How Can You Deal With Sweaty And Sticky Hands While Gaming? (Eight Ways)

As a gamer, it is a common problem for your hands to become distractingly sweaty.

This can make it difficult to grip the controller properly and probably affect your gameplay, and may as well damage your devices.

Let’s delve into how to ward off the sweaty and sticky situation while gaming.

So, How Can You Deal With Sweaty And Sticky Hands While Gaming?

There are several ways of preventing sweat on hands while gaming, and you can try out the one that seems the best fit for you.

1. Use A Cloth

Arguably the simplest solution is wiping the sweat away with a cloth or alcohol wipes once it builds up.

You can try and get a cold, damp cloth nearby to use to wipe your hands regularly.

2. Use A Fan

You can keep a fan on a low setting aimed at your sweaty hands and other parts.

Alternatively, you can try and cool down your room with a fan and ventilators or take regular breaks to cool down or wash your hands without soap.

Washing your hands with soap sometimes makes you sweat even more.

3. Apply Some Baby Powder

Another easy way of preventing your hands from excessive sweat while playing is applying baby powder on your hands.

The powder will help to prevent the sweat from getting onto the skin surface.

You can also clap some cornstarch or a piece of athletic chalk between the fingers and palms for an easier grip on your controller.

4. Use Some Grip Enhancer Lotion

Alternatively, you can use a grip enhancer lotion to give you the grip you require without the powdery mess.

A grip enhancer dries your hands instantly and dries clear, so you don’t need to pause your gaming.

Squeeze some drops onto your palm and rub them off for several seconds until your palms feel dry.

5. Antiperspirant

If the sweating gets very extreme, you can opt to use an antiperspirant on your hands.

The antiperspirants work by being pulled down to the sweat glands hence blocking them.

However, keep in mind that you should consider using antiperspirants only when it is really intense sweating.

6. Coconut Oil

If antiperspirant is not ideal for you, Coconut oil also serves as a natural antiperspirant and comes with other benefits for your skin which will soften your hands to the touch.

Take some coconut oil and rub it in your fingers and palms until they are dry.

7. Add Grips To The Controller

The next option is adding some grips to your gaming controller.

These grips are designed with a combination of advanced silicon anti-slip materials that offer gamers better support, grip, and comfort.

8. Wear Some Gloves

You can also invest in custom anti-sweat gears like game-specific gloves designed with a moisture-wicking material to prevent sweaty hands from contaminating your gaming gear.

The only shortcoming is that gloves might impact your maneuverability.

What Are the Causes of Sweaty And Sticky Hands?

Various reasons can cause sweaty hands.

Although the exact reasons for sweaty hands, also known as hyperhidrosis, are not exactly established, the common indication is that it might be something to do with genetics.

Doctors indicate that sweaty hands are a common genetic syndrome.

When gaming, the sympathetic nervous system hyperactivity might also result in sweaty hands.

Competitive games provide a tense environment, and each part can be stressful.

These situations can result in sweaty hands for some gamers.

You probably have noticed that you get sweaty hands before speaking to a large audience.

This is a normal fight-or-flight response triggered by stress, nervousness, and anxiety.

During gaming sections, the stressful and nervous moments often cause your body, including the hands, to sweat.

Sweaty hands might also be caused by other diseases such as

  • menopause
  • hyperthyroidism
  • obesity
  • and psychiatric disorders.

Sweaty hands are a common issue for patients suffering from any of these illnesses.

Your gaming can be hindered to a great extent because of the distraction of sweat on your hands.

What Are The Effects Of Sweaty And Sticky Hands While Gaming?

There are many negative effects of sweaty hands when gaming, and it is even more annoying than when you are not gaming.

Sweaty hands can soak your gaming mousepad, causing it to slow down so much that your aim will be off-target.

You will be forced to keep spinning your mousepad around or even get another one.

If you have sweaty hands and your gaming mouse is glossy, your gaming will be highly affected.

The sweat on your hands will make you have a slippery grip on your gaming pad and mouse, forcing you to grip it tighter.

This might disrupt your muscle memory and affect your gaming focus and accuracy negatively.

Can Diet Be The Cause?

Did you know that certain foods might increase your sweating while other foods can help you sweat less?

Therefore, a healthy diet may also be the solution for your sweaty hands.

A healthy diet gives you a healthier and balanced body, which is less sweaty.

Begin with avoiding alcoholic beverages, caffeine, fatty, and spicy foods.

Such foods can increase your heart rate and body temperature, making you sweat more to release the excessive heat.

You can replace your bad food choice with healthy options such as almonds, whole grains, vitamin-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables.

Although gaming often calls for snacking, you should consider what you are eating if you are prone to excessive sweating.

Instead of eating hot flaming hot chips or taking an energy drink, you should try more healthy food options.


These are some ways you can deal with sweaty and sticky hands while gaming, and I hope it helps those out there with sweaty hands when gaming.

However, the most effective way is getting a new gaming mouse designed explicitly for sweaty hands. The investment will be one-time, but it will be worthwhile in the long term.

However, you can still try out the other methods to see one that works best for you.


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