Is It Rude to Wear Sunglasses When Talking to Someone?

Sunglasses have become an everyday accessory these days.

Many people wear them to make a fashion statement but most importantly to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays.

But, while sunglasses offer various benefits, knowing when and where to wear them is crucial.

So, Is It Rude to Wear Sunglasses When Talking to Someone?

Many people don’t remove their sunglasses during a conversation. However, talking to someone with your sunglasses on may come off as rude. Making your eyes visible to the person you’re conversing with is polite and shows your interest in that discussion.

One may feel disrespected talking to the lenses of your sunglasses. Remember that eye contact is an integral part of our conversations. It makes them lively, more engaging and friendly.

Why Do People Wear Sunglasses?

The first time sunglasses came to the market was in the 1920s.

They were used by pilots and athletes participating in snow and water sports.

However, two decades later, sunglasses were adopted by actors and actresses as a shield to protect them from paparazzi camera flashes.

But nowadays, these lenses have become an everyday accessory.

People use them to protect their eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. These rays can have a long-term damaging effect on your eyes.

Therefore, it’s wise to wear sunglasses when walking in the sun.

Other than that, sunglasses are also used to cover imperfections and complement one’s look. They can add symmetry to a face, making a person look more attractive.

Also, they can add mystery and amplify a person’s presence.

When you cover your eyes, it’s hard for people to see the emotions you are expressing.

So, it leaves them guessing your identity and intentions. Some studies believe this mystery creates a sexual desire and attracts people to the wearer.

Why Shouldn’t You Wear Sunglasses When Talking to Someone?

Sunglasses make someone look good. However, they shouldn’t be on your face all the time.

In some instances, you will need to remove them or place them on your forehead. And one of those instances is when talking to someone.

During a conversation, it is essential that you maintain eye contact with the person you are speaking to.

Therefore, taking off your sunglasses is necessary in this case. If the conversation is casual and the other person is also wearing their sunglasses, it’s okay to keep them on.

However, it can be considered impolite if they remove their sunglasses while talking to you and you don’t do the same.

It can be frustrating for someone to talk to you when wearing sunglasses as they will be trying to make eye contact.

 Maintaining eye contact during a conversation makes one look trustworthy, witty and confident.

On the other hand, people who don’t maintain eye contact may be considered shy, nervous or socially awkward.

But we must mention that although eye contact is crucial, it is the right way to do it.

The ideal time frame you should spend looking someone in the eye is three seconds.

But when talking to them, you need to maintain eye contact 50% of the time you speak and 70% of the time you listen.

So, for the sake of maintaining eye contact, you need to remove your sunglasses when talking to someone.

But other than eye contact, it’s advisable to remove your sunglasses during a conversation for several other reasons.

For instance, wearing them may send the message that you are distracted, in a rush or not interested in the conversation. A person may also feel like you are hiding something.

In What Situations Should You Not Wear Your Sunglasses?

1. When Speaking to Someone Indoors

Anytime you walk into a building to talk to someone, a pharmacist, a shop attendant, a doctor, etc., removing your sunglasses is only respectful.

2. During an Outdoor Business Lunch

You may want to keep your sunglasses on when outdoors, especially when the sun is so bright.

But imagine if everyone in the lunch session kept their shades on the whole time.

This will be awkward for everybody. Therefore, in this case, it’s only polite to take your sunglasses off to show that you are interested in the conversation.

3. Weddings

Many people wear their sunglasses when going to a wedding.

That makes sense since it’s a beautiful occasion, and it’s only natural you want to look as attractive as you can be.

However, you don’t want to take pictures with the newlyweds in your sunglasses. This may come off as rude.

So, as a rule of thumb, please take your shades off.

However, if the event happens in a place with zero shade from the scorching sun, you should protect your eyes.

4. When Walking Outside and You Meet Someone You Know

It would be best if you took your glasses off in this instance when greeting the person.

Remember that sometimes this eyewear can bring the wrong impression.

Therefore, to avoid sending the wrong messages, please take your glasses off, greet the person, and then put them back on when the conversation ends.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sunglasses

Always remove your shades when conducting business.

It’s essential to maintain eye contact when communicating.

Talking to a person hiding their eyes behind a pair of dark shades is a way we read emotions.

If the meeting is outdoors, please find a shady spot that allows you to remove your sunglasses so the client can look you in the eyes.

Also, please ensure that your shades show your professionalism.

Hot, bright colored frames are beautiful but go well with summer shots and not work attire.

The same applies when wearing specific sunglasses used for racing or biking. During the workday, it’s best to wear classic black or tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Anytime you are at an indoor occasion, like church, hospital, the office, please remove your shades.

Keeping the on makes you look disrespectful and untrustworthy.

If you have a medical condition, you can try explaining it to the other person to put their minds at ease.

Finally, take good care of your sunglasses. If you notice the plastic is chipping or your lenses have several scratches or bent frames, it’s time to buy a new one.