What Are The Pros And Cons Of Joining A Private Golf Club?

Once you become a golf enthusiast, one of the decisions you will need to make is joining a private golf club or continuing playing at public courses.

To help you out…

So, What Are The Pros And Cons Of Joining A Private Golf Club?

The Pros

1. Convenient Access To Golf Courses

To begin with, a significant percentage of the top 100 best golf courses are country clubs that require a private country club membership.

Most of the private country clubs are well located and have sufficient space for training.

Most golfers will consider joining a private golf club as there are easily accessible in the home towns and cities.

2. Access To Great Networking Opportunities

Another advantage of a private country club membership is that most members are influential and prominent community members.

Here, you will have a perfect opportunity to interact and find opportunities in various sectors.

So, if you are searching for networking and advancement opportunities, a private golf club provides a precise environment for that.

3. Entrée To First Class Level Of Service

Private golf clubs offer a first-class service level and a wide range of comforts.

Usually, the course comes with a big clubhouse with lavish arrangements such as spas, locker rooms, fitness gears, feasting banquet corridors or rooms, and full-service golf shops.

More so, some provide swimming pools and private tennis courts.

This is an excellent way to spend your day out with the family at the gold club, engaging in various exercises.

4. Courses Are Better Maintained And Nicer

When you join a private golf membership, the courses are usually maintained in pristine condition.

Most of the best courses which house professional events are members only.

This means that joining a private golf membership will give you a chance to access some of the best golf courses in the world.

Most public courses can be run down, and although they might still help you improve your game, you should commit to a club with a fantastic course.

5. A Higher Chance Of Improving At The Game

By joining a private golf club, you will put more effort into immersing yourself in the game and improving your play.

With the course being more quiet and serene, you can practice more effectively and concentrate on improving specific areas of the game while taking your time without worrying about the people behind you.

6. Get Membership For Your Entire Family

Most private golf clubs are dedicated to making their facilities a welcome place for your entire family.

You can imagine how skilled your kids will be by the time they become adults if you start them playing golf enough.

Paying greens fees for your kids can put you off to take the tots with you to a public course.

Joining a private club provides a family golf membership to take your kids with you without paying an extra cost.

You can spend time with your entire family as the clubs provide space and fun, whether on the greens or in the clubhouse.

7. Access To Priority Tee Times

One of the best things about being a private club member is that it enables you to schedule priority tee times.

Most golf courses restrict non-member bookings during busy hours such as on weekends and in the summertime.

You can select from the best tee times available with a private membership and even book multiple tee times in advance.

The Cons

Alright! We have gone through the benefits of joining a private golf membership.

But what about the cons?

Let’s take a look at a few that you may want to consider.

1. It’s More Expensive

Although you might enjoy excellent arrangements, one of the shortcomings of joining a private golf club is that you will pay more per golf round.

Even if you don’t go to the golf course, you will still be paying for the privilege of being a golf member without enjoying the benefits, similar to the winter months when you won’t be playing.

There are some reasons why private membership is expensive.

The primary reason is that golf courses are costly to maintain, with a public golf course costing around half a million dollars per year to maintain.

This figure doubles when it comes to private courses.

More so, golf memberships are a traditional sign of wealth and class, and the golf equipment is costly to maintain.

It’s hence recommendable to join a private club if you play regularly to ensure your money will not go to waste.

2. Lack Of Golf Courses Variety

When you join a private club, you will tend to play most of your golf rounds at the club.

Hence, you might be constrained to play most or all of your golf on one golf course, denying you the opportunity for the variety of excellent golf courses out there.

Paying green fees on different courses can be a good choice financially, so ensure you do your best for your situation.

3. You Will Mostly Have The Golf Course To Yourself

Another drawback of having a private country club membership is that you will have the course alone most of the time.

A private club membership golf course will usually have about half of the traffic found in an open golf course.

So, you should be ready to play golf on a relatively deserted course.

More so, you may not feel as comfortable immediately as a new member before you interact with other people.

What Are The Alternatives To Golf Membership?

If the disadvantages of joining a private golf club make you a bit uneasy, you don’t have to worry.

Membership is usually a massive investment, and it’s not affordable to everybody.

However, some other cheaper alternatives will enable you to play golf in plenty without spending thousands of dollars.

1. Buy A Golf Punch Card

You can buy rounds wholesale in most golf courses via punch cards preloaded with ten or twenty rounds.

The punch cards are mostly offered at a discounted rate compared to the price of regular tee times.

For instance, if the regular green fee for a round is $50, the punch card for ten rounds might be going for $400.

Although you won’t have unlimited golf like a membership, you will get to enjoy more rounds at a discounted price. You can also inquire about monthly payment plans if available.

2. Work At A Golf Course Or Tag Along With Members

This strategy can help you to golf for free.

I have used this strategy by working as a maintenance crew.

After my shift, I would hit 18 holes around before heading home.

The best thing about this is that you get to golf for free while also earning an extra wage.

You can also try tagging along with members you know as some courses offer a discounted price for member’s guests or sometimes allowed for free.


Hopefully, this article has helped you decide whether or not a private golf membership is your best option!

It is a great idea to join a private golf club for some players and a terrible one for others.

Before joining, ensure you do sufficient research, including facilities, tournaments, members, golf courses, and costs that won’t break your bank.

You want to ensure you love all the aspects because you will be out there more often.


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