Can You Practice Your Golf Game In An Apartment? (Five Improvement Tips)

Most golfers consider indoor golfing either because they want to have more practice time, are trapped indoors for the entire day because of winter or a job, or are obsessed with the game.

But, is it okay to practice golf in an apartment? Read on.

So, Can You Practice Your Golf Game In An Apartment?

Yes!, you can practice your golf game in an apartment. Just because you cannot go outside to the golf course or the driving range, it does not mean that you cannot spend some time practicing and sharpening up your golfing skills in an apartment or without even having to leave the house. With a putting mat or carpeted floor in your apartment, you can practice your short game over and over again, and you will get pretty decent with time.

You can still practice golfing in an apartment during the winter or when the weather is unfavorable outside, such as rain and you don’t have a garage.

You just need to ensure that the apartment is spacious enough to practice your golf game.

If the apartment has sufficient room, you can go on and take full swings, although it might eventually damage your carpet with wear marks.

Other than golfing drills, you can do flexibility and stretching training in the apartment which is important in helping you achieve an improved golf swing.

Five Tips on Improving Your Golf Game At Home

If you consider practicing golf at home or in an apartment, here are some useful tips to help keep your game advancing.

1. Advance Your Golfing Fitness

One of the aspects that requires a little room to improve your golf game is training and exercise.

Refining your overall fitness, health, and flexibility in your apartment will help improve your balance, posture, speed of the clubhead, as well as overall range of motion.

It will enable your swinging to be easier and flexible, giving you better control over your iron shots.

Many online resources help you get the right exercises, such as YouTube home-based workout videos. Some of the aspects you should focus on include;

Core Strength

Pilates and yoga are excellent exercises for those including other abdominal exercises such as planks.

Flexibility And Balance

You can attain this through stretching and yoga.

Overall Muscular Strength

Bodyweight workouts are the perfect option to build your muscular strength. If you have dumbbells in your apartment, you can perform lots of exercises to help add power and strength to your game.

Staying fit and improving your golf fitness at home needs a small space and is beneficial in golf and your overall life.

However, workouts are personal; hence ensure you choose an exercise that you will enjoy.

2. Position Yourself In Front Of A Mirror

Your fundamentals are an essential part of your golf setup. You can do various drills with a club and a full-length mirror to ensure you get the golf basics right.


A significant percentage of swing problems are caused by a poor setup, which results from the grip.

Practicing your grip on the front of a mirror will help you get your hands exactly where they require to be on the club.

Viewing your grip on each angle will give you confidence that you are doing it right on the real golf course.

Practice your grip in front of the mirror until you perfect it.


Most golfers sometimes suffer from bad posture when making a golf swing.

By standing in front of the mirror, you can practice the normal setup position, try adjusting the angle of your spine, and bend your knees to achieve the perfect posture.

It will also help you to understand how your body should look and feel.

You can also find some posture setup tips and try to practice them in front of the mirror to make sure you have a perfect idea of the right golf posture, which is a key to improving your golf swing.

3. Practice Putting

All golfers want to up their game when it comes to putting, and there is no perfect way of doing this other than practicing in your apartment.

There are lots of options to consider when it comes to practicing putting at home.

These include;

  • If the apartment has a carpeted floor, you can get an old school mug and use it as a target hole, and everything is set. This is a perfect drill to help you gain the feel and control of your putter, although the golf ball can run a bit slower across the carpet.
  • You can also use a rug or a form of tape to lay them down on the floor in a straight line. The exercise will involve practicing putting strokes while making sure the backstroke does not hit the skirting or go over the line of the tape or rug. This will help you develop straight, solid, and repeatable putting golf strokes.
  • Another putting drill at an apartment is balancing a coin on a golf ball. It is an interesting drill that involves having a golf ball with the coin at one end of the room, and your work is practicing to put another ball as close as you can to the other ball. It should touch the ball without knocking off the coin.
  •  Of course, the next option is using a putting mat, which is available in all types of sizes and shapes.

When practicing putting at home, the crucial thing to remember is that your stroke should be focused on your target, and your swing should remain smooth with a small acceleration through the ball.

4. Swing Drills

If you cannot go to the golf course or driving range for whatever reason, you can still practice some swing drills indoors.

Just ensure it is spacious enough to enable you to conduct a full swing.

In case of any problems, you can consider gripping down the club, shorten down an old club to use it for practice, or buy a swing trainer, which is normally shorter than the standard club.

To practice, you can start by using a full-length mirror to check your body positions as you move your club slowly to make the full swing.

You can also take two clubs with equal clubs and wrap your hands around them. Then do a full swing with both the clubs.

The extra weight will give you an instant pulling feel.

Repeat this about ten times and then go back to using one club.

This will help in enhancing your golf club control and increase the speed of your swing.

5. Watch And Read Online Content

Another effective way of improving your golf game at home is watching videos or reading magazines and books.

Watching pro golfers online or on TV is not only entertaining but also very educative.

You can study their decision-making and course management.

As you watch and read, work to improve on your golf grip and grip pressure.


So, there you have it.

Even though you cannot go to the golf course or driving range, this is not an excuse when it comes to enhancing your golf game.

Hopefully, we have also offered you several remarkable ways of practicing golf at an apartment, whether you are stuck there due to unfavorable weather, the pandemic,  or lack of adequate time to go to the golf course.


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