Are Online Golf Lessons Worth It? CAN You REALLY Improve?

There are many reasons you might consider signing up for online golf lessons instead of hitting the green.

Maybe the steep rates that come with a professional one-on-one class don’t fit your budget, or you don’t have access to a golf club.

Or, perhaps the global pandemic has forced you to remain indoors.

Whatever the reason, you are not the first person to consider learning golf online.

(SHORT ANSWER) Are Online Golf Lessons Worth Paying for?

Online golf lessons are certainly very convenient for people who do not have access to a personal coach. The content is by large created by pros and seasoned instructors and provided in a form that you can consume from almost anywhere in the world.

That said, online classes are not for everyone. Read on to find out everything you should know before you opt for them.

Can You Learn to Play Golf Online?

Due to recent developments in technology, there is no shortage of things you can do online.

You can pay your bills, buy food, sell your car, sit for an exam, and yes, you can learn golf.

Some of the approaches you can employ to achieve the latter goal include:

1. YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are an excellent place to start when looking for online golf lessons.

This is because they provide you with millions of hours of free instruction videos, from which you will both learn key skills and enjoy your learning experience.

You also get to choose the pace at which you learn.

If you are unsure of where to start, here are some big names in the game:

Ø Rick Shiels – channel 

Ø Chris Ryan channel 

Ø Me and My Golf channel 

2. Golfing Blogs

If you prefer to learn by reading, you can also opt for the thousands of golfing blogs available.

With golfing blogs, you are guaranteed free recommendations and tips, and limitless learning material.

Check out blogs like Golf Week, Hitting It Solid, and The Left Rough where you will find reliable advice and recommendations about the game.

3. Online Golf Lessons

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If you prefer a more formal approach, online golf lessons might be for you.

You have two options:

  • You can hire an online golf coach to help you work through any problems you might be having with your game.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase an online golf course with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials designed to take your game to the next level.

DIY Vs. One-on-One Online Golf Lessons

As mentioned in the previous section, you can learn online through step-by-step guides (DIY) or under the instruction of an instructor.

Both DIY and one-on-one online golf lessons are reliable ways to learn, so your choice depends on what type of golfer you are.

The following types of golfers would benefit from DIY lessons:

  • Mid-handicappers searching to round out lagging skills.
  • Golfers who prefer a comprehensive guide on the golf swing presented in an easy-to-understand format to watching hundreds of YouTube videos.
  • Beginners trying to develop their gaming fundamentals.

On the other hand, other types of golfers would benefit more from one-on-one digital online golf training lessons.

They include:

  • Players who have difficulties staying fully committed to a practice plan and could use the professional guidance of one-on-one coaching.
  • Individuals who struggle conceptualizing the golf swing and need someone professionally trained to walk them through each golf drill.
  • Advanced golfers who need the trained eye and the expertise of a professional to pinpoint small golf swing errors that are holding them back from taking their game to the next level.

Choosing an Online Golf Instructor

While most online golf instructors are professional instructors or pro golfers themselves, choosing the best teacher for you is not always a cut-and-dried decision.

You should consider some factors when looking for an instructor to ensure you get value for your money.

1. Instruction Style

In order to differentiate themselves from other teachers, most online golf instructors mainly offer their training services within a specific niche.

Some well-known niches include Beginners, Juniors, Seniors and Women.

Doing this is important because an instructor will need to focus on your possible weak areas to get the best results out of you.

For example, an instructor for senior golfers might focus on improving the learner’s clubhead speed and range.

At the same time, that of a junior player might dedicate more time to helping the learner master motor patterns that make a perfect strike.

Furthermore, some of the common areas golf coaches mainly focus on are power, short game, golf fitness and several other areas of the game.

This is nice because you will be able to choose an instructor who mainly specializes in the area of your game that is wanting.

2. Lesson Delivery

As mentioned earlier, there are golf players who prefer learning golf through video content while others through reading.

Regardless of the method you choose to go with, you should look out for other free resources from your golf instructor before buying anything.

For example, if they are selling a text course or eBook, check if they have a blog.

Doing this will help you determine whether your instructor’s golf teaching methods fit your learning styles.

3. Player Reviews

Nearly anyone can put together a website and some content and claim to be a seasoned golf instructor.

However, simply because someone is charging you money for an online golf training lesson does not mean they are offering good quality information.

You should, therefore, always go through player reviews about the instructor to learn how other learners found the experience.

4. Additional Resources

Not all online golf training lessons are created equal.

For example, some online golf programs offer follow-ups such as monthly swing analysis, email support, and regular calls to discuss your progress with the instructor.

If you are a player who often needs constant feedback, then this is an ideal choice for you.

Tip: Just as every golfer has their own preference when it comes to clubs, it is vital for you to choose an online golf instructor who fits your goals and learning style.

Four Benefits of Online Golf Lessons

Some of the reasons why online golf lessons are worth paying for include:

1. Comfortable Environment

In-person golf lessons can be very intimidating, especially for beginners.

Learners are more likely to be nervous during the class, trying not to disappoint the instructor or make a fool of themselves on the course.

Unfortunately, such an environment does not foster effective learning.

Students need to be in a calm and controlled environment so they can consume the instructions with much less stimuli and easily integrate them into their technique.

Online lessons make this possible.

2. Familiar Instructor Philosophy

Even though coaches come from the same coaching tree, each coach has their own unique teaching techniques.

Therefore, they tend to see and articulate things differently from each other.

An excellent instructor that doesn’t speak your language – if you will – can end up costing you time and money.

Simply put, the better you understand your coach’s teaching philosophy, the greater your chances of succeeding in adopting it.

3. Detailed Assessments

The most notable feature of online lessons is that instructors usually take their time before making an assessment of your skills.

You might be waiting for days before you hear from them.

While this might seem like a downside, it is actually a great benefit because, when you do finally receive your assessment, it will be considered, measured, concise, detailed, and helpful.

4. Zero Fluff

You may have had a training lesson with an instructor who spends most of the time talking about football, weather, or even their own game.

This behavior can be hard to beat on the course because it is a more social environment, and you might not want to come off as boring.

However, the truth is that all the chatter will cost you time and money.

Online golf lessons are effective because they eliminate the fluff – every class is designed to improve your golfing skills.

Are Online Golf Lessons Ideal for You?

You might probably wonder whether online golf lessons are worth it or if it would be much better to purchase a lesson package from your local club professional instead.

Well, it all depends on what your goals are.

For example, if the main reason behind you playing golf is to hang out with your friends or join a club, online golf lessons are certainly not meant for you.

However, if you are getting into golf to continue improving your golf skills, online golf lessons are probably ideal.

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In addition to resources like YouTube and blogs, online golf lessons are an excellent way for proactive players to improve their game.

After all, online lessons are an accepted practice these days in almost every field – so why not golf?

They get things done fast, professionally, and without all the fuss of physical contact.

That said, you should consider your reasons for playing golf before taking up online lessons.

If you’re doing it for the social aspect, online lessons might be a no-go.


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