Why Is It Not Advisable to Wear Synthetic Clothes While Cooking?

Many of us walk into the kitchen and start preparing meals without second thoughts.

But taking certain precautions is vital as it will ensure that you remain safe in the kitchen.

Wearing clothes made with certain fibers while cooking isn’t recommended. One such material is synthetic.

Why Shouldn’t You Wear Synthetic Clothes When Cooking?

Synthetic fibers are made with raw petroleum materials. Therefore, it’s easy for them to catch fire. When close to a heating source, the fiber tends to melt and stick to the person wearing it.

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More Explanation

Synthetic materials are artificial. As we have said, the fibers are prepared from materials of petroleum origin called petrochemicals.

Before we go further, it’s worth noting that all fabrics come from fibers that are obtained from artificial sources.

The fibers have a small unit or polymetric chain designed by repeating monomers like nylon, acrylics, etc.

The result is synthetic materials that are durable and wrinkle-resistant. The material is also strong to sustain heavy loads while still soft enough to be used for making clothes.

However, one of the main disadvantages of synthetic is that they catch fire quickly compared to other materials.

Remember that synthetic is thermoplastic naturally.

Thermoplastic polymers easily melt and mold when heated indefinitely and harden when cooling. Upon freezing, these materials become like glass.

Therefore, you should think twice before stepping into the kitchen with synthetic clothing.

Cotton vs Synthetic: Which Material is Better?

When cooking, it is safe to wear clothing made of cotton.

Should your clothes get in contact with fire, this material will likely not ignite.

Remember that synthetic fabrics ignite quickly, melt, and can stick to the wearer’s body.

Cotton is generally a poor heat and electricity conductor, unlike synthetic, which is a good conductor. Therefore, the material is safer to use while cooking than the latter.

Six Fashionable Clothes Options to Wear in the Kitchen

Now that we have discussed the safe and unsafe fabric to wear when cooking, you might wonder what clothing you can put on.

Well, if you are one of those people that want to remain fashionable even when cooking, there are plenty of clothes you can wear.

Here are some ideas that will make you look stylish when cooking.

1. Romper

Rompers have become popular outfits, especially for the summer. However, you can also rock one in the kitchen.

They are comfortable, and you will look fashionable wearing them.

Also, a romper is affordable. So you won’t spend a fortune buying it.

It’s also worth noting that rompers have deeper pockets that you can take advantage of in the kitchen.

2. Plain Denim

Many people do not like wearing the old chef’s uniform.

Thankfully, a denim apron will still work appropriately.

Wearing one makes you look cool and modern. Pick one with several pockets that you can optimize.

3. Custom T-shirts and Hoodies

If you are going for a laid-back look, t-shirts, and hoodies can give you that.

But instead of wearing plain colors, think of customizing your shirt. You can customize your t-shirts to be team uniforms or use them as family shirts

. That way, you will have a personalized and fun experience cooking with your loved ones or teammates.

4. Jeans, Spaghetti, and Light Sweater

This sounds like an outfit you’d wear to schools, malls, or parks.

However, you can still rock it in your kitchen.

But it would help if you were careful with the color palette.

Please don’t go for extremely colorful combinations, as it will make your outfit look funny or disorganized.

Try pairing colors that match the three pieces of clothing so that you look neat and fashionable.

5. Black Apron and White Pants

Many people love to wear an apron and pants when cooking.

But the black and white combination is out of this world.

This outfit gives you a bossy look.

But to look presentable, ensure you tuck in your shirt, especially if you have a long top than your height.

We must also mention that you don’t have to feel limited to black and white colors. If these are not your favorite, pick any other color of your wish.

6. Non-Slip Kitchen Shoes

Whichever outfit you wear, complete it with a non-slip pair of kitchen shoes.

You must be on your feet for several hours, especially when cooking for a large group.

Also, some kitchens are dangerous as they have sharp and heavy items, hot foods, and liquids.

Investing in a pair of non-slip kitchen shoes will minimize the risks of accidents from these hazards.

Make sure your shoes have proper cushioning, are comfortable, and can support your feet for a long time.

Additionally, buy one with excellent traction. It should have deep groves on its outer soles to reduce slipping or falling.

Three Cooking Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

1. Don’t Overcrowd the Pan

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Cooking is generally time and effort-consuming.

For this reason, many think of ways they can save time and cook faster.

Overcrowding the pan sure sounds like a great way to do that. But it’s not.

If you need everything to cook nicely, you should allow enough space for heat to spread evenly on the pan.

Remember that uneven heat affects the flavor and taste. It can even be a health hazard. So, prevent this by leaving a few inches of space between your chicken, meat, or other things you are cooking.

2. Don’t Overcook Eggs

If you want great eggs, do not overcook them.

Regardless of how you cook them, the secret is to turn off the heat before the eggs are fully done. Don’t worry when they seem runny.

The accumulated heat on the pan will cook them to perfection.

3. Don’t Remove the Root of the Onion

Slicing onions can be tricky. To simplify things, do not cut their root.

Instead, peel the onion and slice it horizontally. Then cut it vertically to create small minced pieces.


Wearing synthetic material in the kitchen is generally not advisable for your safety.

This material can catch fire easily, which can cause severe burns.

It’s better to opt for cotton as it is a poor heat and electric conductor. Thus, it won’t put you at risk of fire.