How Hot Is Too Hot for Motorcycle Riding? (Be Careful!)

For many, summer is the ideal time you want to go out with your motorbike, having fun rides in clear, dry weather.

However, the temperatures can sometimes be extremely high for you to go on the ride.

So, How Hot Is Too Hot for Motorcycle Riding?

Summer temperatures are often in the 100 to 115 range, and traffic at street level is more than 120. While your bike will still be fine, the temps might be a bit too much for you to go on the ride. When the temperatures are in the high 90s, it is not fun. You can consider going out in the late evening or early morning for the ride to avoid the hottest temps. The key is being prepared, such as wearing a cooling vest and mesh gear. Read on for other ways to ride the motorcycle in hot weather.

Things To Consider When Riding a Motorcycle In Hot Weather

Some of the precautions to take when riding a motorcycle in hot weather include;

1. Carry Plenty Of Water

Whenever you are on a ride, you should be taking water regardless of the temperature outside.

It is essential to keep hydrated when you are out on the ride.

2. Keep Your Skin Covered

When riding a motorcycle, you are required to wear abrasion and impact-resistant gear, which may be hot.

Therefore, you won’t be surprised by how many riders remove the motorcycling gear and opt for t-shirts and shorts in hot temperatures.

However, the exposed skin areas are much more challenging to cool.

Your sweat quickly evaporates from the wind rushing over your body at speed. This will make your body dehydrate quicker.

While it might seem unreal to cover yourself with clothes in the heat, you need to wear proper gear when going for a ride with your motorbike.

Today, there is a wide variety of technical clothing available with lightweight materials and moisture-wicking properties that helps you cool off and prevent uncomfortable sweat build-up of sweat under your gear.

3. Avoid The Hottest Time Of The Day

One of the obvious ways of avoiding severe sun rays is avoiding the hottest time of the day for your motorcycle ride, which is usually between 12.00p.m to 3.0.

There is a lot of daylight during the summer months; therefore, heading out later or earlier in the day can mean you are riding in suitable conditions.

4. Make Regular Stops

Some frequent stops can get you through other kilometers even in the worst heat.

If possible, you should plan your trips along the roads with towns, fuel stations, scenic rivers, or shady parks that are not far from each other.

You can pre-plan this through smartphone route planners.

5. Apply The Sunscreen

Sunburn not only fries your skin but also increases your metabolism, contributing to your fatigue.

Use a quality sweat sunblock with a SPF that’s a minimum of 30.

Check out the sunblock with lasting protection and follow the application instructions properly.

Most likely, you will need to reapply sunscreen frequently.

6. Protect Your Eyes

If your helmet has no visor, consider wearing eye protection like goggles or sunglasses.

Also, if your helmet visor is clear, you should still wear eyewear.

Hours of sun exposure to your unprotected eyes to hazardous UVB and UVA rays can result in sunburned eyes.

If your eyes are highly sensitive to light, itchy, watering or gritty, or dry, there is a probability that you have sunburned eyes.

Tips For Keeping Your Motorcycle Cool When Riding on High Temperatures

Riding on high heat not only affects you but can also cause problems for your motorbike’s components.

Keeping your motorcycle cool on high temperatures include;

1. Keep The Engine Cool

There is also a likelihood of the engine overheating the same way you experience summer heat.

Some precautions to help keep your engine cool include covering your radiator to protect the unit from dirt, bugs, and UV rays.

Check the hoses and water pump for any leaking signs during regular maintenance. Also check the motorbike for oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluid leaks.

Keep the engine ventilated by cleaning the air cooler fins and fans. In hot summer months, try avoiding stationary idling.

2.· Lubricate Parts

During the starting of summer, it is essential to check the lubricant on the primary drive of your motorbike to ensure the grease and oil have the proper viscosity and is clean.

If the lubricant is hard and dirty, clean it up and apply a fresh lubricant.

Also, add grease to the bike chain while reviewing the tension and alignment of the belt-drive system.

3. Check Tire Pressure

Having under inflated tires during your ride can pose hazards during your trip.

The heat from the pavement and the humidity of the surrounding environment affects your tire pressure.

Without the proper PSI, there is a probability that your motorbike’s tires can blow.

Therefore, constantly monitor your tires for leaks and add air according to the recommended levels.

Bottom Line

While the temperatures can sometimes be too hot for motorcycling, the reviewed tips will help you have fun even in the hot weather.

When you are finally back home, the first thing to do should be to ensure you take a healthy and nonalcoholic drink to refresh you.

Next, go to the bathroom for a cool shower.

After that, a dish of ice cream will finish off your fantastic motorcycle ride day.

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