Is Riding a Motorcycle an Expensive Hobby? (Five Must Have Expenses)

Motorcycling offers riders a fascinating experience that is virtually unmatched, with no vehicle coming close to providing such.

And with the growing popularity of the two-wheelers, more and more people are looking to start motorcycling as a hobby. However, you probably wonder how costly it is to join the hobby.

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So, Is Riding a Motorcycle an Expensive Hobby?

The answer to this question is yes and no! Whether riding a motorcycle is an expensive hobby or not depends on how you feel about riding a motorcycle. If it makes you smile each time you go on a ride, you like compliments from strangers, and you enjoy interacting with other riders, it will never be a costly hobby for you. Let’s look at the various costs incurred in motorcycling as a hobby.

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Five Beginner Motorcycle Riding Hobby Expenses

1. Motorcycle Cost

The first and major cost of motorcycling is purchasing a motorcycle.

Let’s look at the most famous 600 production class bike to be the most competitive.

A decent 600 class bike goes for about $10,000 plus a destination charge of around $300.

Unless you are already an experienced rider or have plenty of cash, it is recommendable to start by purchasing a used bike instead of a new bike.

Buying a used bike will save you a significant amount of cash plus the price of a new bike highly depreciates once you ride it.

2. Insurance Cost

If you own your motorcycle, you will ultimately require to get motorcycle insurance.

The insurance cost varies significantly depending on your location and the terms of the insurance.

However, the older you are, the cheaper the insurance cost.

Getting insurance for a slow car is significantly more costly than that of a fast motorcycle.

3. Motorcycling Gear

To start riding a motorcycle as a hobby, it is essential to put your safety first by purchasing legit motorcycling gear.

You will need to get a proper helmet, ankle protection shoes, gloves, and jacket.

The cheapest leather suits for motorcycling costs about $1000. spending more will give you more comfort, protection, and an even more elegant look.

How much any of this is important to you might elevate your costs.

Helmet designs also vary significantly, but any model is good to go as long as it is full-face and has a SNELL approval rating.

The cost of a helmet goes for about $ 350, depending on the manufacturer and brand.

In the same case, hand gloves are essential in riding a motorcycle and cost around $100 depending on their quality.

Then there are the boots.

As a general rule, you require leather boots that offer ankle protection.

This could mean even wearing your old combat boots.

Good quality motorcycling boots cost approximately $270, with the price increasing with more comfort, protection, and comfort.

Lastly, you should consider getting a spine protector. Like other gears, you will get what you pay for.

A small basic spine protector goes for $50, and they get more costly as they become larger with more padding.

While you might still ride without the protective gear, this is a very bad idea.

To lower the cost of buying new motorcycling gear, you can consider buying used gear at a lower price.

However, getting a new helmet for your hobby is always recommended.

4. Maintenance Cost

Owning a motorcycle needs more attention and care.

You will require engine oil, chain cleaner, lube, coolant, filter, etc.

To save on the maintenance cost, you can consider learning how to do basic maintenance yourself to help save money.

You can also consider consulting your riding friends who understand the technical stuff.

While the maintenance costs can add up over time, it is significantly less than that of a car. Generally, look for sales, learn some things about maintaining your bike, and you will be good to go.

You will also need to consider regular maintenance and tire changes, fuel costs, and even parking fees if you own your motorcycle.

Fortunately, these costs are significantly low compared to vehicle driving.

Unlike a car, you will be surprised to know that motorcycles can park in most places for free, saving you a significant fee you would otherwise spend on parking.

5. Motorbiking Course

While you can learn motorcycling with minimal guidance, taking an approved riding course is highly recommendable.

The course will teach you defensive riding, preparing for unexpected and emergency maneuvers.

Assuming you don’t have a license, an average learner spends around $1000 for a car license, while a Direct Access course for a fully-licensed motorcyclist costs as low as $100 even with all the test fees.

While motorcycling is more dangerous than driving a car, as revealed by statistics, you can mitigate the risk by undergoing proper training.

Why Is Riding a Motorcycle a Great Hobby

Now that we have looked at the cost of motorcycling as a hobby, several reasons make motorcycling a fantastic experience and a great hobby to pursue. These include;

1. Enhances Your Health And Wellbeing

Motorcycle riding can influence your overall wellbeing and health positively.

Normally motorbike riding can help in burning excess calories during the riding session.

More than just losing weight, motorcycling can also enhance the health of your brain and mental state.

You will generally feel calmer, happier, and even more confident when riding.

Additionally, an improved mental state will impact your physical health positively.

2. Cost Effective

You want to take on a hobby that is not extremely expensive and allows you to maintain a decent lifestyle.

The good news is that owning a bike effectively cuts down the cost of transport compared to other transport means.

With the rising costs of fuel as well as the maintenance cost, more people are searching for cheaper transport means and motorcycling is properly ideal for that.

This means that every time you ride your motorbike, you are saving some extra money you would otherwise use with an alternative transport means.

3. A Sense Of Freedom

While freedom is sometimes overrated, you will experience its full meaning when going on a motorcycling adventure.

When riding a motorbike, you control your destiny, which gives you the freedom to make your own decisions.

This sense of freedom normally comes when you are doing what you love most, which is what you will get if you love riding a motorcycle as a hobby.

Even more, you will get to connect with the surrounding environment more as you cruise through the forest and downhills.

4. Enhances Your Social Life

Through motorcycle riding, you will meet new individuals from different backgrounds for interaction.

Different rider grounds for motorcycling enthusiasts often use sisterhood and brotherhood to help establish a closer connection between motorists.

With more people joining motorcycling, you will meet many people and make new friends as you share exciting stories relating to the hobby.

Bottom Line

We hope you now know how cheap or expensive motorcycle riding is as a hobby, depending on your budget.

Ultimately, motorcycling is a fun and exciting experience worth the expenditure.

It enables you to meet and interact with other riders, provides you unmatched freedom, connects you to the surroundings, and even saves fuel costs.

However, it can be risky as it is fun; hence have all the safety precautions while riding a motorcycle.

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