When Is It Too Dark To Play Golf? (Five Things Every Night Golfer Needs)

Playing golf can be addicting.

However, your schedule may not allow you to play during the daytime.

More so, sometimes it is very hot during the daytime.

As such, you don’t have to be in the sun when you don’t need to.

But, can you play golf when it’s too dark?

So, When Is It Too Dark To Play Golf?

It is often too dark to play golf after sunset, so it will depend on what time the sun sets on your golf course. But basically, it is until you cannot find the ball any longer. As long as you can see the ball, you can continue playing. Most people also find it more enjoyable to golf during the evening hours as there are fewer people and the temperature is cooler.

How much you play golf after sunset will also depend on the weather. If the weather is overcast, the darkness will be too much as soon as the sun sets. If the sky is clear, you can continue playing golf for more than half an hour before it becomes too dark.

What Is Twilight Golfing?

Many golfers are not club members, and they work during the daytime making it impossible to duck out for mid-afternoon golfing.

This has made twilight rates popular in most public golf courses for people who want to enjoy some golfing before it’s too dark.

If you have not heard about twilight rates, they work by going to the golf club after a particular time, usually 5 p.m. You will still pay upfront, similar to a standard round, but the rates are significantly discounted, and you are permitted to play as much golf until it is too dark to play.

Fundamentally, you will be racing against the daylight to get in as many holes before it is really dark that you cannot clearly see.

This may be less than 18 holes or even more, and a cart is usually included for quicker play.

When playing twilight golf, you want to get as many holes as possible to see the ball no longer.

Some of the tips to help you maximize your time include;

  • Getting to the golf course at the right time to begin playing immediately when twilight starts. This will maximize your time on the golf course.
  • Don’t keep looking for balls for a long time because it will be wasting daylight.
  • Play with longer putts than usual by expanding the Trust Circle to three feet.
  • Don’t worry about skipping holes or playing quickly, mainly when playing alone.

Twilight golf can be so much fun. You just need to understand how to make the most use of the opportunity.

Five Things You Need To Understand About Night Golfing

The perception of golf as a daytime activity is starting to change all over the world.

Night courses are emerging in all places with floodlights that enable golfers to enjoy the game even after darkness falls entirely.

Night golf is the art of playing golf after golf after sunset with the help of night golf equipment such as;

  • GPS watches
  • glow sticks
  • floodlights
  • glow golf balls
  • glow sticks
  • and others.

1. Night Golf Course

The most necessary thing for a night golfer is night golf courses.

Even if most golf courses throughout the world end their golf playing section at sunset, some golf courses go on playing at night by only turning on the floodlights to light up the entire course to offer another excellent experience for golfers.

The night golf concept was tested in 2018 at Dubai Desert Classic by the European Tour, where they installed the floodlights.

However, you should keep in mind that the floodlights don’t cover the entire rough area, particularly for the golfers that often hit the golf balls so deep in the rough.

Installing a state of art night golf with floodlights costs thousands of dollars in addition to hiring extra staff members.

This is why most golf courses opt for night golf equipment other than installing state-of-the-art floodlights.

For most states, the weather is not favorable for night golfing, and there are not many golfers that love to stay busy after hours.

2. Night Golf Balls

When you go out to play golf at night, you will need a more highly visible golf ball.

These are balls with lighting that glows, helping the golfer hit and find it after every swing quickly.

This helps to find the golf balls hence avoiding losing many quickly.

3. GPS Watch

When playing golf in the dark, it can be challenging to perceive the distance between you and the hole.

You should hence consider purchasing a nice budget GPS watch.

The watch will help you know how far you are from the middle of the green.

Although this is an optional device because you don’t require to know how far from the green you are.

However, it is helpful in a competitive game or if you just want to shoot a good score.

With a GPS watch, you only need to fill in the golf course you are playing, and it will quickly indicate your location on the course in just seconds.

The watch will talk to you so that you don’t have to check every time you require a distance.

4. Headlamps For Night Golf

Headlamps are essential for Night Golf. Although the golf ball is already lit, you require a headlamp to get familiar with your surroundings.

You will be able to see if you are likely to step into a bunker or water.

You can also view if an animal is near you or standing at a slight angle.

Headlamps also make it easier for other players to see you.

If you are playing with other people, headlamps will ensure you won’t fit into each other, and everyone remains safe.

It is easier to play golf in the dark with a headlamp on instead of using a flashlight for the whole round.

Flashlights will cause a lot of inconveniences.

The headlamps last for hours, and you can easily replace the AAA batteries whenever needed.

5. Glow Sticks

If you love playing golf in the dark, you will need to get lots of glow sticks.

The glow sticks are placed around the course most suitably along the edge of the fairway at the junction of the fairway and the rough meet.

You can also put a few glow sticks around the greens, in the hole, or on the flagstick. The more glow sticks you use, the better you will quickly see where you are aiming.

Glow sticks can, however, be expensive.

It is hence more recommendable to use them in the formal golf event.

If you just want to enjoy yourself or with friends, you don’t need to purchase any.

However, having the glow sticks will make it more fun, although that would mean going on the course earlier and placing them over the golf course.

They only serve to maximize your playing experience. But are they worth the hassle?

The only time you desperately need them is when you need to organize a fun golf membership or social event.

Just remember that they can be costly if you purchase a sufficient amount.

And you will require a lot of them.

It is recommendable to get ten glow sticks for each fairway, five on either side and then glow sticks bordering each green.

Get some extra glow sticks and attach them to the flagstick or flag. A clear tape will definitely do it.

Is Night Golf Different From Daytime Golf?

Some golfers claim that golf shots are better and more visible when playing at night than during daylight.

However, this significantly depends on the quality of the installed floodlights.

Although the floodlights are bright, they just light the fairway and only a small part of the rough.

So, you don’t expect to hit your shot a hundred yards offline and find it in the rough.

If you are suffering a large slice, you should keep your driver in the bag and ensure to play safe during the night.

If you are not used to playing golf at night, the probability is that you won’t play the best golf. So, you should not expect so much when playing night golf.

Hence, you should play a friendlier game setup, play with just two balls, or play side bets with your buddies.


With most golfers having to work during the day, twilight and night golf are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy golfing before the day is done.

The most vital thing about the whole night golfing is trusting your swing and hoping you will hit the ball in play.

All the best, and we hope that you have a fantastic time playing golf in the dark.


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