Should You Buy New Luggage For Your Road Trip? (FIVE CONSIDERATIONS!)

With Covid-19 travel restrictions starting to ease, embarking on a good road trip and whetting explorer appetites is what thousands of people are meditating for every moment.

According to Travel Market Report, we all love traveling because we want to enjoy complete anonymity in new territories and create unforgettable experiences.

But as much as we’d love to embrace the spirit of adventure, road trips would be much better and much easier with the right luggage.

So, Should You Buy New Luggage For Your Road Trip Or Vacation?

Perhaps you were planning on using your suitcase or other luggage bags, and you were uncertain if it was suitable for your trip. But, for the safety and easy portability of your items, investing in new luggage is necessary.

Three Reasons Why You Should Purchase New Luggage Before A Road Trip

Buying a new one may be unnecessary if you already own luggage.

But if you are pretty uncertain about your luggage, here is what will help you decide whether you’re better off purchasing another one than using what you already have.

  1. If you own a piece of luggage that is either too heavy, too big, or too small for your needs, consider replacing it.
  2. If your luggage is mistaken for someone else, not once but several times, it will do you good if you purchase another luggage to avoid such inconveniences.
  3. If you own a piece of old luggage that is beyond repair, it would be better to consider buying a new one.

If you have scuffed or dirty luggage that suits your road trip needs, all you need to do is wipe it well with a clean and moist cloth and use it for the trip.

Five Luggage Shopping Considerations

When buying a piece of luggage, utility is essential.

Considering if the trip is long or short, the primary purpose of the luggage and the amount of time spent on the trip will help you decide which type of luggage will suit your needs.

When purchasing the luggage, consider the following.

1. Size

As much as more oversized luggage holds more items, they grow heavier, hence, strenuous to travel with because it will be a lug in the crowds.

2. Weight

Even though heavier is considered sturdier, heavy luggage will add another burden on top of what your items hold.

3. Locks

Purchasing a piece of luggage with locks is purposive because it can deter theft in hotel rooms and other places, guaranteeing the luggage’s safety.

4. Convenient Features

Luggage possessing quality wheels, pockets, handles, dividers, and zippers are worth purchasing.

5. Cost

Higher prices reflect better quality, but let this not lure you into purchasing a piece of luggage that your budget wouldn’t handle.

Other factors such as colors are considered auxiliary, though it would be fun to travel with a luggage bag with unique colors, especially that which excites you.

Also, checking the reviews before buying is crucial if purchasing a piece of luggage through online stores.

The Four Types of Road Trip Travel Luggage

1. Hard Side Luggage

This luggage is made of metal or plastic materials that hold their shape rightly to encase your belongings.

They are preferred when parking breaking items or expensive items because their complex shell cases offer better security.


  • The safety of your belongings is guaranteed
  • Hard side luggage is weather resistant. The cases are waterproof, thus protecting your belongings from rain and moisture.
  • The hard side luggage is easy to clean.
  • Hard cases also have many organization options and allow you to arrange your belongings in whatever way you want.


  • Flexibility is not its forte
  • The surface of the luggage can be dented easily
  • Items in the hard shell are not easily accessible unless you entirely open the luggage.

2. Soft Side Luggage

These are luggage made of fabrics, usually woven or nylon.

They include ballistic, Cordura, or ripstop, which have a flexible exterior with some form of rigidity to give the suitcase its shape. It is made available in both two-wheeled and four-wheeled models.


  • It is flexible and gives you wiggle room to pack more than you had planned.
  • Some have external pockets where you can store easily accessible belongings.
  • Soft side luggage is resilient; it can be tossed and squeezed yet come perfectly fine without damage.


  • They are susceptible to water absorption, making your belongings moist and damp.
  • They are prone to theft issues since one can access your belongings easily

3. Rolling Spinner Luggage

It is a piece of luggage that stands upright on four wheels. It is among the highest-rated luggage on the market.

The rolling spinner luggage maneuvers smoother hence making the suitcase easy to push.

4. Duffel Bags

These are large bags that are cylindrical and closed at the top with a zipper or drawstring.

As per Floto, Duffel Bags are usually the most preferred lightweight luggage by many road trip travelers.

Suitcase Sizing Guide

We now know that the size of your luggage is an essential consideration for your road trip. Here are the sizes of luggage you’ll find in the market;

1. 18-20″ International Luggage

This is not necessarily for road trips. It is commonly used in European airlines because of its strict rules.

2. 21-22″ Domestic luggage

It is the most popular and perfect size of carry-on luggage that you can use when traveling anywhere in the world.

3. 23-24″ Medium Checked

The size is suitable for travelers needing extra room in their luggage.

4. 25-27″ Large Checked

The most popular and perfect luggage size is ideally used for two people.

For instance, if you are traveling with your family member or partner, you can easily fit all your belongings into one of these large checked suitcases.

5. 28-32″ Extra Large Checked

It is a massive suitcase with a big capacity. This luggage is not perfect for travel because it might exceed the size and weight restrictions.

How to Choose the Right Travel Bag

Since you are knowledgeable about the different types of luggage bags available, here are a few tips to help you choose the right luggage bag for your road trip

1. Trip Type

Whether it is an adventure break, a city break, or a vacation, the trip you embark on dramatically impacts the type of luggage you’ll need.

2. Duration

If it is a weekend trip, you may fit everything into a piece of lightweight carry-on luggage. A piece of rolling luggage will do if it is a more extended adventure.

3. Activities

If you are a fan of taking photographs and are planning to take lots of them, you’ll probably need big luggage to fit your camera gear.

If you love walking, then consider having lightweight luggage.

Bottom Line

Once you have decided to acquire new luggage, factors such as size, cost, and the type of luggage are primarily considered.

Always go for trusted luggage to spare you the gut feeling that your belongings aren’t safe. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the right and trusted luggage.