Is It Selfish for A New Parent to Pursue a New Hobby?

Many people make their babies a priority after having them.

But, while your child comes first, you shouldn’t miss other aspects of life.

Participating in your passions and interests is essential as it can make you a better person and help to also release some stress.

Find out which hobbies new parents can pursue in this guide.

So, Is It Selfish for A New Parent to Pursue a New Hobby?

Caring for a child demands too much time and effort. As such, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the needs of a newborn. It may feel like you don’t have free time to participate in a hobby or don’t have the energy. But, we would like to assure you that pursuing your interest as a new parent is not selfish. In fact, doing that makes you happier and better in parenthood.

Why Is A Hobby Important to a New Parent?

Postpartum depression is a real issue affecting many women worldwide.

Besides that, many parents often experience anxiety, wondering if they are doing things right.

Having a hobby is crucial as it can help you get through the feelings of anxiety and depression.

Several studies suggest that we are happier when we have time to do the things that interest us.

So, if you participate in an activity that brings enjoyment and joy, like your hobby, you’ll feel happier, satisfied, and content.

As much as you can be passionate about caring for your child, you also have other passions you need to explore.

How Can You Pursue Your Hobby While Caring for a Newborn?

As mentioned, it’s not going to be easy to balance the two. But with some effort and commitment, you’ll get there.

1. Manage Your Time Well

You probably don’t have much to do when your child is sleeping.

You can thus use this time to sew, read a book or pursue any other hobby.

Please remember that you need to make space for yourself in this busy world.

Men create this space in the garage or garden shade to escape babies’ shouting, excitement, and screaming.

While it can be challenging for mums, it’s not impossible. You can create an optimal space where you escape to carry out your hobbies.

2. Let Go of the Guilt Feeling

Feeling guilty is normal when you spend time away from your children to do something you like.

But please remember that engaging in a hobby makes you a better parent.

Doing what you love makes you happy and content; ultimately, these positive feelings will reflect in your parenting.

You are not neglecting your children by pursuing your hobbies.

Of course, as a parent, your children are your priority. But some time away from them to do your hobby will not harm.

3. Take a Class

You must be wondering how this can be done with a newborn. However, it is doable.

Nowadays, there are many forms of learning, and individuals are not restricted to physical learning.

You can consider online classes for the hobbies that you love or hire a private teacher who will teach you from your home.

Remember you don’t have to spend much time learning your new hobby.

One hour of practicing it every other day while your child sleeps can be all you need. This ensures that you aren’t far away from them and still develop yourself.

4. Find a Hobby Buddy

It’s normal for someone to start something and feel unmotivated after a couple of days of doing it. That is why a hobby buddy is essential.

If you know someone in a similar situation who shares the same hobbies, you can make them your hobby buddy to help you remain motivated.

When you feel too lazy to do your hobby and want to lay down staring at the TV at night, the thought of letting down your hobby buddy will not allow you to.

Which Hobbies Are Suitable for a New Parent?

Now, since your child cannot go out yet and you don’t want to be far away from them, the best hobbies are those you can do from the comfort of your home.

So, some activities like hiking, camping, and wildlife photography are best avoided at this time. Here are five hobbies to explore as a new mom.

1. Meditation

Having a baby is fun and exciting. But it can be stressful, and your mental health may be severely affected if you are not in control.

Meditation allows you to unwind and relax your brain. It’s perfect for new moms because it’s easy and doesn’t require much time.

If you don’t know how to do it, you can use guided meditation apps to help you.

Or you can sit in a quiet room and take several deep breaths before you return to caring for your baby.

2. Gardening

Gardening helps you get closer to mother nature. You can plant succulent plants or grow fruits and vegetables.

The best thing about gardening is that you don’t have to have a huge yard space as you can do it in containers. It is a form of therapy suitable for your mental health.

Plus, gardening your food helps you save money and ensures that you eat fresh produce.

3. Journaling

You’ll be surprised by how happy and light you’ll feel by writing down your feelings and happenings around you.

Sparing some minutes to write about your day or thoughts can help relieve stress and anxiety. Ultimately, you will love parenting and have a better sleep.

4. Learn a New Language

There are several online places where you can teach yourself a new language.

So whether you’ve always desired to speak French, German, Swahili, or any other language, you can easily do so online.

5. Photography

Every parent loves to take pictures of their newborns.

So much so, you can make it into a hobby.

You can take beautiful photos of your child, edit them and post them (if you’re comfortable) online.

You’d be surprised to make money from this simple hobby.

You can also photograph other things around your home like your appliances, living room arrangement, etc.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, having a hobby is important.

But, when starting, it’s wise not to overdo it.

We understand that you desire to get back to your previous self before having a baby.

However, this needs time, and you may not be ready to leave your child even for an hour while they sleep.

The most important thing is to start slow and not give up.