Is It Bad to Go to the Same Coffee Shop Every Day?!?!

Coffee shops are ideal places to have your morning coffee, catch up with your friends and finish your work.

However, there are things customers should and shouldn’t do, like hanging out for an extended time.

But what about being a regular at a coffee shop?

So, Is It Bad to Go to the Same Coffee Shop Every Single Day?

The short is No. It’s wrong going every day. In fact, doing that can be incredibly rewarding. Being a regular at a coffee shop gives you a special connection with the baristas that will make your experience great each time you visit the place. Imagine walking on the premises, and all the staff know your name, and you also know theirs. Not to mention some places offer loyalty programs to regular customers. So, you get to enjoy your coffee at a discounted price.

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Three Benefits of Being a Regular at a Coffee Shop

We tend to form habits. So you may have made it a habit to go to the same coffee shop daily.

Your barista may even know your usual order considering the many times you’ve ordered it.

Now, this deep connection will make you more comfortable and feel appreciated going to the same coffee shop.

Remember that baristas receive many orders each day.

But, the fact that they can remember yours means they truly value you.

But other than feeling worthy, other benefits of going to the same shop are:

1. A Great Customer Experience

The coffee staff already know what you like.

And unless you want to change your order, they start preparing your usual the minute you walk into the store.

That means you don’t have to wait long before your order is ready.

Also, if the coffee type or food you want to have isn’t available, the staff will do everything to ensure you get it. Now, they’re supposed to do this for all customers.

But, you’d be surprised how they will be willing to appease their regular customers.

Again, if you forgot your wallet, they may even cover you on that day. But, please remember to pay them the next day and avoid making this a habit.

2. You Can Recommend a Good Coffee Shop

If your friend or colleague wants to meet you, you can always suggest your favorite coffee spot.

And since the employees will do everything to ensure you and your pal have a great time, you can impress your friend.

Now, you may think that this only benefits the coffee shop as you’ve brought another customer to them.

But, you also benefit from it as it makes you a credible person. You enhance your credibility when you demonstrate your special relationship with the staff to your friends or family.

3. Build a Community That Cares About Your Well-Being

The more you visit a coffee shop, the more you interact with its staff. So you get to know each other beyond the employee-customer relationship.

With time, they’ll start caring for your personal and financial well-being so that you give them continued business.

This builds a natural environment where the baristas invest in your success.

So they will always want to see you happy and healthy so that you keep returning for a long time.

Do Baristas Feel Bad When You Stay in a Coffee Shop for Hours?

It’s normal to wonder whether you are spending enough money in the place or overstaying your welcome.

Well, most times, baristas do not care how many hours you spend in a coffee, provided you’re ordering their products.

It is why people go to Starbucks and other coffee joints to work. In fact, the shop owners have designed their shops this way to let people sit for long hours uninterrupted.

It’s why you find most coffee shops with high-speed internet and sockets to plug in your laptop’s charger.

However, there are times baristas may feel frustrated with customers who stay in the shop for a long time.

Imagine if there are customers standing around looking for a place to sit, yet there is a customer who has been in the place for a long time doing nothing.

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It’s pretty common that they will get frustrated even if they won’t tell or chase you away.

Other than that, the staff may be bothered about customers who stay long after closing.

As long as you aren’t doing something and leave when they close, baristas won’t have an issue with how long you spend in the coffeehouse.

How Long Should You Stay In Your Favorite Coffee Shop?

Baristas and other workers in a coffee shop will always welcome you warmly when you visit a coffeehouse.

You can sit there all day without anyone disturbing you. But should you do that?

Ideally, it is not wise to overstay your welcome in a coffee shop.

Remember that these shops are like any other business and intend to serve as many customers as possible.

But if a customer walks in and they can’t find an open table, they may decide to leave and look for another place.

It’s wise to check out your the surroundings to have a better idea when you should leave.

If you go to the coffee shop and there are barely any open tables, staying in that place for hours is not a good idea.

If many people start flocking in, take it as a cue to leave and give space for new customers.

Most experts recommend not staying more than 4 hours in a coffee shop even if you follow the above rules.

But then, this depends on whether you order regularly and the space present. If there is plenty of space and you order frequently, you can start for a long time because you are giving them business anyway.

What Should You Never Do at a Coffee Shop?

1. Don’t Order While on the Phone

Your phone can distract you while ordering, and it may make you come out as rude. Remember that eye contact is crucial.

So look at the server, smile and even make some small talk to make the ordering process pleasant and less awkward.

2. Don’t be Rude

Even if you are having a rough morning, you shouldn’t take out your stress on the barista or anyone.

Be kind and respectful even if you have to pretend.

3. Don’t Talk Loudly

Use low voices when talking over the phone or with your friend face to face.

Many people come to the shop to study, work or do other projects that need concentration. So have some respect for other customers.

Final Thoughts

Going to the same shop every day is not bad or weird as long as you aren’t going there to idle. So, if it is a place that you really love, don’t feel some type of way being a regular there.