Hobbies for the Easily Distracted: Short Attention Span, Long Fun

If you have a problem concentrating, your attention span may be short.

Although switching from one task to another is fun, it’s not the best way to remain productive.

Some hobbies require you to focus fully to be productive.

But that can be hard with a short attention span.

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So, What Are Some Short Attention Span Hobbies? ?

Whether you want to improve your attention span or pursue an interest because it doesn’t require much focus, there are many hobbies for you to try. Some short attention span hobbies include swimming, listening to a podcast, learning how to play an instrument, doing Pilates, or practicing yoga.

Ten Hobbies For Folks With A Short Attention Span

1. Volunteer for Charities

First on our list is volunteering to do something for the greater good of other people and the community.

Through volunteering, you can see and live the lives of other people.

It’s a beautiful experience since you will never understand a person’s position by listening to their stories only.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can volunteer that don’t require your attention.

For instance, you donate books, help a homeless shelter, visit the elderly or assist in the hospital. Start by finding a group that does volunteering around your community and join it.

2. Arranging Flowers

Arranging flowers is one of the easiest hobbies you can do.

Aside from benefiting you, your flower arrangements can also help people around you.

Arranging flowers is affordable whether you use fresh or silk flowers.

You can place your arrangements in your living room and lift everyone’s mood instantly.

3. Litter Picking

Going around picking up trash doesn’t sound like a fun hobby.

But, the fulfillment it brings is out of this world. And the good news is that it doesn’t require too much attention.

Litter picking is an easy and rewarding hobby.

Start by finding a local area to pick up trash. Put it in a plastic bag and get rid of it correctly.

Doing this ensures that nature is cleaner, healthier, and a happy place to live in.

4. Lamp Making

Lamp making requires some commitment and focus. But it is an excellent hobby to improve your attention span.

You will need creativity and manual skills to make a DIY lamp.

You can either use recycled objects or natural elements to design your lamp.

You also need a lamp holder and one or more bulbs.

If you have no idea, many YouTube videos and online courses help you.

5. Make-Up and Nail Design

Do you love beauty and want to pursue it as a hobby?

These two ideas are a perfect match. Many people love playing with makeup, but only a few realize they can do it as a hobby.

You don’t need expertise right away to start this hobby.

You only need to use your free time to perfect it, and slowly you will become a pro.

Alternatively, you can practice nail art by mastering several nail designs.

Females love having their nails done. This hobby could eventually become a rewarding career.

6. Sewing


If you have problems with attention, you need a hobby to help you solve this challenge.

And sewing is one of the best hobbies for your mental health.

It’s affordable, and you can even make profits from it once you become an expert sewer.

You can start sewing with your hands, and once you’ve gained some skills, you can purchase a sewing machine.

7. Coloring

We often associate coloring with children.

But as it turns out, even adults can make an excellent hobby.

Coloring requires one to deeply, making it suitable for people who want to improve their attention span.

In coloring, you will need to slow down, activate your creative side and focus on the object they are coloring.

As such, your mind can’t wander around as often as when compared to watching movies or playing games.

Other than stress reduction, adult coloring also sharpens your creative thinking.

Although you won’t burn the same calories as someone in a cross-fit class, coloring still has some physical requirements.

This hobby can help you bud your motor skills and muscles.

8. Gardening

Gardening is an all-rounded hobby as anyone and everyone can do it.

Gardening refreshes your mind and keeps you relaxed. You can connect with nature by taking care of plants, which benefits you.

Gardening is a good idea if you have been looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint.

You will spend less on pre-packaged and transported products as you grow your food.

Remember that research says that the food industry contributes to 26% of CO2 waste globally.

But you can reduce this impact by gardening your meals.

Getting started is easy. You can use containers even if you don’t have a big backyard. However, research the best plants that can grow within your area.

9. Singing

Singing can be considered many things.

Some use it as a hobby, others as a talent, career, or even skill. If your attention span is short, think of using singing as a hobby.

It is fun, and you can learn a lot through this hobby, depending on your seriousness.

You don’t have to possess  perfect voice to start singing. 

You only need to practice several times a week, and you will be good.

10. Photography

Photography can open many possibilities for you if you are serious about it.

It’s not just about pressing a button on your camera, and that’s it.

It involves creating a memory that will wow people.

They say pictures say a thousand words. So you want to ensure that your photographs depict these words.

Photographing can help you improve your attention span.

Note that you will need to focus intensely on a subject to capture it in an excellent way.

If you don’t have a camera, start using the one on your phone.

Then consider buying a professional one as you progress.

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Additional Hobby Ideas For Consideration

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