Is It Dumb for a Single Person to Own Multiple Motorcycles?

In 2018, 8.02% of Americans had at least one motorcycle in their homes.

Most people without a bike find it pointless to own more than one.

They will conclude that one motorcycle is enough to carry out all your tasks.

So, Is It Dumb for a Single Person to Own Multiple Motorcycles?

Truthfully, the answer lies between yes and no. To understand when it is okay for you to own several of them, we will lead you through a series of questions, which will help you decide whether or not it is prudent to own many motorcycles. 

Do You Intend to Make Money from Motorcycles?

Some people need several motorcycles to earn money.

For instance, some motorcycle enthusiasts have started motorcycle museums.

Such motorcyclists start motorcycle museums to educate others about the history of their motorcycles.

To enter the museums, visitors have to pay a fee to get a chance to explore the motorcycle antiques.

Another way motorcyclists earn money with several motorcycles is by offering public transport services, like cabs.

You cannot rely on one motorcycle to make money from such a service. It can only travel so far. For maximum earnings, it makes sense to own several motorcycles.

They can cover as many trips as possible. The next assignment involves hiring motorcycles.

Lastly, some owners rent their motorcycles for a certain length of time.

With many motorcycles, there is the potential of earning a lot.

Whichever way you want to earn money with your motorbikes, you need to remember to market your services online or any other communication medium.

If not, you will end up with an extensive collection of motorcycles that do not bring you back any returns.

Do You Want to Show Off Your Motorcycles?

People often seek validation from others  through social media.

For example, some motorcyclists post their motorcycles online, hoping to impress their followers.

Perhaps, they think that is how they can win over a potential suitor.

Others display their motorcycles online to pass a message to people they deem “haters.”

It usually happens when the naysayers doubted the motorcycle owner would ever own a motorcycle.

If this is why you own motorcycles, you need to be wary of thieves or envious people.

Posting your motorcycles will not always earn you praises.

Thieves or envious people may track your location and attempt to rob you of your motorcycles.

Besides being robbed, your detractors may subject you to cyberbullying.

In some instances, that may not be your intention.

Victims of cyberbullying may get depressed and commit suicide. So unless you are thick-skinned, it may not be a good idea to show off your motorcycles online.

Are You Keeping Them as Spares?

Just like cars, motorcycles develop mechanical problems.

Common motorcycle problems include:

  • the tires wearing off
  • snapped chains
  • or low battery.

With such issues, you will need to take it to the garage.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may not have enough money to cover the repair costs at that time.

Another issue is that the garage may have insufficient motorcycle parts to fix your motorcycle.

To avoid being stranded, motorcyclists opt to have as many motorcycles as possible.

When one motorcycle is not working properly, the owner will use another bike.

Having spare motorcycles is also essential if you rely on them for your side hustle.

While you use your different motorcycles, you can schedule a day to fix the motorcycle with mechanical problems.

Besides malfunctioning, thieves may invade your home and steal a motorcycle.

Some people resent the idea of going back to a shop to buy another motorcycle.

Sometimes, they may not have the time.

If a person owns ten motorbikes and a thief steals one, the owner still has nine motorcycles left.

On the other hand, if your only bike was stolen, you may be stranded, especially if it was your means to earn an income.

Can You Afford Additional Motorcycle Expenses?

You will be amazed at how many people forget other expenses like maintenance and motorcycle insurance.

The cost of owning a motorcycle does not stop during the purchasing stage.

Motorcyclists need to be aware that sometimes motorcycles can abruptly malfunction or experience accidents.

If you own twenty motorcycles, you have to be ready to pay for the costs on each.

If you realize that you are struggling financially, owning multiple motorcycles may not be good.

You are free to own multiple bikes once you can account for the additional costs.

Otherwise, your home will resemble a junkyard due to having many non-functioning motorcycles.

Another embarrassment is when you have to sell the remaining motorcycles you have in order to survive.

Do You Take Part in Different Activities?

A layperson may assume that all motorcycles serve the same purpose.

The school of thought could not be any more wrong.

There are different classes of motorcycles.

For instance, there are motorcycles meant for cruising (cruiser), sports (sportbike), and navigating rough surfaces (off-road motorcycle).

If a motorcyclist operates in such different environments, it may make sense to own several motorcycles.

However, owning a cruiser is enough if you primarily use your motorbike for leisure.

Also, the owner may decide to own many cruisers, which is still okay.

Cruisers, after all, can malfunction, and you may need a spare one to use. It would, however, be pointless to own many sports bikes, yet you mostly cruise.

Do You Want to Ease Your Families Transportation Burden?

Let us assume that in a certain family, everyone is into riding  motorcycles.

The family then has only one motorcycle.

The husband goes to work at ten but his wife at eight.

At first, the man may offer to wake up early and take his wife to work.

Eventually, the man may get tired of getting up early and instead buy a motorcycle for her and the rest of the family.

Some motorcyclists also buy motorbikes to express their love to their families.

Either way, they still ease commuting since you will not have to escort them to work.

Before buying motorcycles for your family, discuss with them first.

A spouse may consider an extra motorcycle extravagant.

Others have a phobia of using motorcycles. Some may not know how to ride one.

However, if they are willing to learn how to ride, there is no problem buying another motorcycle.


A single person owning multiple motorcycles can be dumb or not, depending on how they intend to use them.

People will quickly declare their response without understanding why the individual has many motorcycles.

If all the multiple motorcycles get used, it makes sense to have them.

However, if you hoard motorcycles, it becomes asinine.

Before owning multiple motorcycles, ask yourself whether it is necessary.