Is It Rude to Talk on the Phone in a Coffee Shop?!?

Coffee shops are great places to hang out with your friends and even get some work done.

However, while many people come to the coffeehouses for a great, relaxing time, one person can completely ruin the environment.

That is why there are a few simple rules that all guests should follow.

So, Is It Rude to Talk on the Phone in a Coffee Shop?

Yes and no. If you are alone in the coffee shop and someone calls you, you can carry out your conversation without going out. However, you should lower your voice. It’s also wise to keep the conversation short and watch out for other people’s body language. Check to ensure that no one is being bothered by your call.

But if the coffee shop is full of people, answering your phone call inside may be rude. Remember that other people aren’t interested in hearing your conversation. So, it is just right to remain respectful and answer your calls outside.

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Coffee Shop Phone Etiquette

Although you can answer the phone inside the coffee shop, you need to keep certain things in mind to have a wonderful time without disturbing anyone.

Here are the etiquettes to consider:

1. Answer Long Conversations Outside

Phone calls are a daily part of our lives.

A day can’t go without most people receiving at least a call.

But, when you are in a public space like a coffee shop, the most courteous thing to do is to take calls that last for a long time outside.

The people around you do not want to hear your business, whether work-related or personal issues. Plus, you also don’t want them to hear either.

It’s, therefore, best to step outside the premises to answer such calls. But ensure that you inform one of the staff or anyone who looks trustworthy that you are stepping out so they can watch your stuff.

2. Use a Reasonable Voice Level

Factors like poor connection can make you shout at the other person on the call.

But doing that only attracts the attention of other people towards your conversations.

If you answer your brief calls inside the coffee shop, ensure that you don’t use a loud voice.

In the same manner, avoid using the speakerphone inside the coffee shop.

It’s already distracting to hear you talk. Now imagine they also have to hear the voice of the other person.

This would be frustrating to other clients who are also trying to have a good time.

3. Never Take Conference Calls Inside the Coffee Shop

Although you can receive phone calls in the coffee shop, take conference calls outside.

Taking clients’ calls in the coffee shop is not only rude, but you may never know who is listening to your conversation.

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Someone might be eavesdropping on your conversation and use it in a bad way.

Additionally, if you work in a publicly traded company, do not answer the calls in the coffee shop.

You might not discuss proprietary information at first, but you may mention at least something as the conversation goes on. If someone overhears it, it could land you in trouble.

You wouldn’t discuss important details about your company when you are on an airplane for the next person to hear it.

So, why would you want people in the coffee shop to hear your discussions?

What Other Rules Should You Stick to?

1. Always Use Headphones

Loud phone calls are just one sound distraction in a coffee shop.

Another is listening to someone playing their music or watching videos loudly for everyone to hear. This is bad manners that disturb people around you.

Imagine how chaotic it will be if everyone decides to play their videos. So, have some courtesy and use your headphones,

2. Minimize the Space You Use

Coffee shops are designed for working, reading, and even relaxing. But they are made to accommodate many people.

Therefore, it’s wise to consider other people.

Don’t spread everything out and make others feel unwelcome joining you.

Please try to compartmentalize your space. Keep your laptop and other things intact to allow space for more guests.

3. Befriend Baristas

If you are a regular visitor to a coffee shop, you should strive to befriend the staff. Many baristas love repeat customers who talk to them when passing.

They look forward to serving friendly customers and enjoy hanging out with them.

Being friendly with the staff will help you get the best services, and you will always feel welcomed each time you visit.

4. Don’t Plug in Before Asking

Sometimes, you may find yourself seated far from the plugs.

However, before you plug your phone, computer, or other devices in an outlet close to someone else, ensure you ask for permission.

Everybody knows that the outlets are for everyone.

But still, be courteous enough to ask before you reach across someone’s table.

5. Order Something

We understand that coffee shops are great places to conduct your work.

But remember that they are still businesses that need to make money. So please support them by asking for several things.

Don’t just sit in the place the whole day with a single water bottle. It is inconsiderate, especially if other customers are forced to leave as the place is packed.

If you will spend a lot of time in the coffeehouse, ensure you order cups of coffee, muffins, or anything they sell.

Remember that the electricity, Wi-Fi, and maintenance of the shop cost money. Therefore, be humane.

6. Do Not Conduct Interviews in Public Places

Conducting interviews in public has become common these days. However, we don’t think it is appropriate.

That is because interviews require people to give a lot of personal info, and making interviewees share their personal information in public is wrong. In fact, it’s demeaning.

You can conduct other meetings in public except for job interviews.

They shouldn’t happen in a coffee shop where people are listening. Speaking of meetings, you should keep them small and quiet.

It’s common for meetings to happen in coffeehouses. But limit the meeting to two or three people. Many people take up a lot of space, and getting everyone to keep quiet is almost impossible.

7. Don’t Leave Your Trash Behind

Not only is doing that rude, but it also destroys the beautiful appearance of the coffee shop and gives the employees more work. So, be polite and take out your trash.

What About Receiving a Call When Ordering?

It is rude to be on a phone call when making your order.

Baristas at the coffee shop work extra hard to ensure you get a perfect drink.

Therefore, it is courteous to pause your conversation over the phone and focus on the person in the same room as you.

If you cannot do that, wait until you finish your call to make your order.

At the same time, avoid asking for services beyond the barista’s capability.

For instance, when you ask for a drink that is not on the menu, people might think you are presumptuous.

You can ask for small things like milk. But avoid asking for too much.


It is not always rude to answer your phone calls in a coffee shop.

But try to lower your tone and keep the call brief.

Also, look around and judge whether people are uncomfortable with this act. If they are, take your conversations outside.