Can You Be Too Heavy for A Surfboard? (Fully Explained)

Surfing is among the popular sports and hobbies worldwide, particularly for people living around the coastline.

However, while this is an exhilarating sport, heavy or fat people are often thought of as being unathletic to participate in it.

This is because surfing requires balance, agility, and the ability to swim conveniently.

So, Can You Be Too Heavy for A Surfboard?

The simple answer is no! you just have to select the right surfboard for your weight. There are no specific weight restrictions for surfing as a sport. Surfboards are designed to offer float for surfers to ride waves successfully. It is as simple as riding an enormous surfboard for heavier surfers. If you are fat or heavy-bodied, you just need to get the right surfboard for your weight that allows you to easily surf. Get a surfboard that can support more float than your weight.

Surfing is hence a sport for everybody. Surfboards are available in all sizes and shapes.

Irrespective of your weight and size, there is an ideal surfboard and a wave size for you.

Not only can big and fat people surf, but they can even become the best such as the legendary James Mitchell and Shawn Briley.

However, if you are heavy, fat, or just big, ensure you practice surfing where there are waves large enough to support your weight and your board.

If you just have knee-high waves for surfing, you will have difficulty.

Are There Many Famous Heavy Surfers?

There are lots of big and heavy surfers to look up to than you might think.

The most famous legend is Jimbo Pellegrine, weighing more than 300 pounds.

You can check out the videos of Jimbo Pellegrine shredding up waves at more than 300 pounds to see how good a skilled fat person can be at surfing.

Other great surfers are like Shawn Briley, who dominated the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii in the 90s.

The best professional free surfer worldwide is Laird Hamilton from Hawaii at 6 foot 3 inches and 215 pounds.

Obviously, the exact number of great heavy surfers will depend on what you define as heavy or oversized.

More so, you don’t have to go for the big Hawaii waves; you can still be fat, heavy, or big and surf on your local beach.

Picking The Right Board as A Heavy Surfer

First, as a heavy individual, you should start by dumping the shortboard.

If you are big and have already tried surfing on standard boards, you already understand that the boards are not ideal for your size.

Therefore, if you are above 200 lbs., you should ensure you get the right board for your weight.

Averagely, longboards have a volume of around 100L, which is a significant improvement but might still not be sufficient for some overweight individuals.

If you are looking to surf for the long term, you should consider going to a surfboard shaper to build you a custom design surfboard with extra volume-increasing foam.

Nevertheless, one of the best options for heavy surfers is a Stand-up paddleboard (SUP).

These boards can support more than 500 pounds.

This is ideal for a heavy or a beginner that requires extra buoyancy to ride through the wave.

Generally, while high-liter surfboards can go for a higher price, you can still find affordable boards perfect for individuals up to 400 pounds.

While at ten feet long, the surfboard will feel like riding an aircraft carrier for smaller guys, but heavy people will find it to be the ideal one for you.

Surfer Weight & Wave Size

It is generally easier for overweight framed surfers to do well in more giant waves as the ocean has more energy to push you along conveniently.

It helps to have a studier and weightier in more giant waves as you become more solid on the board.

In minor waves, lightweight surfers have an advantage.

It is more convenient for lightweight surfers to do well in smaller waves as they don’t require much vigor from the wave for pushing them along.

Lighter surfers can conveniently hop along the smaller waves without bogging down.

Consequently, all surfers can have an amusing time in all wave conditions with the ideal board.

Is It More Challenging for Heavy People to Balance on A Surfboard?

If you are a plump or heavy person, you probably wonder if you will have balancing problems.

The surfing waves offer a give and take, which makes it a really exceptional experience.

Therefore, in most cases, fat folks will not have a significantly difficult time balancing on a surfboard compared to other people as there is a lot that goes into remaining balanced while surfing.

Therefore, it will take practice and time to master surfing like anyone else.

Is There Anything Easier About Surfing for Heavy People?

As a big, heavy, or fat person, once you have the right surfing board underneath, nothing else is much easier or more challenging for you than other people.

However, the most significant advantage as a fat person is that you can easily float on water.

This is because fat floats are easier than muscles.

Still, this is not much benefit considering surfers always have the board to lean on while waiting for the wave.

While the smaller-bodied people make up for this with refined strength, it is still something that might offer the big folks a slight advantage.

What Is Challenging for Heavy People in Surfing?

One of the challenges for big and fat people is finding an ideal board that works for you.

Another  challenge for overweight people is upper body strength.

You aren’t required to be able to do push-ups, but you need to use your entire body to go from your belly to your feet rapidly.

Nevertheless, you can still use your tummy to lift yourself a bit and make it easier to get your feet.

It certainly takes some practice to get better at surfing!

So, although you are fat, you can get better at surfing than standard surfers with consistent practice.

Bottom Line

That’s it! You can’t be extremely heavy for a surfboard.

Not only can you engage in surfing, but you can also actually be successful at the sport professionally.

However, you should ensure you pick a large board to match your heavy body as well as practice in areas with more giant waves.

Whether as a hobby or professionally, surfing is an excellent way of enjoying the ocean for heavy or lightweight people!