Is It Ok to Use Paper Plates and Plastic Cutlery for Holiday Meals?

Hosting a holiday dinner is a fantastic experience.

But planning on what and how your guests will eat is anything but easy.

Of course, food and its preparation are important on this day.

But, just as crucial are the cutlery to use. They can make or break the celebration.

So, Is It Ok to Use Paper Plates and Plastic Cutlery for Holiday Meals?

Unfortunately, yes, it is. Many people use these cutlery types when hosting a special holiday meal to make their work easier. However, hating dishes should not be the reason to use paper plates and plastic cutlery.

These cutlery types are loved as they are disposable. So, once your guests are done, you can throw them instead of going through the hassle of washing them. But, as it turns out, using them might disrespect the meal.

Why SHOULDN’T You Utilize Paper Plates and Plastic Cutlery During Holiday Meals?

Paper plates may be convenient, but they don’t hold food well, especially those with fluids.

Therefore, while they are practical for feeding many people, they aren’t the best choice during a special holiday meal.

Please remember that the cutlery you use when serving your meals is as important as the food.

Fancy plates, cups, and spoons will make your guests happy and prepare them to enjoy the meal.

It’s essential that you don’t use cutlery that will make your guests question your presentation.

You should complement your cooking efforts for special holidays with functional and attractive tableware.

So, you’ll have to set up your dining table as appealing as you can, meaning that your cutlery needs to be fantastic.

Using paper plates and plastic cutlery may be disrespectful to guests and your meal.

For instance, this cutlery doesn’t compliment the theme if Thanksgiving dinner is at your home. It may look like you are not giving thanks in the first place.

If you are hosting dinner for a large crowd, you can use china for teens and adults and paper plates and plastic spoons for kids.

Thankfully, the market has many cute models of this cutlery.

So you can choose cute models attractive to kids attending the party to make them feel special.

Four Benefits of Using Paper Plates and Plastic Cutlery

It is fun to prepare holiday meals, but it can also be stressful.

You want everything to turn out as perfectly as possible, which can be hard if you are on a budget.

Now, while we have discouraged using these products, they still offer various benefits that you may consider. These include:

1. They’re Environmentally Friendly

Paper plates are eco-friendly as they are manufactured with plants making them disposable and biodegradable.

They are usually designed with some additives to help them decompose faster.

But you need to bear in mind that plastic utensils are not that eco-friendly.

Although they save you the trouble of cleaning, they don’t decompose and end up in landfills.

2. They Are Cost Saving

Many people often find that they don’t have enough cutlery to feed the crowds.

Unfortunately, buying china plates, cups, and fancy spoons and glasses isn’t cheap.

If you are financially strained, paper towels and plastic cutlery can be a lifesaver compared to buying and renting utensils, which are quite expensive.

These cutlery types are affordable and will save you from overspending.

Plus, they feature different styles that can look attractive to your guests. You need to find a reputable and reliable supplier.

3. They Come in Various Designs

In the past, paper towels featured plain designs that most people didn’t find appealing.

But today, they are available in different attractive designs that your guests will love.

You can choose from several beautiful designs if you don’t want to clean dishes after your party.

These types are also made with versatility in mind and can be used in different themes.

Therefore, you can find a color scheme that matches your theme and table setting.

4. Easy to Clean Up

The main reason why people choose this cutlery type is that they don’t need to worry about cleaning afterward. We understand that hosting a party takes a lot of time and effort.

So, it’s normal to look for ways to minimize the tasks you have to do. That is why disposable utensils are preferred.

Once your guests finish eating, you can collect the plates, spoons, and glasses and dispose of them.

So, you will save a lot of time and effort you’d have spent cleaning them.

Cleaning utensils takes a considerable amount of time which you can use to bond with your guests.

Additionally, since you won’t need to clean them, you won’t have to use water, thus saving it.

We must also mention that as you won’t be washing the dishes, you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Use Paper Plates and Plastic Dinnerware

1. Can Impact Food Taste

The brain is a powerful organ that we were given. It helps us make perceptions and judgments.

Using plastic utensils during a holiday meal isn’t always recommended.

Some people associate high-quality utensils with high-quality food. So, when you serve them using plastic cutlery, they may eat less as they think the food was poorly cooked or isn’t delicious.

2. May Create a Bad Impression

If plastic utensils make the food less tasty, it means that the guests aren’t impressed by them.

Most guests do not perceive these utensils positively, and some may even go the extra mile of letting you know.

Imagine how bad you’ll feel that after all the effort you used to prepare a meal and decorate the space, your guests end up having a bad impression simply because you used plastic dinnerware.

To avoid this, it’s better to use real plates and high-quality cutlery.

3. Many Trips to Your Trash Can

Although you avoid cleaning with these cutlery types, you must prepare for many trash can trips.

You cannot leave them piling on your dining table, and since guests eat at their own pace, some may be fast and others slow.

So it means that you will have to collect the used utensils at intervals, which means you’ll go to your trash can more often.

Additionally, you will need more space to keep the dirty utensils.

We should also mention that paper plates can’t hold up when wet and aren’t suitable for hot foods.

Two Tips to Reduce Cleaning When Hosting a Holiday Meal

Although paper plates and plastic cutlery have some advantages, they also have some drawbacks that you may want to avoid.

Now, if you are only using these utensils because you don’t want to clean them, various tips can minimize your cleaning time and effort. These include;

1. Reduce the Number of Cooking Dishes

One way to reduce your cleaning time is to try cooking with as few pans and pots as possible.

Serving several dishes can be one of the reasons you end up with a lot of cookware that needs cleaning.

Think of reducing the number of dishes you offer or cooking those you are sure most people love.

If your guests agree, you can let them bring appetizers, side dishes, desserts, etc.

2. Use Disposable Cookware

Most eating utensils can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

However, many cookware types aren’t dishwasher safe. So it’s better to have a lot of plates and cups to clean than to have many pans and pots.

And you can ensure this by using disposable pans like aluminum roasting pans.

It’s easier to clean plates and cups than handle heavy-duty items like cooking pots and pans.

Final Thoughts

Paper plates and plastic cutlery offer various benefits, but shouldn’t be used all the time.

So, it’s a good idea to think about how special the holiday meal is to you when deciding whether to use them or not.