Is It Weird To Go To Sporting Events By Yourself?

People generally like to go to watch their favorite teams play with their families or friends.

They like socializing with friends, drinking beers, cheering their favorite players on, and making lasting memories.

So, Is It Weird To Go To Sporting Events By Yourself?

No. If you call your friends and tell them that you are going to a game, they will ask you whom you are taking. If the answer is alone, you might hear them gasp and ask you if you are okay. Rarely do people go to live matches alone. Most of the time, people plan to go to a game with friends, their significant other, or someone they are dating.

The idea of attending a game alone is frowned upon and might seem weird to many people, but I assure you, no one in the stands will think you are weird if they see the seat next to you empty. Most of the time, other people who come to the game are focused on the game or their friends and won’t even notice you, let alone judge you.

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The Pros And Cons Of Attending Sporting Events Solo

Have you ever been excited about a game coming up in a couple of weeks and looking forward to attending it, and then your friends cancel on you?

If that happens, will you not attend the game you already paid for tickets to attend? Sometimes, circumstances leave you no choice.

So please don’t feel like a weird person for going to a game alone after your date cancels on you or your friends couldn’t make it.

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Walk with your head high, present your ticket, find your seat and enjoy the game.

Attending games alone has several advantages as well as disadvantages.

If you need some encouragement on attending the next game alone, then here are some advantages;

Some Pros of Going Alone

1. You Get to Make New Friends

If you are a social butterfly, you will thrive in this environment.

From sporting events with hundreds of thousands of people attending to smaller events in your hometown, games are the perfect place to meet new people and make friends.

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Making new friends is easier when you are alone and don’t have to attend to accompanying family members or friends.

It will also be easier to meet people and spark conversations about the game and players since you and everyone else attending share a common interest.

2. You can Focus and Concentrate On The Game

Do you ever get angry at the person sitting next to you because they will not stop talking?

When you go to a sporting event alone, you don’t have to mentally shut yourself down from your friend talking about their girlfriend or something that happened at work.

You can focus entirely on the field and immerse yourself in the game.

You can catch your favorite player’s monumental scores or touchdowns, and no one can distract you. How awesome is this?

If a stranger seated next to you tries to spark a conversation, you can nod or ignore them because you have no obligation to entertain or talk to anyone.

3. You get Flexibility and Freedom To Do As You Please

Whenever you go to a game with people, you might sit in one place throughout the game.

They may not want to walk around the stadium and explore food stands or merchandise stands.

When you go alone, you are free to do whatever you want.

You can walk around before, during, or after the game, taste food from all the food stands, get merchandise from vendors, and maybe even wait to meet your favorite player.

You don’t have anyone too tired to walk dragging you or someone wanting to go home early.

This small pleasure can be worthwhile to people who go to games solo.

4. Going Alone Will Save You Money

Ultimately, going to a sporting event will save you a few dollars.

You will not buy tickets for anyone else, and you don’t have to worry about buying your family or date garlic fries, sodas, beers, or popcorn.

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Also, chances are that you will get a better seat at an affordable price since most people book seats as groups.

Chances are there is one seat in the front row that is not booked yet, and if you are solo, you can book it.

Even if it costs a little extra because you are going alone, you can add a few more dollars for the view.

5. It is Good for Your Mental Health

Sports are an excellent way to relieve stress if you are a dedicated sports fan.

Taking a mental health day and going to see your favorite team play will do wonders for you.

Games can be a place to relax, relieve stress and get your energy back to face the week ahead.

Going solo also gives you the perfect opportunity to indulge, buy those fries you like, have a couple of beers, and be free without taking care of anyone else.

It is like a mini vacation but only for a few hours or a girl’s brunch date. It’s a “you” day.

Some Cons of Going Alone

Going alone certainly has some drawbacks, and some of them are;

1. You Have no One to Share Your Experiences With

People generally like to go to sporting events with their friends and family because they are great experiences to share with each other.

You can laugh, cheer your team, boo the rival team, get drunk, share your chips, burgers, and sodas, and make lifelong memories with them.

If you go alone, there is a chance that you will spend idle time on your phone.

2. You Might Quickly Get Bored

We all know that games can slow down at times.

As the game goes on, your concentration might start to wither.

Since you have nobody to talk to, the game might become boring quicker than expected.

3. Social Anxiety

For introverted people, this is especially true.

Going alone to an event with over a thousand people can be stressful for people who experience social anxiety.

You might not even enjoy the game when you think about everyone looking at you or judging you.


Many people would never go to a sports event alone because they think it would seem weird.

When you go through social platforms like Reddit or Quora, you will find people asking if it is weird that they want to go to a game alone.

That is how many people look down upon others attending a sports event alone.

But as you have read above, the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages.

I would say that you should go to a game alone at least once in your life and see how you like it.

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