What Can You Do If Your Spouse Hates Your Hobbies?

Does you spouse constantly get on your case about your hobby? You are not alone.

Just because you find an activity fun and interesting doesn’t mean that your partner also finds them the same.

But if your partner doesn’t like your hobby, there are several steps you can take.

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Hence, What Can You Do If Your Spouse Hates Your Hobbies?

There are many methods to handle this situation. You have to respect them and find common interests, among other things.

What Should You Do When Your Partner Dislikes Your Hobby?

Spouses need to have a common ground and find shared activities.

As interesting as it is to marry someone who deeply loves a certain activity, things can quickly become difficult.

Sometimes, the relationship reaches a point where a passionate interest takes over one’s life and personality.

In such a case, living with such a person can be intimidating as you will feel like you have to compete with the hobby your partner is obsessed with.

Here are steps to take when your partner hates your hobby.

Step 1: Find Out Why

There is nothing wrong with a married person having an interest or hobby.

The problem starts when you turn these interests into obsession.

With time, this sparks an argument, and you begin having marital issues.

If your marriage has reached this point, the first step is to find out why your partner doesn’t like your hobby.

Of course, your partner wants you to have fun, but a demanding hobby brings a lot of issues.

For instance, it can bring a problem with how to divide household chores and how to enjoy yourselves as a . couple.

It could be that the hobby takes much time away from your partner, and they feel isolated.

Or your hobby could be putting you at risk, and your partner is concerned.

Think about it. Is it fair for your partner to spend all the weekends alone while you are hiking with your friends? It’s not.

When you approach them with this question, please have an open mind to the answers they will give you. avoid forming perceptions and be willing to work things out.

Step 2: Set Time Limits and Stick to Them

A hobby will quickly become a problem if you spend so much time on it and forget your other marital obligations.

As much as it’s good to engage in your hobby, you need to have some limits.

It demonstrates to your partner shows that your relationship is a priority.

Talk to your partner about time limits so that they can help you remain accountable.

But, please don’t make it their job to remind you of when to stop your hobby. This will only cause resentment and, ultimately, end the relationship.

Step 3: Give Your Marriage the Attention It Deserves

Having a hobby is important, but your marriage is more important.

Assuming you love camping, and you spend approximately $200 and 10 hours on it during the weekends.

You need to have the same dedication (time and money) to your marriage.

You can use the money and time for a date night with your spouse or find other fun activities for couples. ‘

Your marriage will be in trouble if you can’t put the same effort into it as you do with your hobby.

Therefore, if the finances do not allow it, you need to budget yourself properly to ensure everything is balanced.

Step 4: Share Your Spouse’s Hobby

Bear in mind that you sometimes need to compromise in a relationship.

While you spend most of your time on your hobby, find time to share your partner’s hobby.

This will strengthen your relationship.

For instance, if you are a man and you love playing football during the weekend, and your woman loves to bake, you can sacrifice some weekends to bake with her.

You can build great connections and share deep interest when you step into your partner’s hobby.

Ultimately, you may realize that you have the best conversations and experiences during these times.

Your partner’s spirit will open up when they learn that you are also interested in what makes them happy.

They will feel valued and energized and learn to trust you more.

Step 5: Find Common Interest

Would you feel comfortable when your spouse leaves you behind all the time to participate in their hobby?

Probably not. This would only worsen your problems.

As much as it’s essential to share your spouse’s hobbies, you also have to find a common interest.

Find out where your passions overlap and explore avenues to enjoy doing them together.

So what are the hobbies couples can do together?

Well, the list is endless, but it includes:

Playing Cards

There are many adult card games that couples can enjoy.

For instance, you can play poker or teach yourselves how to play blackjack.

Kayaking, Canoeing or White Water Rafting

If you love adventure, these are great hobbies to try together.

You can rent single or double kayaks depending on the proximity you want to be together.

If you want to go at a slower pace and spend time enjoying the scenery, opt for canoeing.

Also, you can try rafting and meet other people with the same interest.


Volunteering as a couple can significantly strengthen your relationship.

It allows you to discuss the most important causes to you and can bring you closer as you share an experience.

Plus, it’s also beneficial to your community. You can volunteer to walk dogs to their shelter if you love animals or teach free classes if you love teaching.

Home Workout Sessions

Home workouts became popular during the start of the covid-19 pandemic.

Since movement was restricted, many people couldn’t go to the gym.

But, even though the pandemic has subsided, it doesn’t mean that that’s it for home workouts. You can still practice them, especially with your partner.

Ensure you spare time each day to work out.

You can choose various exercise types like weight lifting, aerobic exercises, yoga and Pilates. Thankfully, there are many videos you can watch to learn how the workouts are done.


Have you ever thought of becoming content creators?

There are many niches and audiences you can create content for.

For example, you can review restaurants for couples to try, make workout videos for couples, share couple games, etc.

Many people are content consumers, but content producers are not that many.

Therefore, this is an opportunity to do something together to attract an audience.

Additional Hobby Ideas For Consideration

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