The Fashion Police: How Often Should You Update Your Wardrobe?

Buying new things is usually attributed to women.

Fortunately, the fashion industry has significantly grown, and nowadays, you can access fancy clothes easily and at affordable prices.

But when is it necessary to shop?

So, How Often Should You Go Shopping for a New Wardrobe?

The frequency of buying a new wardrobe depends on various things. You need to determine the quality and workmanship of the clothes. As well as where you live, the current season, and the trends ongoing. Considering all these factors, it could be yearly or monthly. It also depends on your lifestyle and how you care for your clothes. Some other factors like weight gain also influence your decision.

Six Signs That Indicate You Should Get Rid of Your Old Clothes

Humans love attaching themselves to their favorite thing. So, it’s not surprising for a person to have difficulty getting rid of their old clothes.

Sure, they may be aware that their wardrobe needs a purge, but they will still make excuses for keeping each item.

Several signs can alert you that it is time for the great shift if you’re wondering when to change your clothes. Here are a few ways to tell when it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe.

1. They Are Extremely Worn Out

Your favorite shirt has a stain on it.

Or maybe your favorite  jeans are so ripped that they sheer on your thighs.

If this is the case, then these items have to go.

There is no need to keep them as you can’t fix them, and probably you are not thinking of fixing them.

Instead of letting them sit there occupying space, you can recycle them.

2. You Don’t Love Them Anymore

Wardrobes occupy a tremendous amount of space.

If you have a big house, you’re probably carefree about space.

But if your house is small, you need to maximize it.

And one way to do that is to get rid of clothes you don’t fancy anymore.

3. You Haven’t Worn Them for More Than a Year

When deciding whether to keep or throw away a piece of clothing, ask yourself when was the last time you wore it and when’s the next time you are planning to wear it.

If you have worn it for more than a year and you are not planning to wear it soon, you no longer need that item. So donate it or if it’s in bad shape, think of ways you can get rid of it.

4. It’s Not Trendy Anymore

Most people purchase clothes that are trending.

But the problem with this is that the trending period for that particular outfit usually ends.

And many are left confused about what to do with the item afterward. Sometimes you can still wear the clothing even after the trend has ended by incorporating several trending outfits.

But other times, it may feel uncomfortable to wear an outfit that is out of fashion.

If you don’t think you will wear the clothing again, it may be time to donate or toss it.

While trends may come back again, it doesn’t make sense to store an outfit you don’t think you will wear for several years.

5. It Doesn’t Fit or Uncomfortable to Wear

Sometimes we buy clothes that capture our attention at the moment only to find out later that they’re uncomfortable.

It could be that you bought a super itchy sweater or a tight dress you can’t even eat or drink comfortably.

There’s no need to keep such an item as you are likely not to wear it, and you shouldn’t even wear it in the first place.

Clothes need to look good, but they also need to feel good.

6. You Can’t Find an Outfit Easily

It is time to change your wardrobe when you have to shift through several times to search for something to wear.

This means that while you have many clothes, you only wear a portion of them. In that case, you need an update.

Three Clothing Items That Need Regular Updates

1. T-shirts

These are one of the most worn pieces in many people’s wardrobes.

We love them because they can be worn with everyday items like skirts, jeans, and blazers.

But their versatility also means that they have a short lifespan. Since you have to wear them often, you’ll be forced to replace them sooner.

Most T-shirts last between six months to one year. After this period, the yarn will start unraveling, making the shirt lose shape.

Plus, they will begin to discolor, and no one likes to wear clothes with stains.

But you can extend their lifespan by treating stains immediately.

2. Sweaters

Sweaters have a longer lifespan, between three to four years.

Most of us only wear them when the weather calls for it.

But sweaters made from wool will wear out sooner.

You can increase the life of your sweaters by hand washing.

Avoid dry cleaning them as it can break luxe textiles down.

Also, you can use a disposable razor to shave pills and make sure you hang your sweater to prevent stretching.

But if you see your sweater losing its luxe, it is time to buy a new one.

3. Jeans

The time to toss your jeans and replace them with new ones depends on several things.

For instance, if you wear your jeans regularly, you may need to replace them sooner than a person who wears them occasionally.

But most times, it is not when but why to get rid of your jeans pair.

There’s no reason to keep jeans that no longer fit you, have rips, or have worn out in the seat or crotch.

You can make your jeans last longer by how you clean them (inside out- always).

Avoid tumble drying as it can stretch the fabric, and wash them only when necessary.

You can even wash them after ten wears if you don’t sweat in them or don’t smell any odor.

Three New Wardrobe Shopping Tips

Shopping for clothes seems easy.

Think about it. You only have to walk into a store and pick something that you love, and that’s it.

However, it is not that simple. You need to have several things in mind to get the most from your purchase.

1. Clothing Budget

It’s easier to shop and avoid overspending when working with a budget.

Create a list of the items you think you need to purchase in a year’s time.

Then, calculate the total and stick to it.

2. Mood Board

Also, use a mood board which is a collection of the images of clothes you like.

A mood board helps create a personal style, and you can use it as an inspiration when shopping.

When choosing pieces, go back to your mood board and see whether they align with the style.

3, Know Your Size

Also, it’s essential to know your size. Take down your measurements and write them down somewhere.

This is crucial if you are shopping online as you can compare it with the size chart of a particular store.

When shopping in person, you can carry a measuring tape to check whether the clothing will fit before you try it.