to change their clubs after a series of poor performances even though they have tried to do every other thing correctly.

This can go two ways in that, they can find a better brand for them or, they can end up getting back to their initial brand after failing to find a better solution.

How Do You Know Which Golf Club Brand Is The Best For


One of the best ways to settle on a golf club that is perfect for your kind of swinging technique is by trying out the options that are out there.

This is not easy work because there are so many brands and you are probably going to find something that works for you before you can get to try them all.

You can however make your search much easier by starting your search online.

You can also consider your physical appearance like if you have small hands, you will want to start your search by looking for the best golf clubs for people with small hands. The same applies if you are short or tall.

That way, you will avoid having to spend a lot of money and time in the name of looking for your ideal type of golf club.

Are There Any Risks In Buying Golf Clubs?

Of course, there is a risk that comes with buying golf clubs because unscrupulous people are flooding the market with counterfeits.

This is a good reason why you should not attempt to buy a golf club online especially if you are not sure about the authenticity of the seller.

The good news is, some gold club manufacturers sell these items directly from their websites and you can easily order an original brand without any worries.

Another risk that comes with buying golf clubs is not knowing how to inspect and make the right decision.

It is recommended that before buying a golf club, one tests its condition like grip, condition of shaft, and hosel.

This is especially if you decide to go for used golf clubs since they tend to cost much less than new ones.

What If You Install The Same Grip On Different Golf Club Brands?

Grip is one of the most important factors when it comes to performance at the golf course.

As already stated, golf clubs have different grip sizes and feel.

To some golfers, the perfect grip is the most vital than other features of the golf stick like weight and size which don’t influence their performance.

If you are such a golfer, then you can be safe using different golf club brands but with the same kind of grip.

It is however important to know that adjusting the grip handles of your golf clubs can have an impact on their general.

Usually, the clubs are designed to have a certain balance that is also influenced by the handles.

It is therefore important to consider the weight distribution factor if you need to replace the handles of your golf clubs to suit your preference. You will need to have the grip installed by an expert unless you want your club flying off after every swing which can be hazardous.

What If I Cannot Afford Different Brands For Testing?

You don’t need to buy every golf club out there so that you can find the best brand for you.

One of the cheapest ways of testing different golf club brands is by trying out what other golfers are using.

This is a very common thing in golf courses where golfers share and trade golf clubs in the name of testing and finding out if they should consider jumping to another brand.

Some golf courses allow golfers without golf clubs to hire clubs. I

f you know the brands that you wish to experiment with, you can always hire accordingly.

If you are willing to spend some small cash for your research then you can consider buying used golf clubs within your brand preferences that are in good condition as some golfers buy golf clubs and use them for a very short time before deciding that it is not what they needed.

Is A Golf Club All About The Shaft?

No. Although many people put a lot of focus on the shaft and grip when getting a golf club, it is important to understand that the head also plays a major role in determining your performance.

Golf club brands will always have the perfect head to go with but it is important to know that the head also determines performance.


In this write up, we have highlighted all that it is to know as far as using different golf club brands is concerned.

With what you already know, you can easily find the best brands and even make a few adjustments so that you can make more holes.

Other than having the right club, you should consider getting the right accessories so that you can have a more enjoyable session at the golf course.

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