Are Shiba Inus Good For First Time Dog Owners? (BEWARE!)

Shiba Inus dogs have a sweet foxlike appearance that can be quite deceiving.

Every gaze on the Shiba Inus will leave you in awe but behind their grinning face is a smart, mischievous mind.

So, Are Shiba Inus Good For First Time Dog Owners?

No! ABSOLUTELY NOT. These dogs are naughty and have primitive traits that can be overwhelming to a first time dog owner. However, if you must keep a Shiba Inus, you need to do thorough research and be familiar with the common pros and cons of having this breed.  Shiba Inus are known to be cunning and have a strong will. They are extremely courageous, intelligent, complex, and above all, loyal. This particular breed has less desire for affection, and they tend to be aggressive, especially when challenged. 

Why Should You Socialize Your Shiba Inus?

In dogs, socialization is the process of acclimatizing your dog to his surroundings.

This involves gently introducing new sounds, people, smells, experiences, and animals in the friendliest, neutral and positive way.

Socialization helps to ensure that you raise a well-mannered dog and is flexible to adjust to different situations.

The trick with socialization is to start early when your dog is still a puppy.

It is good to start when the puppy is still breastfeeding and playing with its siblings at home.

A good dog owner will handle each puppy personally and teach them to see people as friends. Puppies go through rapid mental development between the ages of two and four.

This is the appropriate age to tame your puppy and where socialization activities are paramount.

Socialization should be given like a well-balanced diet. Puppies need to experience a vast assortment of skills.

Dogs which have not been properly socialized are always fearful and timid when they encounter anything.

Fear may be expressed in terms of aggression or cowering in a corner when there is heavy rain with thunderstorms.

If a dog is not introduced to positive practices at an early stage, it will lack the necessary skills to cope with any situation in a confident, acceptable manner.

It is fun to be around a well-socialized dog.

They can make friends easily with other dogs, and they are easy to manage when you go on a vacation.

It is extremely important to socialize with your dog properly.

Remember, the earlier you start, the better, and in the end, you will have a calm, friendly, well-adjusted, and well-rounded dog.

Common Challenges of owning a Shiba Inus

Every breed of dog possesses some challenges when rearing it.

There are breed-specific challenges that come with owning a Shiba Inus. Some of the most common challenges are;

1. It Is Hard To Restrict Them

Sheba Inus are fun-loving dogs.

They love their freedom and would do anything to be wild and free.

These wild dogs can go to the extent of sneaking through tiny openings on the fence or jumping out of the window.

Once they have attained their freedom, they will run for hours and chase after anything they find.

2. They’re Stubborn Dogs

These breeds of dogs can be quite frustrating. Sheba Inus have a mind of their own.

They have an arrogant attitude which makes it difficult to domesticate them.

As difficult as they may be, they have to be bribed and convinced before participating in any training.

As the owner, you have to try and persuade them that they will directly benefit from any activity you include them.

3. They’re High Energy

Sheba Inus were born to run.

They are high-energy dogs that result in destructive behavior.

Because they have excess energy, the owner has to ensure that they go for a walk every day and involve them in vigorous play sessions to burn off the excess energy.

This breed of dog is extremely intelligent, and the owner has to ensure that they come up with smart activities that will mess with their intelligence.

Any form of boredom will lead to vicious behavior.

4. They Don’t Get Along With Other Breeds

At times, it is difficult for Shiba Inus to interact with other dogs.

This happens mostly if they are not properly socialized.

They also have a strong desire to prey on other animals.

Their instincts drive them to chase and kill small furry animals like cats.

Consider another breed if you have children and other pets.

5. They’re Extremely Possessive And Aggressive

Sheba Inus are possessive of their owners and their food and toys, which they guard aggressively, especially when threatened.

Because of their aggressive nature, it may be difficult to conduct leash training. They end up eating and tearing collars and leashes.


If you do, don’t be discouraged.

Many owners of this breed are happy and content.

If you are a high-energy person who loves to go for long walks and are financially stable, then don’t let anything stop you.

Just make sure you commit yourself to properly training your dog through early socializing and regular physical and mental exercises.


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