Does It Make Sense for A Single Person to Own Multiple Video Game Consoles?

Today, gaming consoles are popular throughout the world.

New platforms and gaming consoles are launched every month, with some gamers rolling in newer versions of the gaming consoles to stay up to date with the market.

However, you might be wondering if it makes sense for someone to own multiple video game consoles.

So, Does It Make Sense for A Single Person to Own Multiple Video Game Consoles?

Yes, it makes sense. By owning multiple video game consoles, including; Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, and other previous generation counterparts, all that have a fair amount of exclusive content will give you access to everything and appreciate all that is available to you. This makes perfect sense.

Having multiple video game consoles allows you to play a wide range of games regardless of exclusiveness and publisher.

But at the same time, there is a counter-argument that owning a system for just one or two games is insane.

However, if you play just as many old school games as modern ones hence convenient to have multiple old consoles lying around.

Two Factors To Consider If You Own Multiple Video Game Consoles

1. Money

Money is one of the significant drawbacks because the games are not cheap.

With most games going for $59.99, by splitting this cost across two or more systems, the cost adds up.

This applies to purchasing multiple games for a single system, but we are looking at several gaming consoles that can triple the amount spent.

While it’s true that you won’t be missing out on exclusive titles, particularly on the ‘Must Plays’ but at some point can strain your pocket or break the bank.

If you are an enthusiast of games spread across multiple systems and the ones you want to play, your wallet will suffer.

2. Time

Also, playing several games on multiple gaming consoles can detract the amount of time you should devote to a single gaming platform or another.

It won’t be easy to devote a significant amount of time to each gaming platform unless you are retired, are jobless, well off, or have a sugar daddy or momma.

There is a high probability of getting attached to a particular console and forgetting the rest.

You are probably laughing, saying this will never occur to you because there is a high probability that it might.

Four Things To Do With Your Old Gaming Console

With the ushering of the new generation consoles, including Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X and S, you may no longer have much use for the old console, especially with the backward compatibility.

Thus, what can you do with an older console?

1. Use It As A Media Center

Gaming consoles, including; Playstation 4, Xbox One, and older consoles like the Wii U and Xbox 360, have applications for accessing the main streaming services.

The streaming services include; Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, and Disney+.

PlayStation 4 can play the regular DVDs and regular HD Blu-Rays, while the Xbox One can handle the 4K discs in a high dynamic range.

Also, both the consoles can play USB drive files with Xbox One supporting x265 HEVC files.

All you require is a monitor or television to plug the old console into and a place to put it.

2. Better Multiplayer Options

Although the next generation gaming consoles are already here, your old consoles should still work fine for a couple of more years.

If more than one gamer is in the household, two consoles can help maintain the peace.

Playing with friends is also often more enjoyable than playing alone too.

Possessing more than one gaming console means several players can play together, each with their platform.

Many multiplayer experiences can benefit you, including competitive online play, co-op campaigns, and survival sandbox games.

3. Game Streaming

Being one of the major gaming console manufacturers, Microsoft features an Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service, even if it can only stream to Android machines.

Thus, it’s impossible to stream games to old consoles.

On the contrary, Sony has a game streaming service that lets you stream games from the local net to your console without being constrained by hardware.

This service is available on older PS2, PS3, and modern PS4 titles.

4. Donate Them

An extra thing you can do with your older console is donated it to your family members, friends, or benevolent organizations.

These organizations can include domestic violence shelters, children’s hospitals, etc.

Donating your old console will also awaken your passion for video games in someone that has never been with the controller before.

Benefits Of Engaging in Video Gaming

Exciting, complex, and ambitious, video games have come from far since the arcade headings of the mid-1900s.

Whether you own a single or numerous gaming consoles, video gaming comes with several benefits. These include;

1. Decrease Stress

While some games are said to induce stress, especially when you can’t pass a certain level, the opposite is true.

According to a research study that tracked players for more than six months while measuring the heart rate, certain video games decreased the adrenaline response by more than fifty percent.

2. They Help To Curb Cravings

Players preoccupied with overindulgence in smoking, overeating, or drinking may be best served by spending the time on the controller instead.

Research studies revealed a twenty-four percent reduction in their negative addiction after engaging in video games.

3. They Help To Enhance Your Decision Making

We are probably on the same page in that someone who seems to have a quicker CPU than the rest of us can produce data or react in less than a second.

For some, this ability may be strengthened via gaming.

With new information being displayed constantly during play, gamers are forced to adapt, enhancing their decision-making skills quickly.

4. They Help To Make New Social Connections

While gamers are often stigmatized as insulated, the opposite is true.

The emergence of multiplayer online experiences has given way to a new form of socialization.

Studies show that video games act as a catalyst for friends to come together in person, with about 70% of the gamers playing with friends at least once in a while.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, having multiple video game consoles makes sense, and the more, the better.

In the end, because the gaming needs vary from one person king to another, we will sign off with a question on how many systems are too many and does it make sense to own more than one system?