Is It Disrespectful to Wear Sunglasses in Church?!?!

Wearing sunglasses has become a common practice.

Everyone, including celebrities and other high-class people, wears them.

While most people wear sunglasses as a fashion style, other people use them to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

But is wearing sunglasses in church wrong?

So, Is It Disrespectful to Wear Sunglasses in Church?

It may be disrespectful when you wear your sunglasses during a church service. Imagine how it would be if all congregants had their sunglasses in church? Ideally, this eyewear type should not be worn indoors. Therefore, it’s not advisable to keep them on when in church. If you don’t have a vision problem or any other condition that necessitates wearing your sunglasses, it’s best to take them off during a church service.

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wear Sunglasses in Church

Sunglasses have the ‘sun’ in their name for a reason. They are supposed to be worn outdoors to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.

However, people are now using them for other functions other than this. That is why you’ll spot some individuals wearing them in indoor functions like church.

However, wearing your shades in church is not advisable for various reasons.

1. Shows Lack Of Interest

People might think you aren’t interested in the service.

Remember that eye contact is essential in our conversations.

Talking to a person whose eyes are covered by dark lenses might be frustrating as you’ll struggle to see their eyes and maintain eye contact.

Even the preachers and the people leading the sermon might feel you’re rude wearing your glasses when they think you are being disrespectful to them or are uninterested in what they are saying.

2. Eye Damage

Also, while sunglasses make you look cool, wearing them indoors can damage your eyes.

Well, they themselves cannot cause the damage.

However, they cause a buildup of eye fatigue associated with headaches, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light. So, instead of being a fashionable and valuable tool, they end up damaging your eyesight.

But, this is mainly experienced by cheap low quality models.

If you wear high-end models, you’ll have fewer chances of this problem. But still, you want to keep in mind the function of these sunglasses is to be used outdoors.

Why Would You Wear Sunglasses Inside a Church?

Wearing sunglasses indoors is not advisable.

It’s something that most celebrities do to hide their faces. However, some reasons may make you keep your glasses on even if you are not a celebrity.

These include;

1. You Are Photophobic

Photophobia is caused by migraines, dry eyes, and brain injuries.

If you suffer from this condition, avoiding light is recommended.

In that case, wearing sunglasses in church and other indoor events is allowed to keep light from affecting your eyes.

People who’ve had brain injuries find glare and bright light uncomfortable. Although the problem usually goes away after some time, you can use sunglasses indoors and outdoors to relieve your symptoms.

In some cases, photophobia may result from emotional trauma.

A study  conducted in 2008 revealed that many people who wear glasses indoors had non-organic vision loss.

2. You Have Migraines

The bright lights or lighting from incandescent or colored bulbs can trigger severe migraines.

So, if you suffer from migraines, it’s wise to keep your glasses on even during a church service.

3. You Want to Hide Your Eyes or Deformities

Some days you want to hide, maybe because you have a black eye or a a hangover or didn’t get enough sleep, so your eyes look puffy.

In these instances, you may want to keep your shades on to avoid endless questions from other congregants.

Again, if you want to remain mysterious during the church service, you can keep your sunglasses on.

But remember that you shouldn’t make this a habit.

In What Other Instances Should You Remove Your Sunglasses?

1. Conversation

You should remove your glasses when talking to someone.

Remember that eye contact is essential in our conversations.

If you insist on keeping your glasses on during a conversation, the other person might think you are hiding something, uninterested in the discussion, or disrespecting them.

If you are wearing sunglasses and the other person removes theirs, you should do the same. But if they don’t, and it’s just a quick chat, there’s no harm keeping your shades on.

2. Driving

Also, please remove your dark shades when driving.

Since sunglasses can obscure your vision, you should remove them.

But we should mention that the market these days has sunglasses that allow safe vision and offer protection from the harmful UV rays.

If you’re concerned about your eye health, looking for such shades can suit you.

However, please confirm with your state whether they allow drivers to have sunglasses when driving.

Note that this is illegal in some places. So, to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, ensure that you have this information.

What About Wearing Sunglasses at a Funeral?

During a funeral, people express grief and sadness for the death of their loved one.

While it’s normal for people to cry in front of others, some individuals are self-conscious and may not want to cry while others see them. In this case, wearing sunglasses can be a lifesaver.

Other than crying, many funerals take place outdoors. So, if the sun is bright, it may damage your eyes.

Therefore, it may be wise to keep your sunglasses on in this situation. But even if the funeral occurs indoors, you can still wear your sunglasses for emotional reasons.

However, before wearing your glasses to a funeral, we advise you to research before attending that funeral.

The proper mode of dressing varies depending on religion, geographic location, culture, and other things.

Although wearing shades is okay in most situations, some people may think twice about a person wearing them during a funeral. Others may feel that you’re being inappropriate.

Also, make sure you buy the right sunglasses for the occasion. Opt for dark colors or black frames shades if you aren’t sure.

What Other Things Should You Not Wear to Church?

Churches are different. So, what’s acceptable in one church may not be permitted in another. However, some things are taboo to wear to church, no matter the type.

For example, wearing revealing clothes like crop tops, cut-off shorts, and tank tops is not okay.

If you are dressing for church, make sure you are presentable, modest, and respectable.

It’s not advisable to wear graphic t-shirts that have brands or team logos.

You can wear solid colors by please try to keep the pattern minimal.

Also, do not wear baseball caps to church, but a stylish hat is okay.