Is It Pretentious to Wear Nonprescription Glasses for Fashion?

For a long time, spectacles have been worn only by people with eye conditions.

But, recently, the world has seen a spike of individuals wearing them purely for fashion.

As such, the eyewear market has significantly increased over the years. But should you be using glasses as an accessory?

So, Is It Pretentious to Wear Nonprescription Glasses for Fashion?

It’s not pretentious to wear glasses for fashion purposes. In fact, these accessories can be used as a fashion statement. They can express your style and help highlight your outfit of the day. Several reasons may make wearing fashion glasses a great idea. So even if you don’t have a vision problem, you could still invest in a pair of glasses.

Why Would You Wear Glasses for Fashion Only?

1. Confidence Boost

The saying that eyes are the windows to your soul has never been more accurate.

First contact with other people plays a significant role in how they perceive you.

That is why you should ensure that your eyes create a great first impression and show confidence when entering a room.

Of course, your natural eyes can still showcase all these features. But if you want to emphasize them, try wearing a pair of glasses.

A fantastic pair of frames can draw people’s attention to your eyes and greatly complement your outfit.

You can choose bright colored or patterned frames to make the color pop out.

Or, if you are going for a studious look, consider a thin round metal rim or a clear square pair that will bring out your eye color.

2. It’s a Trend

Nowadays, eyeglasses have been incorporated in several latest looks. Even celebrities are complementing their styles with a pair of this eyewear.

People now use spectacles to make a fashion statement. The glasses you choose can tell the world more about your personality and fashion preference.

You can see more people wearing glasses on the streets and at fashion events. So, this isn’t something that will end soon.

3. Some Glasses Combine Fashion and Function

Many of us spend considerable time looking at a phone, computer, or TV screen.

The impact of this is that it leaves us with headaches, dry eyes, trouble sleeping, and other long-term damage.

Remember that these devices produce blue rays, which have adverse effects.

Thankfully, the market has several blue light glasses that protect your eyes from the rays from your screen.

Therefore, you can add fashionable glasses to your routine even if you follow all other tips to reduce digital eye strain.

These glasses prevent eye stress caused by checking your phones frequently or working on a laptop.

Plus, they are affordable, and you don’t need a prescription for them.

4. A Wide Range of Variety

Prescription glasses don’t come in a range of styles.

Therefore, wearers do not have the freedom to choose their preferred design.

However, when non-prescription spectacles entered the market, they expanded the possibilities for wearers.

You can quickly get your favorite design from online and high street stores.

There are many frames and lenses to choose from. So, whether you are short-sighted, long-sighted, or want glasses for reading, driving, or everyday use, you can quickly get them.

5. Highlight Your Best Features

The glasses you wear should match your face. You need to look for a comfortable and versatile pair that brings out your facial features.

When buying spectacles, consider the opposite. For example, if you have a round face, the best pair is square or rectangular, while people with angular faces can look good in round-shaped frames.

Some glasses can make you appear younger. For instance, the cat-eye style makes your cheekbones look elevated and lifts the face.

Also, you can brighten your eyes and skin tone by opting for bright-colored frames.

6. They Are Affordable

You can buy several high-quality frames at a lower price.

Many sellers have been forced to lower their prices due to stiff competition. So this is a win for consumers.

7. Expresses Your Personality

Personality and fashion styles can change with time.

For this reason, it’s essential that we own different accessories that make your everyday outfits look beautiful.

Although we often wear eyeglasses as an accessory, sometimes we need them as a necessity.

Depending on the overall mood, you may have to wear two pairs on the same day. If you don’t find glasses important, you may not see them as a viable accessory.

But if you want to create different looks and personalities, they can be helpful.

For instance, opt for a tortoise frame if you want to look mysterious but friendly.

On the other hand, if you want to be perceived as a super fashionable person, look for colored lenses that let your eyes pop.

Eyeglasses come in different colors, sizes, styles and materials. Therefore, you can buy different pairs to create different looks depending on the day.

What Do People Think of You When You Wear Glasses?

In the past, it was rare to meet people wearing glasses.

So most individuals thought of them as smart. However, these days, eyeglasses are common.

It’s normal to see celebrities appearing on TV or on film with tortoiseshell squares or any other frame types over their eyes.

Well, we mostly think of this as a fashion statement and often are left wowed with how they look.

Also, eyeglasses are being used to create a persona’s character.

So, movies are using them to tell views about the traits of a character in question.

For example, in the tv show Criminal Minds, Penelope is wearing brightly colored frames that are different in every episode.

But other than the TV and film world, generally, society perceives people are wearing glasses as intelligent.

But, the only problem is how intelligent one looks is measured by the cost of looking less attractive. Eyeglasses can also make a person look honest, sophisticated, industrious and dependable.

The surprising thing, however, is that people seem not to be impressed by men wearing glasses.

Some reports indicate that they may create the impression that they aren’t strong and lack leadership. Wearing glasses can also make a person look socially awkward.

Another message that society deduces from wearing glasses is social class. People wearing spectacles are considered to belong to a higher social class than those who don’t.

But, this depends on the type of glasses in question. Remember that spectacles come in different sizes and shapes. Some have rims with varying thickness, while others are circles, ovals, squares and other shapes.

This wide availability allows wearers to choose what they feel is suitable for them and helps them create a different perception to onlookers.

What Other Reasons to Wear Glasses?

As we all know, eyeglasses have mainly been worn by people with vision problems.

But as we have seen, individuals are now using them to make a fashion statement. A pair of spectacles can make you look stylish and gorgeous and be part of your signature style.

But besides poor vision and fashion, you may also want to wear spectacles to protect your eyes.

Well, the most common route that people choose is sunglasses.

However, not all sunglasses offer optimal protection.

If wearing spectacles to protect your eyes, ensure that you choose a pair rated UV400 and higher.

This will help block out 99.9% of UV rays. Also, choose a polarized pair to reduce glare.