Can You Use a Rosin Bag in Golf?! (SWEATY HANDS Solutions)

Do you have sweaty hands when playing golf?

If so, you are not alone, so don’t worry.

Sweaty hands are not cool on or off the golf course.

Fortunately, there are various ways to enhance your grip by incorporating a rosin bag in your golf kit.

Read on to know how and when to use it.

(SHORT ANSWER) Can You Use A Rosin Bag In Golf?

Usually, the rules in golf allow the use of a rosin bag in golf. The use of grip aids is normally acceptable because there are no rules that prohibit their use. According to 14-3 (c) (ii) golf rules, it prohibits a player from using an unusual device or equipment that might help him in gripping the club except for gloves, a towel or handkerchief, and resin, powder, moisturizing, or drying agents.

Using a rosin bag can help massively keep your hands dry, and keeping one in a bag is essential for use when needed. 

You only need to slap the bag against the grip or your hands for added grip control and tack. So, if your hands sweat a lot, particularly during humid summer or cold, wet days, you can always use a rosin bag to keep them dry.

Nine Other Ways of Keeping Your Hands and Grips Dry

As discussed above, you can use a rosin bag in golf to keep your hands dry.

However, there is more than one solution to help dry out your hands that differ from one person to another.

It also depends on the climate prevailing when playing golf.

Here are other ways to keep your grips and hands dry.

1. Golf Gloves

While using golf gloves might be pretty basic, golf gloves can help improve your grip.

If your hands are wet and sweaty, it isn’t easy to achieve the best grip when you don’t have a glove.

If you are a fan of the PGA Tour, you will probably see that about ninety-five percent of the golfers use a glove.

This will not only keep the hands dry, but the grips will also last longer.

More so, you will get a more consistent grip pressure.

It is recommendable to carry at least three gloves every time to rotate them during play.

After every few holes, change to a different glove and strap every sweaty glove to your golf cart or bag to allow them to air dry during the round.

2. Rain Gloves for More Humid Areas

If you play in hot, humid conditions, the humidity can make it extra hard to have a proper grip on your clubs.

In this case, a trick that can work wonders is opting for rain gloves instead of using standard gloves.

Several golfers use rain gloves in hot summers when they become highly sweaty instead of standard gloves.

Rain gloves utilize a different type of material instead of a traditional golf glove that makes them dry quickly.

So, it does not require a rainy climate to use rain gloves.

Exploit the features of the gloves to give you a better grip. If you have never tried them before, try them out and see how effective they are.

3. Golf Towels

Even if you have suitable gloves and grips, it is recommendable to carry with you several golf towels, particularly during the summer.

If you just use one towel, this may be your problem.

You should bring some golf towels separate from your normal towel to clean your clubs and remove debris and dirt from the clubface.

Have specific towels for only wiping your hands and grips to dry them off before every shot.

This way, you won’t be worried about losing or slipping your grip on the hit.

Have a towel for your clubs, another for your hands and grips, another for your face, and others for replacing the towels that get too sweaty.

If a towel becomes sweaty, it won’t absorb and dry off the sweat in the first place.

Always have a dry towel popped into your pants.

This way, you can conveniently wipe your hands immediately before taking the hit whenever need be.

It is advisable to carry a cold towel on your neck if possible to help keep you cooler and less sweaty.

If you are standing over to hit the ball and feel that your hands are wet, you should first back away and dry off using the golf towels.

Take your sweat towel with you to the golf match to wipe off your grip and clean the golf ball before you start your pre-shot routine.

Some golfers recommend skipping standard golf towels as they are not very effective at absorbing sweat and opt for standard gym towels.

4. Baby Powder

Another hack that you can use to keep your hands dry is using baby powder.

If you are balling on a budget, you should consider using baby powder in place of a Rosin Bag. Baby powder helps to soak up moisture and keeps your hands dry during the entire period when you are on the course.

It does the job just as well, and you only need to put a little amount and spread it over your arms.

So, if you already have baby powder in your house, you can consider using it rather than spending extra cash to buy a rosin bag or a new product.

5. Golf Sweat Bands

If you are a golf enthusiast, you have probably heard about golf sweatbands. Sweatbands help to stop the sweat from reaching into your hands.

Most golfers admit that having a sweatband around their wrist makes their golf swing feel different.

So, if the golf sweatbands negatively impact your golf swing, it will not be worth it.

However, you should try it out and see if it will affect your swing.

It is recommendable that you first try out the products reviewed above and then use this as well if required.

6. Sandpaper

If you don’t want to replace the grips more frequently, you can consider using sandpaper to freshen up your grips.

This will improve their grip and make them tacky during the entire round.

However, keep in mind that you should just use sandpaper on corded grips instead of soft grips.

Otherwise, this may damage them and offer them the opposite of a grip boost.

7. Stay Cool with Your Wear

Another obvious way of maintaining your hands and overall body dry during golfing is keeping cool.

You can achieve this by wearing breathable clothes, having a cold drink to sip in the match, and having a cold towel over your neck.

Other ways to keep cool include; wearing a hat, fanning yourself with a towel or piece of cloth, rubbing ice on your veins, etc.

8. Get New Golf Grips

In addition to a rosin bag, golf grips come handy for your sweaty hands.

The fact that your hands and grip are the only ones linked in your swing, it is vital that you get the perfect grips for your sweaty hands and a unique swing.

If you think the issue with your hit is because your grips are very slippery, you should consider getting new Golf Grips.

Some golfers prefer soft rubber grips, while others opt for corded grips.

Corded grips are effective in helping you with moist hands.

However, today there are non-corded grips that are also useful in drying off your wet hands.

However, if you are on a limited budget, you can consider cleaning your grips with water and soap and dry them thoroughly. This will help to make the grips tackier.

9. Speed Up Your Pre-shot Routine

Finally, the last tip to help you make your shots with sweat-free hands is speeding up your pre-shot routine.

After drying up your hands with a rosin bag, baby powder, golf towel, or others, you have limited time to take your next shot.

If you spend more than a minute from drying up your hands to taking the hit, this will increase the probability of your hands getting all sweaty again.

To avoid this, you should fasten the period you stand over the ball.

You should hit the ball within thirty seconds of drying your hands to ensure you take the shot before your hands’ sweat again and ruin your scorecard.


It is always easy to overlook sweaty hands compared to all other things in golf.

However, sweaty hands can significantly affect your grip and performance.

Therefore, always ensure to have a rosin bag, the proper grips, several gloves, an extra towel specific for sweat, and other methods to help dry off your hands and clubs for an accurate hit.


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