Can You Reuse Golf Ferrules (And Stay On Budget) ?:?

If you are a new golf enthusiast, you might not have heard of a ferrule, which is the little plastic that sits between the shaft and the club’s neck.

Here we acquaint you with how to replace and reuse the golf ferrule by yourself.

Most ferrules are plain black non-descript plastic which makes the golf club look beautiful.

However, you can choose decorative ferrules with a noticeable effect. Ferrules fasten things up, and for the golf club, it secures the shaft and the head of the club.

You would think these plastic bands are decorative, but they help keep your club together.

You can trust that the club won’t twist over time when you have a ferrule attached correctly. If your club does not have the ferrule, you can add it to improve functionality and decorative purposes.

So, Can You Reuse Golf Ferrules?

Yes, you can reuse them, but you should carefully remove them from the club’s shaft. I could advise you to only replace the ferrule or add a new one if you know how to do it yourself.

Do All Clubs Have Ferrules?

Most clubs have ferrules, but you would find some like the putter, which lacks this essential part.

Different clubs have different ferrules; some are long while others are short and almost invisible.

The ferrules’ length impacts their reusability; moreover, the ferrule type would affect the ease of removal and reuse of the component.

For instance, the collared ferrule fits between the shaft and the clubhead and looks like a collar that creates a fashionable space.

These are the most recent developments in golf research and development, and they are easy to remove from the club and might be reusable.

The collared ferrules effectively guard the graphite shafts against damage as they are prone to weakness depending on the type of strain exerted on them.

They provide additional cushioning against damage on the graphite club.

Specialty ferrules

The adoption of adjustable driver technology has resulted in the manufacture of specialized ferrules that carry their usual function and improve the club’s setup beautifully.

Ferrules are sleek and no longer have bores on the clubhead.

You can ask manufacturers for customized ferrules that you can reuse easily.

These artful products can pimp your club and increase your confidence in the field, which is crucial in attaining desired scores.

How to Remove an Old Ferrule from the Golf Club

There is a correct and wrong way of removing a ferrule from the golf shaft, and since you want to reuse the ferrule, you should be careful not to damage it when removing it from the shaft.

First, you can leave the ferrule on as you need to break the epoxy bond loose using a heat source to remove the club’s shaft from the head.

It is easier to cut a warm ferrule than a cold one, and warming up gives a uniform cut to reuse the ferrule.

Use a little heat that warms up the ferrule without melting it, as molten ferrule can create a huge mess and is hard to reuse.

Next, warm the shaft close to the ferrule until the plastic is warm, and remove the shaft from the club head while pushing the hit ferrule from the shaft.

You do not wish to destroy the fibers that hold the club tightly, and thus you should avoid excessive heat on the ferrule as it can melt it.

You can continue pushing the ferrule until it detaches from the shaft. You can have the shaft puller pushing against it instead of the top of the hosel.

It is easy to deform the ferrule, and you should be careful with the pressure you apply on it to prevent causing irreversible damage.

Finally, peel the ferrule carefully from the shaft immediately using a knife as you don’t want the ferrule to cool.

Then remove any epoxy from the hosel using sandpaper on the mandrel, preventing material from sticking on your hand, brush, and other nearby items. Again, clean the epoxy when it is still warm.

How to Reuse the Ferrule

You can fix the ferrule on the golf club by turning the golf club upside down and tapping it on the ground.

Tapping the club on the ground would push the ferrule into the shaft.

Alternatively, you can press the club shaft on the ferrule installing device, ensuring the ferrule is secured into the proper position, ready for installation.

You will need a grip cloth, hair drier, epoxy glue, acetone, and a toothpick.

First, place the ferrule on the shaft and fix the shaft and the clubhead firmly.

Then, a drier gently heat the ferrule until the glue bonds break and move it gently to the position.

You will not need much heat as the ferrule should expand a little bit while avoiding melting.

Alternatively, you can place the ferrule on the shaft and connect the shaft to the clubhead.

Then move it to the rightful position where it firmly holds the golf club.

You can mix the epoxy with a tooth stick carefully and place the glue around the bottom of the ferrule between it and the clubhead.

Ensure that the ferrule is in the correct position and allow the glue to dry, holding it relatively to the club.

However, it would be best to wipe off any excess glue on the shaft and clubhead.

If you feel the ferrule is not in the right place, you can use the rubber glove and twist and push it into the right place.

Pushing the ferrule to the proper position might require some force, and when you get the correct grip, you can allow it to cool.

You will be free to use your club once you have fixed the reused ferrule correctly.

How to Clean the Golf Clubs Effectively

Ensure the cleaning process preserves the wellness of the ferrule.

Start by soaking the golf clubs in warm water with mild dish soap.

The water should be enough to cover the club heads only.

Then submerge the club in the water for a few minutes and scrub the grooves using a soft bristle brush.

Rinse the club with clean cold water and dry it with a soft dry towel.

The club would be moist after cleaning, and it is better to let all the moisture evaporate by air drying the club.

Polishing the Golf Club Using a Drill

If you are worried that the water can damage the ferrule, you can polish your club using a drill.

You only need a cordless drill, cleaning wipes, clamps, and polishing kit to do this.

Start by wiping the club using a rag until it is free of any debris.

It would be best to clean the oxidation and rust on the club’s surface.

If there is hardened dust on the club, you can use a wire brush to remove any particles adequately.

Then take a soft towel and buff the club ensuring there is less dust and oxidation left on the surface.

Finally, apply the cleaning cream, which will leave the surface looking glossy. Additionally, with more use, it becomes easy to clean your golf club.

You should care for your club and avoid exposing it to dirt and oxidation as it reduces the club’s performance.

The grooves should be clean as they can collect grass, dirt, and moisture, leaving a foul smell.

The more the clubs become dirty, the harder it will be to clean and reuse the ferrules.

Importance of a Ferrule Kit

A ferrule box helps you organize your ferrule in one place, and it is suitable for home club builders who like to keep stock of their stuff.

The ferrule kit can help you organize the ferrules you should reuse, and it helps you know about the ones in good condition and those that can be reused without any correction.

The ferrule tool is an important asset, and you can organize them based on their size, collared, and uncollared ferrules.

Moreover, you can increase the longevity of the ferrules by using the ferrule cap, which keeps the ferrule fresh and well-maintained.

The ferrule cap fits the respective ferrule size, and you should ensure you have the correct cap size for your ferrule.

The caps come in different colors, and you can choose those which match your outfit whenever you step into the golf field.

You can customize your ferrule caps from online vendors or buy readily designed ferrules from Amazon.

You should choose ultralight ferrules that do not add weight to the golf club, reducing the club’s efficiency.


It is possible to reuse the golf club ferrules.

However, you have to remove them carefully from golf clubs after use.

When removing the ferrules from the clubs, you should disconnect the clung head from the shaft and use a little heat to warm the ferrule and gently push it from the shaft.

Moreover, you should clean the club carefully to avoid damaging the glue that connects the ferrule to the club. Good luck in caring and reusing your favorite ferrules.



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