Is Tennis an Expensive Hobby Worth Pursuing? (Seven Money Saving Tips)

Tennis is a famous sport with a massive fan base throughout the world.

It is no surprise that most tennis enthusiasts pursue the sport as a hobby.

However, before considering taking up tennis as a hobby, you require first to consider the cost implications and if it’s affordable.

So, Is Tennis an Expensive Hobby Worth Pursuing?

Tennis can be an expensive hobby, but it does not have to be. It can be an expensive hobby because it requires a wide range of equipment to start. You will need to buy tennis shoes, racquets, balls, strings and pay the court fee before starting playing. More so, if you choose to take private lessons or participate in tournaments, the cost will increase even more.

While most people view tennis as an expensive hobby, enjoying tennis does not have to be costly.

For less than $50, you can get a basic racquet, a few tennis balls, and play outdoors on any of the public courts nearby.

This is all you require to get started in the hobby.

However, the cheapest tennis balls and racquets will not last for long, depending on how often you practice.

But this is not as expensive as professional players who need at least a new can of balls each time you play.

But if you are looking to progress your hobby beyond casual play to the elite level, you will require to invest in more equipment.

To train as often as you want and enjoy the hobby would help if you got everything you require at a cost you can afford.

Generally, recreationally, tennis is actually one of the cheapest you can play if you don’t care about using new balls each match, and if you stay in a climate, you can play most times of the year outdoors.

Read on for more tips on pursuing tennis on a budget.

Seven Ways To Lower Your Tennis Hobby Expenses

As a beginner, the initial purchase of tennis equipment such as racket, apparel, shoes, clothing gear, and such can add up.

Even experienced tennis players sometimes get a sticker shock. Fortunately, with these tips, you can still go to the tennis court looking like a pro for a significantly lesser cost.

1. Don’t Purchase Newer Racket Models

A premium racquet costs around $150 to $350 when it enters the market as a new model.

To make way for the latest models, the price of older models typically depreciates.

You don’t have to go for the expensive new models to play tennis as a hobby.

This also applies to sneakers, tennis clothing, and other gears. All that counts is that you have an ideal racquet for your game.

2. Buy In Bulk

Like most items, buying in bulk will save you some cash.

For example, a can of tennis balls goes for around $2 to $6.

Instead, you can choose to buy a package of 24 tennis ball cans for $60 to save about $12 to $36. This also applies to tennis grips and tennis strings.

3. Opt For Outdoor Tennis

Indoor play costs around $25 to $45 every hour in private courts.

This is not very affordable. The bulk of the outdoor courts usually is free to use.

Just ensure to check online before leaving if the court is public or not and if any booking or registration is needed earlier.

4. Get Tennis Shoes With A Reasonable Warranty

Tennis shoes are hard to compromise.

When you wear the wrong type of shoes, you might slow down your movements even with a light racquet.

More so, if you have unsuitable shoes, you might be risking twisting your ankle when playing.

Purchasing shoes with at least a six-month warranty means you can use the shoes for a longer time without replacing them, and if they are damaged within the stipulated timeline, you can get another pair for free.

5. Search For Gear On Sale

Before selecting the store to purchase your tennis equipment, find out if you can get the products at a lower price.

Most sports stores, including those that sell sporting equipment, have seasons when products are sold at a percentage of the usual costs through promotion codes.

Find out if the tennis equipment you want is readily available at a discount by searching online for coupons.

You can often save about 10% to 30% on the total cost.

6. Go For Semi-Private Lessons And Group Drills

While it’s fun to play tennis with friends, you need to get proper instructions to avoid developing bad habits over time.

Some of these habits can hinder your game and even result in injuries.

To prevent this, taking one or two lessons occasionally with a pro trainer will tune your strokes and maintain your game at the top.

Because the private lessons are costly, you should consider either group drills or semi-private lessons to split the cost among the group.

This way, you will still get professional instructions at a reduced price.

7. Practice Efficiently

Don’t waste your money and time on training that doesn’t improve your game.

If you choose to get a private or group lesson, you should focus on maximizing the value of your investment.

The cheapest way of training is arranging for practice with experienced players at $0.

Five Benefits Of Pursuing Tennis as A Hobby

The beauty of playing tennis is that the game offers more than just swinging the racket.

Some of the advantages of playing tennis that ma the hobby worthy pursuing include;

1. Engage Your Body And Mind

One of the benefits of playing tennis is engaging both your mind and body.

Traditional workouts such as running on a treadmill don’t involve a lot of thinking.

However, playing tennis activates your mental capabilities by making you concentrate on the game as you move through the court.

2. Self Confidence

There are a few workout regimens that enhance your self-confidence, like tennis.

Tennis is a game that enables you to boost your skill level as well as boost confidence as you play along with your friends.

This strengthens social bonds and the love of the tennis game that you will enjoy for years.

3. Can Be A Lifelong Hobby

With most sports, you have a limited ability to play, and you won’t last long before hanging your boots.

However, tennis is a game that allows you to continue playing regardless of your age, making it an ideal lifelong hobby choice.

4. Decreases Heart Disease Risk

Cardiovascular disease is one of the significant causes of death among people of all age brackets.

Even healthy people have a risk of being victims of the disease.

Playing tennis during leisure can help decrease the risk of heart disease significantly.

5. Perfect For Teaching Sportsmanship

Most sports involve trying to be dominant over your opponent.

However, tennis as a sport was more inclined in teaching you how to develop discipline and be a good sportsman.

Therefore, tennis is an ideal sport for your kids in helping them to develop a good sportsmanship character.

Bottom Line

Tennis is an enjoyable game for both experienced and casual players.

Although it can be expensive to pursue it as a professional player, it can also be as cheap as you want when pursuing it as a hobby.

The tips reviewed above will help you enjoy this hobby on a budget. It is also clear that there are many reasons why it is worth pursuing tennis as a hobby, so get out there and have fun on the court.