Does It Make Sense to Own Multiple Cameras (For Photography Hobby)?

Today, photography has gained tremendous popularity, with more people taking it up as a hobby.

Like any other hobby, it can be expensive or as low as just a few hundred dollars depending on the quality of the equipment.

However, most people wonder whether it is worthwhile to have multiple cameras when doing photography as a hobby.

So, Does It Make Sense to Own Multiple Cameras?

While one camera is okay for beginners, it makes sense to own multiple cameras when doing photography as a hobby as long as you can afford it. One of the reasons it would make sense is that owning multiple cameras ensures you have sufficient backup if one breaks down. Cameras are pretty fragile. It would suck if your camera breaks while enjoying photography and you don’t have a backup.

You can also use multiple cameras to load different types of film, i.e., print film and fast film, or slower film to take care of various contingencies.

It will be quicker to take a different camera than changing a lens, depending on how you want to shoot.

Six Reasons To Own Multiple Cameras

There is a chance that you may face different scenarios such that a single camera might not be able to offer all the specifications that the situations actually require.

Generally, some of the reasons to own multiple cameras include;

1. Convenience

Each camera can have a different lens fitted, complimenting the other body.

Hence, you can conveniently switch from a 70–200 f2.8 to 24–70 f2.8 without swapping the lens.

Some people can change lenses quite quickly, but it is never quick enough.

It will be much more convenient just to put aside one camera and pick up the other camera-ready trapped to your body without the need of dismounting the lenses.

2. Back-Up

If you are on an important shoot, when a single body fails, and you have no extra camera, that will be a disaster.

Having multiple cameras will allow the shooting to go on even if one breaks down.

While having a different camera for backup is essential for pro photographers, it is still nice to have a backup camera as a photography hobbyist.

This will ensure you continue having fun even if one camera develops hitches.

3. Emotional Attachment

We all value our memories in life.

This is a valid reason to  own multiple cameras.

How can you sell that camera you used in taking pictures of your graduations and honeymoon?

Even after getting another camera, you will still keep the previous camera because of the valuable memories it represents.

4. Different Photography Conditions

This is probably the main reason why most individuals own multiple cameras.

You can use a walkabout camera for daily photography and a full brown system for those special assignments and occasions.

5. Image Cleanliness

Maintaining an image sensor dust-free is critical.

Unless you are doing your photography in a spotless room, you will risk getting moisture or dust on your sensor and lenses every time you change the lens.

This is particularly vital in outdoor shoots where the external elements can damage the sensitive parts of your camera.

6. Diverse Features

Different cameras come with different specialized features for shooting.

For instance, the Nikon’s D850 features a higher resolution, while the D5 has been optimized for low speed and light.

If the shutter release noise might be a problem, you can consider getting a micro four-third camera as it’s entirely silent because the DSLRs are relatively loud.

An additional reason to having multiple camera is limited wear and tear.

Having two cameras spreads out the usage limiting the likelihood of failure.

How Can You Get Started with Photography as A Hobby?

1. Get A Camera

The first step is obvious, start by getting a camera.

You can even begin to experiment with your built-in smartphone camera.

However, you can consider getting a budget camera for additional options.

Whatever way you take, you should be ready to have a lot of fun.

Paid options like courses and books will also be great for building on this knowledge and offer more detailed examples.

2. Gain Knowledge

To gain more knowledge about photography, you can start by going out and taking photos.

However, it is recommendable to have some sense of what you are doing.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do so. For beginners, there are virtually lots of educational photography content.

You can watch YouTube videos, read scholarly articles, and check online courses and books.

This will serve as a foundation of knowledge and starting point that makes practicing photography more efficient.

3. Practice

Now that you have a camera and basic knowledge level on taking photography, you can conveniently start practicing.

Photography is a low-stress hobby.

While you can make it a career such as wedding photography, which makes it a bit challenging, your practice should be accompanied by lots of smiling and joy when just starting as a hobby.

The best way to practice is picking a photography subject that you like, such as people’s portraits, nature, and landscapes or abstract photo art, and start taking pictures.

You will get to enjoy the art as a way of articulating yourself.

As we have come to experience, you can apply photography as a profoundly personal thing to link with other individuals who share similar interests.

Bottom Line

Photography is a worthwhile and great hobby accessible for almost anyone.

Ultimately, it makes sense to own multiple cameras when pursuing photography as a hobby.

Most photographers have multiple cameras, so it’s helpful to have a backup camera as they often do different things.

It is the same thing as owning a motorcycle, a car, and an RV for similar reasons.


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