Does It Make Sense to Have Multiple Golf Club Sets?

There are thousands of debates about how many golf clubs sets one should have.

Some swear by owning fewer than the 14-club-set limit is good for fun, challenge, and skill development, while others dispute this argument.

Either way, the primary goal is to shoot a better score than the course.

Hence, Does It Make Sense to Have Multiple Golf Club Sets?

Yes! It does. It would be best to have multiple golf club sets to give you an easier time making spins and directing the golf ball into the hole. Ideally, multiple golf club sets propel the ball to different distances. Whether playing golf for fun or competing with top golfers, having more than one golf club set is acceptable. Going by the United States Golf Association standards, golfers can have at least 14 club sets in their bag. It depends on how they navigate spins and fill holes using the 14 clubs they’re carrying.

What’s The Rationale Behind Having Multiple Golf Club Sets?

Tiger Woods, the American and legendary golf professional, swears by carrying multiple golf club sets.

The 14-set golf clubs sets include:

  •  A putter
  •  A lob wedge
  •  A gap wedge
  •  A driver
  •  3 wood
  •  5 wood
  •  4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 iron pitching and sand wedge
  •  Two extra wedges

The golfer’s professional experience influences their efficiency in filling distance gaps with shafts and clubheads, among other requirements.

You already know that a golf course has up to 18 holes and is 6500 yards long.

The golf course runs for four hours, so the clubhouse bar doesn’t apply, though it’s highly recommended.

Going par means you make up to 72 shots, and the puts aren’t an exception.

Navigating up to 17 over par or 89 shots is necessary as a professional golfer.

That means you have a 17-handicap shot.

Unlike other sports, a handicap in golf allows you to have a competitive match with your opponent.

It’s not like football, where the number of touchdowns dictates who the winner is.

Instead, it’s more like rewarding a golfer with an average playing skill.

They are declared the winner regardless of the number of spins both golfers make.

How Each Golf Club Influences Your Golfing Style

1. The Woods

Woods are rounded-bodied large, headed clubs for hitting long shots.

The idea is to allow golfers to use a wooden tool to strike a tee, provided the golf hole from the tee to the green is 450 yards.

That means if you hit the tee 170 yards or less, it’s highly unlikely that you will hit the long shots.

The driver represents the one wood in the golfing world which produces the least-performing loft in any golf course.

The loft is the club’s direction that influences the route and distance.

That means a golfer should aim at an angle between seven and twelve degrees.

The Tiger Woods of golf only require less than that bracket due to their skills and experience.

Professional golfers recently used low-lofted drivers because they were the only ones available.

Today, they’ve shifted to loft drivers shooting more than 11 degrees.

They argue that drivers with longer heads don’t impose higher spins, making their work easier.

In the mid-1990s, the highest a loft club could spin at was about seven degrees, making it tricky to make accurate shots because all the balls did was spin a lot.

Inventors had to step in to develop loft clubs with bigger heads to make professional golfer’s work easier.

The current ultra-modern lofts guarantee a higher launch angle.

As a result, professional golfers have three to five woods in their bags to achieve between 15-18 degrees and 20-22 degrees.

2. The Hybrids

Recent developments reveal that hybrids ooze a mixture of iron length shaft and fairway wood head design.

It is no surprise that they are rated one of the most difficult long irons to hit.

Most professional golfers can swear that they are robust, and not even lightning can prove otherwise.

The rationale is to help you understand the perks of having long irons in your bag.

Hybrids are the best alternatives to 3 and 4 irons because of their distance.

While you might get tempted to choose a hybrid number because the manufacturer maintains that they match the iron number, they might not help much if they don’t correspond with the distance.

Be on the safer side by going for the hybrid with an outperforming loft.

3. Putters

A putter is the golf club you use to shove the ball into a hole once you hit your 250-yard slam into the center of the fairway.

The golf club allows you to hit your second shot at least 750 yards where the sand trap is. Once you’ve done that, wedge onto the green.

Also, it has many designs from long, belly, heel-toe to mallet.

4. Wedges

Dubbed pitching wedges, wedges involve special irons 46-48 degrees in the loft.

They also come in different degrees, between 48- and 64-degree lofts. You can find them in titles such as the lob wedge, sand wedge, high-lob, or approach wedge.

You can approach your wedge-selling dealer while asking for a blade club. The more blade your wedges have, the easier your shot control and shaping.

5. Irons

Being 200 yards away from the green means you need more irons.

Currently, a regular set of iron includes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 irons.

The pitching wedge also makes the set complete.

If you’re a female golfer spending time engaging in the sport for fitness or pleasure, it would be best to invest in the customized standard golf set with 7 and 9 woods.

The set is a perfect alternative to the 3 and 4 iron, which are daunting to hit.

 The sooner you invest in woods with higher lofts (7 and 9 wood), the simpler it will be hitting a 3 and 4 iron, resulting in the best distances.

Pro Tips For Buying Multiple Golf Clubs Sets

  • Make sure the professional fitter customizes the clubs to meet your swing needs and tendencies.
  • Check with your golf course to determine if each hole suits your golfing needs after purchasing the custom clubs.
  • Getting one custom set is budget-friendlier than getting a wide range of assorted products in the long run.
  • Check if one club category boosts your skills before investing in a complete set from whoever customizes it for you.
  • Avoid renting your golfing gears. Instead, get them from a certified filler who relies on the latest technology to custom fit your clubs, helping you improve your clubhead spin rate, launch angle, and speed hence bolstering the ball’s velocity.


After decades of debates in the golf club, it’s clear that being a golfing professional requires multiple club sets to perform exceptionally.

Going back on the green has always been every golfing enthusiast, making it impractical to own fewer sets.

To conclude, you need all 14 club sets in your bag to get a better swing, put the ball down the hole, and have peace of mind knowing they made the wisest decision.