Are Surround Sound Gaming Headsets Worth It? Cause Hair Loss?

Today, fancy, sleek, and stylish gaming headsets are all over-designed to improve your gaming experience.

But like some of us, you might be wondering if the gaming headsets are worth it or wearing them can cause a dent in your head. Keep reading to unravel more.

So, Are Surround Sound Gaming Headsets Worth It? Can They Dent Your Head or Cause Hair Loss?

Gaming headphones are worth it and provide high-quality audio for an enhanced gaming experience. But can the headphones cause a dent in your head? The answer is No. Wearing surround sound gaming headsets has nothing to do with changing the shape of your head’s skull. The human skull is very hard, and irrespective of the pressure exerted by the headphones or how tight they are, they cannot cause a dent in your head. In fact, when you notice an observable dent, it is recommendable that you consult with a doctor to establish the underlying condition, but it’s not a result of wearing headphones.

Who Should Be Worried About This?

This issue is similar to that of people who get marks on the side of their faces when they remove their eyeglasses.

If you wear tight headphones, a similar mark or dent might appear.

However, this could take some time to occur, and you will also need to wear it on the same head spot every time.

Like wearing eyeglasses, your skin will adapt with time, and the dents will disappear.

Headphone hair occurs when the headband of your headset exerts pressure on the hair and head, causing the hair to flatten.

This results in a dent across the hair area where the headband rests.

Keep in mind that heavy headphones are more susceptible to causing a dent in your hair, and while it is not a good thing, you don’t have to worry as it will not affect your skull.

However, the extended pressure exerted may cause a headache.

Therefore, if the headache becomes constant, the best solution is to get lighter headphones.

More so, headphones with metal rims that are very tight for a long time can result in a small impression on your head’s skin but will quickly go back to normal.

Should You Contact A Doctor If You Have A Skull Indentation?

A head dent may be a severe condition. There are various reasons for experiencing this condition.

Also known as skull depression, a serious underlying medical condition could cause it, and it is best to seek professional advice.

It might also be due to an injury or genetics.

The answer still stays that wearing headphones cannot dent your head the same way a watch or bracelet will not dent your wrist.

Some of the possible conditions for a head dent include;

  • congenital skull indentation
  • Gorham’s disease
  • cancer
  • Paget’s disease of bone
  • and trauma.

What Should You Do To Prevent Your Headsets From Making A Hair Impression Or Dent On Your Head?

The major cause of the discomfort you feel when wearing your headsets is often due to a tight fit that exerts much pressure on your head or ears.

This causes the headsets’ headband to push on your head, resulting in uncomfortable dent or hair loss.

Here are various tips to help you avoid this.

1. Use Additional Padding

Another way of rectifying uncomfortable headsets is using quality headband paddings.

Headset paddings can help reduce the clamping and pressure exerted by your headphones by helping to distribute the headphones’ weight more evenly.

This eases the pressure on the top of the head, making dents and headphone hair less likely to occur.

To add more padding to your headset, you can use a DIY headphone padding or purchase a ready-made padding.

A DIY headphone padding is the best choice if you are looking for a low-priced but quality option. You will also be in more control of how it will end up feeling and looking.

However, if you want a readymade option, many replacement cushion pads are available, but they are a more expensive option.

But the good news is that they are more reliable, durable and will not deplete your pockets. So depending on your personal convenience, you can opt for either of the two.

2. Wear A Cap Under Your Headphones

gamer wearing headset with hat

A beanie or a cap can act as a great buffer for the pressure exerted by your headphones on your head.

It also serves as additional padding that helps distribute the headset’s pressure more evenly throughout the head.

This means that all the headset force and weight will not be concentrated on your scalp, which will help prevent an indentation on your head.

Just wear a comfortable beanie or cap before wearing your headsets. You should also consider adjusting the tightness of headphones to accommodate the cap or beanie you will be wearing.

3. Wear Your Headsets At The Back, Not On Top

This is by far the simplest way to avoid getting a head dent.

By repositioning your headband, you can help relieve the pressure exerted on top of your head.

Simply place the headset’s ear pads comfortably on both ears and then move the headband behind the head.

This will enable a safe and secure fit for your ear pads while also giving you a more comfortable experience when using the headsets.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about head dents any more.

4. Consider The Headphones’ Clamping Force

The clamping force of your earphones is vital in making sure they don’t fall off your head.

However, if the clamping force is too weak or too strong, it can result in discomfort.

If the clamping force of your headsets feels very strong, it can be a bit too tight on your head.

This might, as a result, exert too much pressure on your head, particularly on the top, which might, with time, result in a headphone hair or dent.

On the other hand, if the headphone’s clamping force is too weak, that can as well be a negative thing.

If the headphones are very loose, the headband might be forced to rest on top of your head to stay in place.

This means that your headphones will remain pressed on your head, ultimately resulting in a dent.

Depending on your situation, you can either tighten your loose headsets or loosen your tight headphones.

To loosen tight headphones, place a strong object that is broader than your head and clamp your headsets on the object for a day or until it fits your head more loosely.

On the other hand, you can tighten your loose headphones by placing a sturdy object relatively narrower than your head.

Clamp the headsets on the object and then secure them with a cord or rope for a day or until it is sufficiently tight for your head.


Wearing surround sound gaming headsets cannot cause severe dent or damage to your head skull.

It can only cause temporary dents or hair impressions, which are not a main cause of concern.

But still, there are several things you can do to avoid the slight indentation on your head.

Just try out the tips we have reviewed above, and you won’t need to worry about getting headphone dents any more.


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