Should You Bring Your Own Snorkel Gear To Hawaii (OR RENT)?!!?

Snorkeling is popular in Hawaii  because the waters are warm and calm throughout the year in many of the island’s places.

Moreover, the entry requirements to each of these locations are very minimal.

All you need is your swimming gear, a little knowledge about swimming, and the perfect place to enjoy your favorite water activities.

But the main question still remains,

So, Should You Bring Your Own Snorkel Gear To Hawaii?

Deciding whether to bring your snorkel gear to Hawaii depends on a number of factors such as; if you own a quality snorkel gear that you love using if there is adequate space in your vehicle, if you own a snorkeling gear that is well customized for you and many other reasons. There is also the option of renting snorkeling gear if you plan on not bringing your snorkeling gear.

Five Reasons Why You Should RENT Snorkel Gear

When it comes to snorkeling gear, the pieces of vital equipment are the snorkel and mask.

It is also advisable to wear fins or any flotation device and a skin rash guard to protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

But should you rent or buy snorkeling gear?

Renting your snorkel gear is the best option if you do not snorkel frequently or are not sure you will enjoy your first snorkeling.

However, buying your own snorkel gear is the legitimate option if renting one is more expensive or you snorkel frequently.

According to Govisithawaii, below are some of the reasons why you should rent your snorkel gear:

1. You Are Not Sure If You Will Like Snorkeling

When it is your first time trying snorkeling, it would be best if you rent your snorkel gear.

First-time snorkelers often wonder if snorkeling is too hard or if it will be too scary for them.

These are also some of the reasons why some people prefer not to try snorkeling at all.

While snorkeling is a fun outdoor activity, it is not suited for everyone.

After all, it would be unfortunate if you buy your snorkel gear upfront later to realize that you do not like snorkeling.

If you visit any of the dive shops in Hawaii, you can rent a snorkel, fins, wetsuits, flotation devices, mask, and other snorkeling accessories.

Another advantage of renting your snorkel gear in any of these dive shops is that you will get to experience the latest in snorkel tech and be able to try out a wide variety of snorkel gear.

2. You Don’t Snorkel Frequently

If you only have a vacation once a year, and that is when you are able to snorkel, then it is recommended that you rent your snorkel gear.

This also applies if you live in a landlocked state and hardly travel to the coastal region.

On the other hand, if you live in Hawaii or any other coastal state, you can decide to buy your own gear instead.

If you only plan on snorkeling once a year or as a one-time activity, stick to renting one.

3. You Are On A Strict Budget

Sometimes, you may not have enough disposable income to spend hundreds of dollars getting yourself a complete set of snorkeling gear.

Renting your snorkel gear allows you to enjoy snorkeling without denting your wallet.

While snorkeling is considered cheap compared to the cost of scuba diving and many other water-related hobbies, buying the needed snorkel gear can prove to be costly for some people.

You are more likely to spend more if you buy high-quality equipment such as fins, wetsuits, dry bags, masks, and flotation devices.

4. Your Children May Quickly Outgrow Their Gear

Depending on the age of your children and also how many you have, it would be best if you considered renting instead of buying snorkel gear as they may quickly outgrow it.

This will help eliminate the trouble of having many snorkels, fins, and masks that are too small for your children.

Since children are usually energetic, you might consider how frequently they snorkel. If your child loves snorkeling frequently and it is quite expensive to rent snorkel gear, you should opt to buy them snorkel gear instead.

5. You Have Limited Luggage Space

Snorkeling gear usually takes up much of the luggage space, especially if you have long snorkeling fins.

Snorkeling gears are also very heavy and are tiresome, carrying them from one snorkeling destination to another.

Instead of stressing about the extra weight and the limited luggage space, it would be best if you considered renting your snorkel gear instead.

Renting also eliminates the risk of losing or damaging your snorkeling gear while traveling.

You can visit any of the dive shops located almost everywhere in Hawaii and get to rent your snorkel gear.

Four Reasons Why You Should BUY Your Snorkel Gear

As per Lookintohawaii, below are some of the main reasons why you should buy your snorkeling gear:

1. Renting Can Be Expensive

Renting a full set of snorkel gear for two weeks will cost you about $50-70 a week, which is quite expensive.

If you spend $100 or more on rental snorkeling equipment, it would be best if you considered buying yourself one.

That said, you should quickly search the price of buying a full set of snorkeling gear before determining whether to rent.

2. You Desire Well-Customized Snorkeling Gear

Compared to renting snorkeling equipment, you will be able to acquire your desired snorkeling gear when purchasing one and look for some of the features you want.

For example, you may find a dive shop with only open-top snorkels, but you prefer a semi-dry or dry snorkel.

When you purchase your snorkeling gear, you have peace of mind knowing that you will have an amazing snorkeling experience.

You will also feel comfortable knowing your gear has all the desired features.

3. Less Wear And Tear

With your snorkeling gear, you always know it is in good condition by rinsing it with fresh water after every ocean dip.

Moreover, your personal snorkel gear is likely to last longer than rental gear since they are used frequently and more exposed to wear and tear.

You will also be able to check on the other snorkeling gears and check if they are in good condition, which is important in ensuring you have an amazing snorkeling experience.

4. Proper Fit

Owning snorkeling gear means that you will be able to properly maintain your gear by adjusting the fit of the snorkel and ensuring the fit is perfectly dialed in every time.

It also eliminates the need to worry if the masks are too tight or too loose on your face, causing a leak that allows water inside.

Bottom Line

The most amazing part of having your snorkel gear, whether you rent it or own it, is the ability to snorkel whenever and wherever you want.

According to Hawaiisnorkelingguide, owning your snorkeling gear is accompanied by many advantages compared to renting one.

This is because it feels comfortable, fits perfectly, and performs to your expected snorkeling standards.

Moreover, if you frequently snorkel, buying snorkeling gear is cheaper than renting one.